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Delete all Unread Emails In Yahoo Mail

How to Delete all Unread Emails In Yahoo Mail [New, Basic and App Version]

Probably you have been using your yahoo mail to create different social media and sign up to the newsletter for a very long time. And perhaps these unwanted messages are piling up and taking over your inbox that you have no intention of reading. This is a problem most of us face when we signed up to the various newsletter and create social media with a Yahoo mail account. Like most of the people, you too might not have a habit of opening the message notification that is from Facebook, Twitter, or any social media and newsletter. Going on through various articles on the web, I found a solution to get rid of these unwanted and unopened emails in Yahoo Mail. And the solution is to delete all unread emails in Yahoo Mail.

If you are having problems with the newsletter, you can unsubscribe to the newsletter, too. And we have already written an article on that topic. You can read that article to unsubscribe the newsletter. You can block an email address in Yahoo Mail too.

Luckily, unlike most of the other webmail services, Yahoo is aware of the user’s desire to keep their mailbox clean and tidy. The Yahoo Mail offers a very convenient way of removing all the unwanted emails from your inbox; the whole process can be done in no more than a couple of minutes.

So, without furder ado, let’s get into our today’s guide to delete all unread emails in Yahoo Mail.

Delete All Unread Emails in The Newer Version of Yahoo Mail

Over time, there has been a lot of changes in the User Interface of Yahoo Mail as the company adds new features to its webmail service. As new and updated features get added to Yahoo Mail, it gets more simple and more comfortable to use. The process of deleting all unread emails in Yahoo mail also differs as the version upgrades. And the main difference is only on the way you filter your unread emails, and most of the time, the rest of the process remains the same or similar.

Here is how you can delete all unread emails in the new version of Yahoo Mail.

  1. Open up your favorite browser and go to the Yahoo Mail login page.
  2. Type in your Yahoo Mail Sign in Credentials and log in to your Yahoo Mail Account.
  3. Click on the Mail icon from the upper right corner of your screen to open up your mailbox.
  4. Now, from the navigation bar of the Mail Box area, click on the smart view drop-down menu. It’s right next to the checkbox on the upper right corner of your Mail Box area.
  5. Now from the Smart View drop-down menu, select Unread from the list of options.
    This will automatically select all the unread emails filtering out all the read messages from your Mail Box.
  6. Now Click on Delete Button with the trash can icon from the navigation bar of the mailbox to delete all unread emails from your Yahoo Mail Box.
    Now your Mail box will look much more tidy and clean.
  7. Finally, if you want these unwanted email messages to be permanently deleted; go to the Trash folder from the left sidebar, then select all the emails from the Trash folder and click the delete icon.

Delete all Unread Emails In Yahoo Mail

Now, let’s move on to the next version of Yahoo Mail the Yahoo Mail Basic. If you are looking for classic mode then, the classic mode and the basic mode in the Yahoo mail are the same. Yahoo has officially discontinued Yahoo Mail classic, and it’s no longer possible to access Yahoo Mail Classic.

Delete all Unread Emails in Yahoo Basic Mail (Yahoo Classic Mail)

Yahoo Basic Mail is an older version of Yahoo Mail that was designed to be a light and simplified version of the full-featured Yahoo Mail. The Yahoo Mail Basic has significantly less features, which are designed to run better on an unsupported and outdated web browser. However, I still sometimes use Yahoo Basic Mail in my PC when I have an issue with my internet connection. This helps my mails to load faster. So, lest not leave any users behind. and learn how to delete all unread email messages in Yahoo Basic; as there is no Smart View option in the Basic Mode. You will need to find another way to filter unread emails. Thankfully, Yahoo has made this method as simple as it could be. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Login to your Yahoo Basic Mail.
  2. Now, navigate to the Search Box at the top of the screen.
  3. Type “is:unread” in the search box and hit the enter button or click the search button.
  4. This will list out all the unread emails on your Mail Box area. Now click the Select All button from the navigation bar of your Mail Box to select all the messages.
  5. Finally, click on the Delete button with the Trash Can icon from the navigation bar to delete all the selected unread emails from your Yahoo Basic.

Delete all Unread Emails in Yahoo mail Application

Most of us today use our smartphones for every task; may it be searching for things on the web or checking emails. So, this guide is for those who are trying to delete all unread emails in Yahoo Mail Application.

  1. Open your Yahoo App on your mobile.
  2. Now, you can either type “is:unread” on the search box, tapping the search icon on the top right corner of your mobile screen;
    Or, click on the More option from the bottom navigation bar of your Yahoo App and then select Unread from the list of options.
    Both of these option lists out all the unread emails on the mail box.
    However, the second method will display your emails in tabs of “Today, Yesterday, This Week, and Older.” So you will need to check each of the checkboxes on each tab to delete all the unread emails.
    So, I would recommend you to use the first optionis:unread” on the search bar to display all the unread emails.
  3. Now, check the checkbox that’s on the upper right corner of your mailbox to select all the unread emails.
  4. Finally, click on the Delete button on the footer navigation bar of your mobile screen to delete all unread emails in the Yahoo Mail application.

Final Words

No matter what version of Yahoo Mail you are using; Yahoo has made it easier for you to remove all the unread emails. The deletion process varies according to the versions of Yahoo Mail you are using. And we will be posting the guide of the newer version when it rolls out. If there is anything you would like to discuss, do leave us a comment down below. We will be more than happy to communicate with you.

For more guides on any topic related to Yahoo Mail; read our blogs as we post all the information related to yahoo. Visit our site

Thank You!

yahoo small business sign up page

Yahoo Small Business – Everything You Need To Know

In this article, we are going to learn everything about yahoo small business and also discuss how to start a Yahoo Small Business yourself. So, without further delay, let’s dig into the discussion.

What is Yahoo Small Business?

Yahoo small business, also known as Aabaco small business, after Aabaco owns the service, is one of the services that Yahoo offers. It is the mail corporation that helps and gets users to start and expand their business online with services like web hosting, domain mail system, website building, and many others. You can use various other services offered by Yahoo after understanding what Yahoo small business is. Yahoo provides the required tools and supports with different plans as per your requirements to grow your business online. If you are looking forward to building a simple website and comparing all the hosting services and plans is a tedious task for you, Yahoo Small Business is just the right service for you.

Service Provides by Yahoo Small Business

What can you do with Yahoo small business/services offered:

Easily Create Websites

Yes, that’s right, the web hosting provides very easy website creating methods with different plans and templates to choose from. Just select the one right for you, follow the setups, and you have a working website with a free domain and 24-hour support. The analytic tools help to keep on track of your site, and there are tons of apps and tools to enhance your website. Also, there are premium plans for unlimited storage and more third-party tools support if that is your need. With Yahoo business services, you can create an attractive website with the help of many websites and WordPress creation tools.

Yahoo Merchant Solutions

Setting up an online shop has never been easy. Yahoo small business solutions can help to set up your online shop with different plans you can choose from. Choose one of the premium templates or create your own to set up your business and keep it running. Customers have a secure shopping experience with payment from credit cards or PayPal, your transactions are safe, and you have support whenever you need. With the help of the Aabaco business e-commerce store, create an e-commerce site and team up with Yahoo customer care team to sell your products and services. How exciting is this?


Advertisements, the right thing to get noticed in today’s competitive world. Yahoo’s small business can help you to boost so that your business can reach the mass. Your business can be listed with around 40 local directories, including Bing, Yahoo Local, and more. Use the analytics to monitor your website and use the advertising to boost visibility. Start small, be big using the necessary expansions.

Domain Names

Yahoo business service helps you to own a domain that will set the uniqueness of your business in this online marketing platform. The domain name is required in online business to differentiate the products and services offered and make the company different than others. With the domain selected by yahoo small business, it will help you to gain more traffic to your site with the related customers.

Yahoo Domain Mail

A unique domain in the email is an eye-catching thing for the users or customers to pick you from the crowd. The domain email is also a trademark of your brand while others communicate with you, with the probability of increasing the credibility of the brand in the market. The Yahoo Aabaco small business email offers different email addresses for you with your domain name as per your subscription plans. This helps you to have your own unique domain email name, which you can also change in case if needed.

Yahoo Local Works

With the local work platform provided, you can make your business information appear in multiple search engine directories, which will help you to reach potential clients. This helps to increase your customer base and maximize your business exposure with more and more customers doing business with you.

But there is more. You might be wondering how to get the most out of your account and provided service to get the best experience. Wait no more, and we will offer you some tips to make the best of your account.

Tips for Yahoo Small Business

Mobile Access

It’s essential to use an email client while reaching your Yahoo email from mobile-phone-based on your mobile device using SMTP or POP3 protocols to enter the mail. The methods of configuration may vary depending on the software and devices you use. You can access the business email control panel and the online configuration resource from the Yahoo web page, where you have all the necessary settings for email connection via your mobile devices.

Sending Messages via Email

Yahoo business account emails support transmissions of attachments over 25 MB, which helps you if you send emails with big attachments. Yahoo limits the number of messages you can send at the time limit, say an hour or a day, as well as the number of receivers you can add in your message due to abuse and spam policies.

Account Protection

Concerned that someone else than you have access to the Yahoo business email account? The data has been recorded, which allows you to see sessions, places, times, and more used to access the account. Keep checking these records and if you detect a location or access which is not known to you, change your password quickly. Numerous unsuccessful attempts to log into your account will cause your account to be blocked for 24 hours by Yahoo. And you need to call yahoo customer service to open the account again.

Note: Yahoo small business have a money-back guarantee, and you can cancel your hosting plan within the first 30 days, and you can fully get back the hosting fees.

Since you now know so much about Yahoo’s small business, you might be interested in creating your own Yahoo small business account. We are here to help you with that too.

How to Create Yahoo Business Email

  1. Go to the Yahoo business homepage at
  2. At the top right corner, you can see the profile button, which is the sign in the icon. Click it.
  3. Click the create an account link.
  4. On the signup page, enter the required fields. You need to enter your full name, email address, create a password, and follow the captcha. Read the terms of service and mark the checkbox and click create an account.
  5. Check your email and click activate my account or the link provided in the email.
  6. Sign in with the email address you provided while signing up and the password.
  7. You will see the first and last name and user id. Enter the alternate email addresses, phone number, mark checkbox, select security questions, and answers, and choose your option as per the service you need. Click continue.
  8. That’s it. You have successfully created an account on Yahoo Small Business. Now, you will be taken to my services page.

You might be wondering how to contact Yahoo customer care. If any problem arises or you need support from the Yahoo team. Don’t worry; the customer care is always there to hold your back.

Contacting Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo small business customer support is an approach to contact the yahoo agents or the customer service team to make your queries or for your assistance.

  1. First of all, you need to login to your Yahoo small business account ID via Yahoo support.
  2. From the list of accessible options, select the business problem which you want help for.
  3. There is a choice to contact Yahoo 24/7 via phone, email, chat, phone, or as per your subscription schemes. Select the one you want, and you are now connected to the support team.

This is all about Yahoo’s small business and how to create it. If you have any queries, please drop down, we would be more than glad to answer them for you.

Recover or Rest Your Yahoo Mail Account Password

How To Recover or Reset Your Yahoo Mail Account Password

How to reset password is a highly searched term on the internet. More than Forty Thousand search is performed using this term in Google alone. In this article, we will explain you the perfect way to reset your Yahoo Mail password step by step. Changing your Yahoo Mail password is simple and won’t take your time.

Do you know that Yahoo deletes an account that is abandoned for more than a year. If you are haven’t opened you Yahoo Mail for more than a year, and you are trying to recover your Yahoo Mail account, then it’s impossible to recover.

Resetting a password includes changing the password and recovering a lost password.

If you want to change your password, I have already written an article on How to Change Yahoo Mail Password. It is a simple guide article written in steps with pictures which you can follow to change your password. To change your Yahoo Mail password, you need to have access to your yahoo mail account. If you have forgotten your Yahoo Mail password this is the guide for you.

Forgot your Yahoo Mail Password? Here are the Steps to Recover or Reset Yahoo Password

The easiest way to recover your forgotten password is using Recovery Email id or your Phone Number. If you forget your password, then you won’t get your old password, but, Yahoo will allow you to reset your old password by a new password.

Reset Your Yahoo Mail Password using Recovery Phone Number

Recovering your password with your recovery phone number. Yahoo won’t send your password to your recovery phone number but will send a guide or directions to your mobile phone to change your password.

Here are the steps to recover your Yahoo Mail using your recovery email address.

  1. First, open your browser and go to Yahoo mail’s login page. Or click
  2. In the login dialog box, there is a link “Trouble signing in?” click it.
  3. It will open Yahoo Sign-in Helper page for you.
    Here you can enter your email address to recover, or if you have forgotten your email address you can enter your mobile phone number associated with the email account you forgot, and press Continue.
    reset yahoo mail password
  4. Following a dialogue box with your email address and your phone number is hidden will appear on your screen.
    how to recover yahoo mail password
  5. If you have access to your phone number associated with your account click Yes, text me an Account Key.
  6. You need to wait a while since code might take a while to reach your mobile phone. Once you get the Account Key, enter in the blank space on your screen.
    how to recover or reset yahoo mail password
  7. Now press the Verify button to verify the Access Key. It will redirect you to a new page with a Success message.

    Rather than clicking on the Continue button I recommend you press Create a new password button to create a new password. If you click on Continue, you won’t get an option to change the password and need to repeat the same step as mentioned above the next time you want to login to your Yahoo mail.
  8. Now click on Create a new password button which will take you to Set a new password page, where you can type your new password.
    Use a strong password with upper and lower case characters, numbers, and special characters.
    You need to enter your password twice to verify your password.
    set up new yahoo mail password
  9. Now press Continue button to create your new password.

There you go, you have successfully recovered your Yahoo Mail account with a brand new password.

Reset Your Yahoo Mail Password using Recovery Email Address

Suppose I forgot my email address. Fortunately, I remember the mobile phone number I used while signing up for my Yahoo Mail account. Unfortunately, I don’t have access to this mobile number now. The following steps will help you in such a situation; recovering yahoo email account with a recovery email address.

  1. First, open your browser and go to Yahoo mail’s login page. Or click
  2. In the login dialog box, there is a link “Trouble signing in?” click it.
  3. It will open Yahoo Sign-in Helper page for you.
    Here you can enter your email address to recover, or if you have forgotten your email address you can enter your mobile phone number associated with the email account you forgot, and press Continue. If you have your recovery email address type in your recovery email address in the text box in place of your mobile phone number and directly go to step 6.
  4. Following a dialogue box will appear on your screen.

    as you don’t have access to your phone number, click on “I don’t have access to this phone.”
  5. A dialogue box to enter your recovery account will pear on your screen. Enter your recovery email account and press Continue.
  6. Click on Yes, send me an Account Key button to send an account key to your recovery account.
  7. Now login to your recovery email and look for yahoo message.
  8. Open your Yahoo Mail helper dialogue box and type the verification code in the box and press continue.
  9. It will redirect you to a new page rendering success message on verifying the code.
  10. Rather than clicking on Continue button I recommend you to press Create a new password button to create a new password. If you click on Continue, you won’t get an option to change the password and need to repeat the same step as mentioned above the next time you want to login to your Yahoo mail.
  11. Now click on Create a new password button which will take you to Set a new password page, where you can type your new password.
    Use a strong password with upper and lower case characters, numbers, and special characters.
    You need to enter your password twice to verify your password.
    set up new yahoo mail password
  12. Now press Continue button to create your new password.

You have successfully created a new password using your recovery email address

Frequently Asked Question

I don’t have access to my recovery phone number and alternate email, how can I recover my yahoo password without phone number and email?

If in case you forgot your recovery email account or didn’t add one and you don’t have access to your registered phone number, then sorry to say, you will not be able to recover your yahoo mail through the automated process. 

You can seek help from Yahoo Support Center. The support personnel from yahoo will ask you to verify your identity.

If you are unable to access your Yahoo Mail account even after contacting Yahoo Support Center, then there is only one option left. Abandon your old Yahoo Mail account and create a new yahoo mail account.

I have recovered my password, how do I change the password now?

Congratulations if you have successfully recovered your yahoo mail password. After you have recovered your password (if not follow the instruction mentioned above), changing the password is easy.
Just log in to yahoo where you can find the Change Password option on the Account Security page.
For detail instructions, please follow the steps from this link.

Customize Your Yahoo Inbox

How to Customize Your Yahoo Inbox – Theme, Inbox Spacing, Message Layout and More

Although yahoo has limited customization options, you can change the appearance and the color/theme of the Yahoo Mail interface. However, you still don’t have full control over your customization. You cannot upload and change user define themes or images or even the color of the interface. You will need to choose among the themes and colors that the Yahoo Mail provides you with. In this article, I am going to guide you on how to customize your Yahoo Inbox through personalize inbox tab of the setting page. You can change the theme and layout of your inbox from the setting drop-down menu however, you cannot change the message preview and breaking news from the drop-down menu.

How to Customize your Yahoo Inbox using Desktop

Yahoo Mail has a limited customization option to customize yahoo inbox too. There are only size customization options: Theme, message layout, inbox spacing, and enabling or disabling: message tabs, message preview, and breaking news.

You can change the Theme, Message Layout, and Inbox spacing from the setting drop-down menu, but to enable the rest of the options, you need to go through Personalize inbox option from the setting page.

How to Change the Yahoo Mail interface color/Theme

  1. Open your browser and Sign-in to your Yahoo! Mail account.
    If you cannot access your yahoo mail, probably you type in the wrong password. Here is the article that will guide you to recover your yahoo mail password.
  2. Click on the Mail icon from the top right corner of the page.
    Mail icon - change theme color
  3. Click on the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the Yahoo Mail page.
    settings - change theme color
  4. On the settings drop-down menu, you can choose Color Scheme, Message Layout, and Inbox Spacing to customize your Yahoo Mail theme.
  5. If you go to Personalize inbox, you can add some more customizations to your Yahoo Mail.
    To go to Personalize inbox, click on More Settings on the bottom of the setting dialogue box. And then click on Personalize inbox on the left sidebar.
    more setting - change theme color
    This will open two sections on your window; one, personalize setting panel, and second the Preview panel.
  6. Under Theme, currently, you have 11 patterns or colors to choose three of which are landscape themes.
  7. Now select Light, Medium or Dark.
    change yahoo theme
    Light to make the change only in the header,
    Medium to make a change in all over page except background of inbox area, and
    Dark to apply theme in the inbox background as well.
    Select any one of them, and you will see the theme preview on your Right panel “the preview panel,” this will also change the interface color automatically.

You can do these steps from the settings drop-down menu too.

How to Change Message Layout, Inbox Spacing
message layout and inbox spacing yahoo mail

  • The next option is to change the Message Layout.
    The list is the default layout, where you will be able to view only the email addresses of the senders or the receivers in your mail. When you click on any of the mails from the list, it will open the mail in a new page.
    Righ: this option will bring up a mail viewing panel right beside your mail section. This panel will display your emails without opening your mail on the next page. This option will show lists and messages side-by-side.
    Likewise, the Bottom option will open your email viewing panel right below your email list.
  • The next customization option is Inbox Spacing. You can choose a comfortable message list density from this option, space between the email lists.
    There are three options to choose: Small, Medium, and Large. Choose what is comfortable for you.
  • Your changes are saved automatically; you can exit without saving your changes.

Toggling Message Tabs, Preview and Breaking News

You can toggle on and off the message tabs, message preview, and the Breaking news from the Personalize inbox tab of setting page.

Message Tabs: Toggling on the message tab will open the tab section right above the Mail list, just like the tabs in your browser. This option will allow you to multitask.

yahoo message tabs

Message preview: The message preview will display a short length of an email message on the mail list right beside the subject of the message. If you toggle this off, the email list will only display the sender’s name or the email and the subject of the message.

Image for message preview on

Image for message preview off

Message preview off

Finally, Breaking News: Toggling on the breaking news will enable news sections in your Inbox where only the breaking news will be displayed.

How to change Yahoo Mail interface color back to default

  1. Click on the Mail icon. Click the Gear icon in the upper-right of the page.
    setting -
  2. Now, select the theme color blue, which appears in the first of the theme colors.
  3. After that, click on the light radio button
    color back to normal
  4. Click anywhere outside of the drop-down menu to save the interface color.

Now you can have the same default theme/interface color, which was in the beginning after you signup Yahoo Mail account.

How to Customize Your Yahoo Inbox using Yahoo Mail App

  1. Open your Yahoo Mail Application and Log-in into your account.
  2. Click on the profile icon on the upper right corner of the screen.
    profile icon
  3. Now, from the menu, click on the Settings.
  4. Under Customize, your inbox click on Themes.
  5. Now select the theme color you want to use as the interface color of your Yahoo Mail App.
    You can also turn on the Dark Mode. This will save some battery life for your mobile.
  6. Finally, click on the Save button on the upper right corner of the screen to confirm.
    select color

Now you can see the theme you choose as your Yahoo Mail app interface color.

set up your Yahoo mail Signature

How to set up your Yahoo mail Signature

Hey guys, adding an email signature in your Mail will give your email message a professional look. So why not utilize it when Yahoo Mail has it too? So, today I have come up with an article to help you set up your Yahoo Mail signature in no time.

Let’s start by describing what an email signature is.

What is Email Signature?

An email signature is a series of text or images or hyperlinks that are appended to the end of an email message that you sent. All the professional mail have an email signature that is added to the end of an email message.

It’s really a time-consuming process to insert your signature every time you send a message. So, for that reason, almost all webmail has automation where you can add your signature once and it automatically adds that series of text to each and every email you send. So, let’s learn how to add create a Yahoo Mail Signature.

Steps to Create Your Yahoo Mail Signature Using Web Browser

set up your Yahoo mail Signature

  1. Open your web browser and log in to your Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Click on the Mail icon to get into your Inbox area.
  3. Now click on the Settings from the navigation bar of the right sidebar of your Email list page (Inbox page).
  4. Now, from the Settings dropdown menu, click on More Settings option from the list of options. This will open the settings page on your desktop window.
  5. Now, on the left sidebar of your settings page, click on the Writing email option from the list.
  6. Now, toggle on Signature from the Writing emails tab by clicking on the on-off switch right beside your email address on the signature option. This will open a text box where you can add your signature.
  7. Start typing your signature in the signature text box where it says “Write something….”
    You can add text, Images, Gif, links, and HTML code to your signature. And you can also change the text formatting of your signature like increasing or decreasing text size, you can change the text styles such as Bold, Italic, and Strikethrough and so on.
  8. In the newer version of Yahoo, you don’t need to click on save if you are looking for one. Your signature will be auto-saved. You can close your window or go back to your inbox area after finishing up your signature.

How to Disable your Yahoo Mail Signature from Web Browser

If you no longer want to append your email signature the email you sent you can disable your Yahoo Mail Signature. Disabling your Yahoo Mail Signature is very easy. Just follow the above-mentioned steps from step 1 to step 4. Then, toggle off the signature by clicking the on-off switch right beside your email address on the Signature panel. Disabling your signature will not remove the signature from yahoo mail. If you ever want to reactivate your signature, you just toggle on the signature and it will automatically add signature your emails when you compose one.

Login>Settings>more settings>Writing email>Toggle off Signature.

Steps to Set up Your Yahoo Mail Signature Using Mobile Application

You can also set up your Yahoo Mail Signature using your Yahoo Mail app, however, you have limitations adding one. You don’t have full functionality like you get in the web version like adding images or hyperlinks text aligns, and so on. However, you can add text to your signature with the Yahoo Mail app that can be handy in emergency situations where you don’t have access to your laptop. So, without wasting time, let’s get into the steps to set up Signature using Yahoo Mail app.

  1. Open your Yahoo Mail app from your mobile’s app menu.
  2. If you have a newer version of the Yahoo Mail app, swipe your screen left to right from the inbox page or click on the profile icon on the upper left corner to open up your account menu.
    If you have an older version of the app, click on the three vertical lines (hamburger menu) on the upper left corner of your screen to open up your account menu.
  3. Now, Tap on Settings from the menu list.
  4. From the settings page scroll down to General Pane, and click on Signatures.
  5. Now, on the Signature page, toggle on the Customize for each account to enable email signatures.
  6. In the text box below, your email address edit the default message “Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android” with your signature.
  7. If you have more than one Yahoo Mail logged into your app, you need to remove the default message and leave blank on the text box of the email address where you don’t want to enable Yahoo Mail Signature.
  8. Now, tap on the back button or Done to save the signature.

Test Your Email Signature in Yahoo Mail

  1. To test your email signature, login to your Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Click on the Compose button at the top left corner of your screen. It’s on the top of your left navigation bar.
  3. Now, on the email composing page, you will see your signature automatically added.
  4. To test your signature, sent a test email to one of your friends. Fill up the email composing form.
  5. Now, click on the Send button. And open the mail form sent folder you just sent. Look at the signature to see how it turned out. If it needs to be improved repeat the steps I have mentioned above.


There you go, all the steps that are written above are performed on the updated versions of the Yahoo mail so that you won’t have any issue following the steps. I have tried to make things simple as much as I could to describe how to set up your Yahoo Mail Signature using both your desktop browser and Yahoo Mail application. If you have still encountered any issue related to this article, you can comment on your problem in the comment section down below. I would be happy to reply them all.
Thank you!

yahoo calendar

How to Use Yahoo Calendar – Every Detail on Yahoo Calendar

Yahoo! founded on March 2, 1995, is not just an email platform. With Yahoo, you can use Yahoo Contacts, Yahoo Notepad, Yahoo Calendar, and many other services. However, this article covers everything about yahoo calendar. If you want to learn about any other services we already have articles on them, feel free to check them out.

Yahoo Calendar is similar to that you hang on your wall. However, with Yahoo Calendar, you can schedule your task, you can share the calendar events with anyone. This feature is excellent if you want to share it with your co-workers, family, or friends.

 Where to Access Yahoo Calendar

It is easy to access the Yahoo Calendar, Follow the Following steps:

  1. Log in to your Yahoo email account on your favorite browser.
  2. Now, on your Homepage, click on the Mail icon that is located at the upper right corner of the screen.
    Mail icon - Yahoo calendar
  3. A new window with your Mail inbox will open up. From the inbox page, tap on the Calendar icon located in the upper right corner of the screen. The Note: Calendar icon will have the current date of your location.
    Calender icon
  4. Clicking the calendar icon will open up a new window containing Calendar.

Yahoo Calendar: Viewing Options and Default Settings

In this section of the article, we will be discussing the default settings of Yahoo Calendar when you first time opens the calendar. We will be talking about how the platform is shown to your screen what options are there in the viewing panel.

  • Your Yahoo Calendar window is divided into three-part:
    three method

    First, the left sidebar. This panel contains options to create a new event, displays which calendar is currently selected, holidays, sports, and other dropdown menus.
  • The second panel shows you the default view of the calendar in general by months. This is how your normal calendar looks, and most of the people this would be the most convenient view.
  • Third, the right sidebar. This sidebar shows the To-Do lists that you create to perform on the days you selected.

When you open your calendar for the first time, there will be only one calendar saved with your name in My Calendars dropdown menu on your left sidebar. This is where you can access your calendars if you have multiple calendars created.

Also, the default Calendar is the calendar with your name listed inside My Calendars. This is where all the default events and To-Do lists are saved.

On the middle panel of the page, you have navigation tabs {Today, Day, Week, Month, Year, and List}. Using these tabs, you can change the default view of your calendar.

For example, if you select the Day tab view, the calendar will display the to-do list or any event throughout the day. You can navigate through the arrow button right below the navigation bar to change the day.

On the same navigation bar, you have the Action Drop down menu. Using this drop-down menu, you can have several options like printing the calendar, Creating New Calendar, Adding other information in your calendar.

Moving on to the right-sidebar, we have To Do’s panel with your name as the default list. In this section, you can create your list and add a task and to-do list accordingly. You can select options to display the duelist or the task that is completed from the gear icon of the To Do’s Pane. You can also hide the To Do’s from the Action Drop Down menu from the Menu Bar.

Creating a New Calendar in Yahoo!

In Yahoo, you have an option to create multiple Calendars. Sometimes you and your friend might need to share the same calendar, especially when you both are working on the same organization. You might not want to share your personal calendar with your friend, right? So in such situations, you can create two calendars in Yahoo mail, one as your personal calendar while others to share with your friend. So, let’s learn how to create a new calendar in Yahoo.

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail Account.
  2. Tap on the Calendar icon on the top right corner of your screen.
    Calender icon
  3. Your Yahoo Calendar will open in a new tab of your browser.
    There are two ways you can create a new calendar in Yahoo.
    First Method: Hover your mouse button over My Calendars drop-down menu from your left sidebar and click the +
    add new calender

    Second Method: Click the Actions drop-down menu from the top navigation bar of the Calendar panel. And click Create New Calendar option from the list.
    Action icon - create calender
  4. Both of the steps mentioned above will open the same dashboard to create a new calendar.
    Now enter the name of the calendar you want to create in the text field of the dashboard.
  5. Give your Calendar a color by picking one of nine colors.
  6. If you want to create the private calendar, finish the step by clicking the Save button. Else go to the next step.
    9 color - calender
  7. While creating a calendar, you have two options to share your calendar; you can choose both the option too.
    One is to create a public calendar, this calendar will be public, and anyone can have access to this calendar.
    The other is to grant access by adding the emails of people you want to share the calendar.
  8. If you choose to invite people by email, tick the checkmark and add emails in the email text box and set the usability by clicking the drop-down menu right beside the email text box.
    You can add multiple emails by clicking the + Add another
  9. Now click the Save button to save your new calendar on Yahoo.
    share - calender

Editing and Deleting Calendar in Ymail

Deleting the Ymail Calendar is as easy as creating one. However, I am writing the steps from the login page for those who came right from the table of the content without reading the steps mentioned above to get to the contact page.

For those who are following the article from the beginning, start from step 3.

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail accounts with your favorite browser.
  2. Click on the Calendar icon at the upper right corner of your screen, which is on the top navigation of your right sidebar. The calendar icon will have a real-time date and will open Calendar in a new window when clicked.
    Calender icon
  3. From the Calendar page, click on the My Calendar drop-down menu if you don’t see the calendar on your left sidebar.
    add new calender
  4. Now hover your mouse pointer over the calendar you want to delete or edit.
  5. Click on the drop-down menu right beside the calendar that appears when you hover your mouse pointer.
  6. Click on the Edit Calendar from the list of options.
  7. Here you can edit information on the calendar like changing the calendar’s name, sharing your calendar to other people. Then select the Save button to the save to change your calendar.
    edit - calender
  8. Now, click the Delete button on the Edit Calendar dialogue box.
  9. While deleting a calendar, you have one of two options to choose from. One is to Delete All the Events keeping the calendar, and the other one is to Delete the whole Calendar deleting events and all the sharing settings.
    edit and delete - calender
  • Here, I am going to remove the whole calendar and all the events I have saved to that calendar, so I am choosing the second option.
  • Finally, to confirm your deletion, click on the Continue button then click Yes, Delete Now on Delete dialogue box.

All about To-Do Lists on Yahoo Calendar

A to-do list is a list of errands and other tanks that needs or intends to accomplish. Most of the time, we create a to-do list in our diary. Why not convert those papers in to paperless? In this section of the article, I am going to guide you on every aspect of the To-Do list in Yahoo Calendar.

Moving on to the right-side panel of the Yahoo Calendar window, we have To Do’s Lists.

Let’s start by creating a List.

If you don’t know where the Yahoo Calendar, first log in to your Yahoo Mail Account, then tap on the mail icon on the top right corner of the screen, now, from the main page click the Calendar icon on the navigation bar of the right sidebar. You will be redirected to a new window containing your Yahoo Calendar.

Or click the link.

When you are new to the Calendar, the calendar will have a default To-Do List as your name. You will be creating a list of the task inside this list. However, if you want to create a New Label for your list, here are the steps to Create Label for your New List.

Create A New To-Do List on Ymail Calendar

  1. After getting inside your Yahoo Calendar, click on the Gear icon from the Navigation bar of the To Do’s – List on the right sidebar.
  2. Now, click on the Create List… option from the menu. This will open a dialogue box to create your new list label.
    create list
  3. Now, on the Dialogue box, give your List a Label.
    If you want to share your To-Do list, you can tap on the checkbox and add Email addresses that appear when you tick the checkbox. You can also grant a user to view only or view and edit a to-do list.
  4. Now click on the Save button to create a new label in your To-Do list. Your New To-Do List will appear on the right sidebar of the Yahoo Calendar page.

Create Lists for your To-Do List

Here are the steps to create your First To-Do lists

  1. Open your Yahoo Calendar Page and click the Gear icon on the menu bar of the To-Do list.
  2. Now Click on the New To-Do option from the menu. This will open a new Dashboard to create a new to-do list.
    new to do
  3. Now give a name to your list.
    Here you can give a due date so that you get a reminder from yahoo calendar about the task you need to perform.
    Likewise, you can set the priority of the task and the List you want to save the task from the List drop-down menu.
    new to do
    If you want to add notes to the task, you can add if from the Notes Text Field. This can notify your coworkers about topics you want them to know.

Different Ways to View List on To-Do List

There are various ways to view the list on the To-Do list. Let’s learn about them.

On the right sidebar of the Yahoo Calendar page, you have a list of Labels contains your To-Do lists.

Click on the Gear icon right beside the header “To Do’s – List.”

There are several options to view your To-Do list.

  1. Priority View: This option will show The To-do list by separating the list according to their priority. We have three priority levels in Yahoo Calendar: URGENT, IMPORTANT, and NORMAL
  2. List View: List view will display all your To-Do list according to the User Defined Label for a list. This is the default viewing panel of your Yahoo Calendar.
  3. Due Date View: The due date view will display all your to-do lists in two groups that have due dates set up. One of the labels displays the list that’s due date is today, and other label shows the upcoming dates to complete a task.
  4. Done View: This option will show all the tasks that have been completed.

How to Share your Yahoo To-Do List to your Friend

Sometimes, you and your coworkers have the same task to complete. Or maybe you and your friend are working on a project, and you guys have to share the same to-do list. So, in such situations, with yahoo calendar, you can share your To-Do list to your friend.

Here is how you can share your Yahoo To-Do list with your Friend.

Delete or Edit Lists from To-Do List Panel

Deleting or editing the list To-Do list is as easy as creating one. The steps are similar, as well. Follow these steps to delete lists from the To-Do list panel on Yahoo Calendar.

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail and go to Yahoo Calendar.
  2. From the right sidebar of your Yahoo Calendar page, right-click list that you want to delete opening the To Do label.
  3. To edit the list, select Edit To Do.
    Now on the Edit Panel, make changes to your list and select Save
  4. Select Delete To Do option from the list and then confirm your deletion clicking the Delete Button from the Delete To Do? Dialogue box.

Delete To-Do List from Ymail Calendar

How to Hide To Do Panel From Yahoo Calendar

Hiding the right sidebar in Yahoo Calendar is very easy. Hiding the To Do section will increase the Calendar viewing panel. However, it won’t increase the viewing of calendar. So, there is no advantage of removing or hiding the TO Do panel from the Ymail Calendar. If you still want to hide the To-Do panel from the calendar, here is how you can do it.

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail and go to Yahoo Calendar.
  2. From the Menu bar of the calendar, section click on the Actions drop-down
  3. From the Action menu, select Hide To Dos option on the drop-down menu.
  4. As you select the Hide to-dos from the menu, the right sidebar, where To Do’s used to be will collapse and calendar will extend.

If you want toe To Do’s panel back, just select Show To-Dos from the Actions drop-down menu.

Create Events, Edit and Delete Events

You use a calendar to add events so that you don’t forget what events are coming. In Yahoo Calendar, there are two methods you can use to create an event. We will be learning both the ways in this section of the article.

The First Method To Create Event in Ymail

  1. When you get to your Yahoo Calendar page, click on the New Event button located at the top left corner of your screen right above the mini-calendar.
  2. Next, a pop-up window will appear on your screen.
    Fill up the title of your event. Here, for example, I am giving my event title as Birthday-Party at Samir.
    Next, Give your event Start and End date.
    As this event is a one-time event, I don’t want this event to disturb me, so I am selecting “Never” in Repeat label.
  3. Likewise, fill up the New Event Form and click the Save button to save your event.
  4. To view the new event you just created in the calendar, make sure you selected your calendar first. Check it out on the left sidebar of your windows under My Calendars drop-down menu.

The Second Method To Create Event in Ymail

The other way to create new even to simple.

  1. Click on the day on the calendar you want to set the event for.
  2. From the pop-up window, select one of the options. If the event is going to throughout the day, click on All-Day.
  3. Now on the Event Creating dialogue box, give the event a name and location. If you want to add more details, click on the Add More Details button right next to Save
  4. After adding all the information, click on the Save button to save your event for that day.

How to share your calendar

Sharing a calendar is the most useful feature in Yahoo Calendar. This option is useful when you have to share your calendar with your friends, family members, or colleague. Here is how you can share your calendar.

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail and Go to the Calendar page.
  2. On the left sidebar under My Calendars drop-down menu, select the calendar you want to share.
  3. Right-click the calendar you want to share and select the Share option from the list.
  4. A new window containing your calendar detail will pop up. There are three options to share your calendar.
  5. Here I am selecting Invite people by email option as there aren’t a lot of people to share the calendar with.
    If you are sharing your calendar with a lot of people, select Generate links option from the windows.
  6. When you select, invite people by email, a text field where you can type in the email of people will appear. Add emails of people to whom you want to share your calendar.
  7. Finally, hit the Save button. The calendar will be sent to your friends.

Stop sharing yahoo calendar

If you open the link you copied from the General links from step 5 explained in the above steps, anyone with the link can get access to your calendar. You can always revoke the access by returning to step 5 and click the reset link. Reset link is the small half circle icon right next to the word (drop-down menu) View events only.

Clicking on the reset link will create a new URL for the calendar and deactivate the old one.

How to Export and Import Yahoo Calendar

You should always back up your data to your hard drive to stay on the safe side. This way, even if the data is breached online, you will have a copy of the information you can use later.

Here is how you can export and import your Yahoo Calendar.

  1. Log in to your Yahoo Mail and Tap on the Calendar icon on the upper right corner of your screen.
  2. On the Calendar page right click on the Calendar, you want to export from My Calendars drop-down menu on the left sidebar.
  3. Now click Export option from the list to start downloading the backup file. The file will be in the “.ics” format.
  4. To import the file to your calendar, click on the import icon from the same menu.
  5. Click on the Choose Files button from the pop-up import dashboard.
  6. Now choose the file you want to import and click the Import button. Your Calendar will shortly be imported to your Yahoo Calendar.
yahoo services

All About Yahoo Services: Yahoo mail to Yahoo Search Engine

Our life has become very easy due to the internet – as we can find all the necessary information regarding any topic on the web. We enter the queries on the search engine to find the best results that suit our questions. We can find a different search engine on the internet with their abilities and features. But today, we are talking about one of the most popular search engines, which is still recognized as the world’s 3rd popular search engine.

Yes, we are talking about the yahoo.

First of all, let’s talk about yahoo, then we will head through to its all service.

Yahoo has a remarkable presence on the internet that deal as a web service provider. It was launched in 1995 by jerry yang and David Filo, who were the electrical engineering graduate students at Stanford University. Yahoo counts as one of the biggest search engines across the internet. It has the largest database in the world which can provide millions of web pages and web sites.

Many companies add their website to the Yahoo listing as it provides many contents on the internet, such as music, gaming, sports, movies, and news – which will help to recognize the companies on the internet.

Besides being a web portal and a popular search engine, it offers different services that help lots of internet users with content and information.

Know all the Services of Yahoo

Yahoo provides lots of different services – where you can access it in one place via Yahoo everything page. So, let’s go through its services:

Yahoo Mail Service
yahoo mail service - ymaillogin

Back in 1995, Yahoo mail was one of the most popular email services provided by yahoo, which is free to access on the internet. You can either send and receive messages with its four different email plans: three of them are for personal use (Basic, plus, and Ad-free), and the fourth one is for business use. Yahoo free email plan is the most popular one – because it is simple to use for everyone.

With the yahoo mail, you can send emails to family, friends, and other important peoples. There are different features of yahoo mail where you can attach files to share, including pictures. Yahoo can also let you access the calendar tools where you can program the reminders about the events. Besides that, with its recent updates, you can un-send emails with just one click on the mail.

Yahoo Search
yahoo search - ymaillogin

Yahoo is a world third largest web search engine where you can find the information according to your queries. It provides efficient answers or results on any subject such as websites, videos, images, recipes, and more.

It integrated the web sites in the directory and organized it in a hierarchy of topics and categories – which helps the users to find relevant information easily on the internet.

Fact: Until 2004, yahoo search becomes independent, but later on, it was powered by Google.

Yahoo News Portal
yahoo news portal - ymaillogin

When people turn on their computers or mobile devices in the morning, they try to read the news. You can find the news on the homepage of yahoo according to the place you live, and for even more headlines or news, you have to go to the actual news page.

Yahoo news arranges all the news in one place by collecting articles from different news publications – which is easy to read and view. It collects the latest and more interesting news from all around the world to give you something that catches your attention.

Yahoo news service had the feature where you can comment on the news article, but later on, these features were disabled due to the glitches on the news.

The Yahoo Maps
yahoo maps - ymaillogin

Yahoo map was launched in 1998, where Vicinity Corporation provided all the data at that time. It is a free online mapping portal that was provided from Yahoo – delivers convenient functionalities of local weather, local search maps, and local reviews. Some Web developers integrate yahoo mails into their web pages through developer API – which helps their website to display the content from different sources through the various map portals.

But, sadly yahoo map was shut down in 2015. However, you still can get access to the yahoo mail on

According to yahoo, maps can be still supported through its properties like platform Flicker, photo-sharing, and its search business.

Yahoo Groups
yahoo groups - ymaillogin

Yahoo groups is one of the world’s most giant online discussion boards where the groups of people held a conversation using the message posts. You can read the group messages and post them through email or the group’s webpage. The admin of the group can post some essential information to share it with other members in groups.

Members of the groups can choose specific email which they want to receive daily or individual. You can create the groups with public members, or it can be done privately in case you don’t want to share information publicly.

You can participate in the yahoo groups without registering in yahoo with your yahoo ID – it can access most of the features of yahoo.

Yahoo Finance
yahoo finance - ymaillogin

Yahoo Finance is a part of the Yahoo network that provides the up to date information about the financial market. You can analyze the stock market situation, whether it was going up or down. You can get every stock information that’s being traded, which helps to make the right decisions about your investment. Besides that, you can even read economy news and personal finance inside the yahoo finance.

In terms of monthly traffic, yahoo finance becomes one of the largest business news websites in the USA in June 2017.

Yahoo Answers
yahoo answers - ymaillogin

Yahoo answers is a community-driven question and answers (Q&A) website that the yahoo provides. It was launched on June 28, 2005, which was for the general public to share the question and answers with each other. You can post any query on the website for what you have seeking to answer, and you will get useful answers from your question. The best part of yahoo answers is that you will get answers from multiple people.

You can even rate and vote the answers, which are most helpful according to your query. Besides that, anyone with a yahoo account can ask a question and give answers.

Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo search marketing is a keyboard-based pay per click advertising platform – provided by yahoo, which is similar to Google AdWords. It helps to promote your business in conventional ways. You can create and manage campaigns, pull a report in yahoo search marketing for your business. Besides that, it will let you set a bid on certain things – but the position of your PPC ad will depend on your bid and quality score.

Yahoo generates a large amount of income through this search marketing and other services such as local advertising, sponsored search, and more. Your website ranking also can be improved with search marketing as it enhances Search Engine Optimization.

Yahoo Video or Yahoo View

Yahoo view is a video-on-demand service that was launched by yahoo in June 2006 as a video sharing website. It was designed to upload and share the video on the internet, but later on, it was removed for its relaunch as Yahoo screen. It also streams recent episodes of the television series from the different channels network in the United States and few archived programs from the various distributors.

But sadly yahoo stop continued their popular yahoo video and ceased on June 30, 2019.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger was a free instant messaging service that was so popular in late 2001. The messenger was also known as the godfather of all instant messaging services. Its features help you to add contacts, share files, webcam hosting, video chats, and even do voice chat on its messenger. You can also access the yahoo mail through yahoo ID, which is pretty cool.

Yahoo messenger was initially launched as yahoo pager, which was a public chat room – where many people can chat in one place.

But as time pass, other instant messaging services such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp took over yahoo messenger – as they provide better features and functions than yahoo messenger. So due to this reason yahoo discontinue its messaging service from July 17, 2018.

Yahoo shopping
yahoo shopping - ymaillogin

Yahoo shopping is an online shopping service provided by yahoo. Their services are just like other e-commerce websites you can find on the internet nowadays. You can shop for different brands or categories of products through yahoo browsing stores. Whether it women or men utensils, you can purchase all kinds of stuff on yahoo shopping.

As you can see, yahoo shopping is similar to other online shopping websites, but it’s up to you when it comes to buying a product – the choice is yours.

Yahoo Weather
yahoo weather - ymaillogin

Let’s suppose you are going on a date with someone special, but later on, it starts raining – and you forgot to bring an umbrella with you on a date. This kind of situation can ruin your date, which can make you angry. Nobody wants to get involved in a case like this. So, always check the weather forecast before going out with someone.

Just like other weather forecasts, yahoo also provides the current situation of weather in your area, and you can also view the weather condition around the world from the yahoo weather.

Yahoo Sports News
yahoo sports news - ymaillogin

Yahoo provides an excellent service like sports news on its website. It contains all the information related to sports from all around the world – which is good news for the sports fan. They can watch football, basketball, cricket, and more on yahoo. Yahoo sports news provides the highlights from the game with its final scores. Apart from this, Sports fans also get the player info, drafts info, and recruitment of new players.

Besides that, yahoo also provides the fantasy league where you can participate in the game.

Yahoo Small Business
yahoo small business - ymaillogin

As yahoo starts as the search engine on the internet, but it provides a variety of services for your business success. They offer 24 hours services on different tools and apps for your business – as you can find all in one service on yahoo.

Let’s suppose you created a website and want to host your website; then yahoo can easily set up your website with three different plans. You will get a free domain and 24 hours support on each plan.

Yahoo is also best for merchant solutions as you can effectively build the e-commerce website. Apart from that, you can advertise locally and get notices in the internet world.

Yahoo Developer Network
yahoo developer network - ymaillogin

Most people know yahoo as a search engine, but very few people know that it has a developer network. So what is yahoo developer network?

Yahoo developer network is a central resource for many developers and partners. They offer developers tools, APIs (Application Program Interface), Web services, and resources for the developers that help to build perfect websites. All these services are useful to integrate key data sources and to drive traffic on the sites.

Yahoo Lifestyle
yahoo lifestyle - ymaillogin

Yahoo’s lifestyle provides services for every woman in America. It deals with the latest fashion, beauty, personal stories of person, products, and news for women and gives them the best what they care about.

No matter what ages they have, their identities, and size – yahoo will connect you through its lifestyle through any devices and around the world. Feeling interested in yahoo lifestyle, then visit

Yahoo 360

Yahoo 360 was started as a social blogging platform where people post their blogs for free. It was a social networking website designed to connect with people.

Back in the day, when people publish the blog post in the yahoo 360 by customizing their profile with yahoo avatar – it was the best days for most of the people.

Yahoo 360 is just like nowadays, social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter where users set up the profile, add friends, and so on. Besides all those successes, it was completely shut down in 2011 because of the launch of Facebook as it absorbs all the traffic from the yahoo 360.

Yahoo Entertainment
yahoo entertainment - ymaillogin

Everybody wants to watch funny and entertainment posts, videos on the internet, which helps them to escape during a boring time – as yahoo provides the entertainment category where you can watch all the videos regarding comedy, celebrity, television series and more. It gives you all the information and exciting things which were happening around the world.

Watch some exciting facts about the celebrity or other famous people on yahoo entertainment when you feel bored from work.

Yahoo People Search

Yahoo people search helps you to find the phone number, addresses, and email information of a particular person. Intelius supply all the information on the searched query. You can get free data in yahoo people search, but if you want detail information then, you would have to pay to Intelius.

You can find people’s information through phone books, white pages, and yellow pages. But at first, you have to enter a person’s last name to search for a specific person’s phone number and email address. However, that information is not secure over the internet as they are publicly accessible.


Still, Yahoo is the world’s 3rd largest search engine on the internet – where people can find the best results regarding their queries. It is once one of the largest internet companies in the world by providing webmail service, widely read news, and media websites.

Yahoo all services were recognized as all in one service, where you can access it for 24 hours. But sadly, some of the services were shut down due to new search engines or social networks emerge on the Web. However, you still get access to some of the best services of yahoo.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you have any queries regarding the topic, feel free to ask or visit Happy reading!

choose one- edit recovery email and phone number

How to Change Recovery Detail in Yahoo Mail: Recovery Phone and Email

Recovery Email and phone numbers are useful in every application to keep your account secured, and we need to keep changing our old password because the same password reduces the security of your account. While changing your password or after changing your antalya bayan escort password, if you forget your password, you can recover your account using a recovery email or phone number. And if you don’t have a recovery email or phone number, you can add a recovery email account. If you already have the recovery email and phone number, but you don’t have access, then you can change/edit your recovery email and phone number.

 Without any delay, let us move to our topic on how to Edit/change your Recovery email and phone number. There are no vast differences In web-browser and mobile App to edit your recovery email and phone number.

Edit Recovery Account Using Web-Browser

Step 1: Open Browser and Go to Yahoo Mail

Open any browser you use and enter the URL!

Step 2Log-in Yahoo account

Log-in your account in Yahoo Mail to get access to your account, and it might be using email and password or two ways verification.

Step 3: Click your Profile Icon

After you Log in to your yahoo mail account, in default homepage, you will see your profile icon in the Window. Click your profile icon.
profile icon - edit recovery email and phone number

Step 4: Click Account info!

When you click in the profile icon, a small rectangular box appears with your name, email, account info, add an account, and sign out. Now, click on the Account info, which is just below your name and email.
Account info- edit recovery email and phone number

Step 5: Click Account Security

After you click in account info from a rectangular box, it will take a short refresh to take you forward. After that, click on the Account Security, which has an icon of tick inside of the shield, or you can also directly go to link < Go to the Yahoo Account security page> if you have a problem or confusion.
Account security- edit recovery email and phone number

[Note: if you have multiple accounts logged in then you have to re-enter your password using email if you enter to security system]

Step 6Choose Email address or Phone number

After you click in account security, you can see phone number and Email address in antalya escort Window. Now, Choose /click on the phone number or an email address you want to edit/ change. And if you don’t have a recovery phone number and email address, you can add from here as well.
choose one- edit recovery email and phone number

Step 7: Click pencil Icon

When you click in the phone number or an email address, you will immediately see a new page with your email and a Bold message, “Don’t get locked out! “. Now, click on the pencil icon right side of your phone number.
click one- Edit recovery email or phone number

Step 8Edit Recovery phone number or Email address

Under “Don’t get locked out! “if you have chosen phone number “Edit recovery phone number” will show otherwise “Edit recovery Email address” will show up.

In the phone number section, you can erase the number, and you can set the new phone number you want to use as a recovery phone number and click confirm.
Edit - Edit recovery email or phone number

Step 9Verify the phone number

This is the last step to proceed after you click confirm you will be asked to “Enter Verification code, “Enter the verification code you receive in your phone number you have edited in step 8  and click on the Verify phone number.
Verfication code- Edit recovery email or phone number

Now, you have edited your Recovery phone number or Email address successfully!

 Edit Recovery Account Using Mobile Application

To edit your Yahoo Mail recovery Email address or phone number, You must have Yahoo Mail app downloaded in your cell-phone, if you don’t have you can download from play store in Android and App store in IOS. So, Let’s move to the steps you have to follow.

Step 1: Login Yahoo mail account

Log-in your account in Yahoo Mail App to get access to your account.

Step 2: Click your Profile Icon

After the logging in your account, In the top left of your mobile display, you can see your profile icon with an image in it – if you have an insert profile picture. Now click on the profile picture.

Step 3: Click Manage accounts

When you click in the profile icon from the left side, the slider comes out with the Accounts. Now, under Accounts, click on the Manage accounts, which is just below Add another mailbox.

You can also choose to Manage accounts from setting.]

Step 4: Click Account info

After you click in Manage accounts, you will see your name, email address, and Account info in blue color under Manage Accounts. Now, click on the Account info.

Step 5: Click Security Setting

When you click Account info, you will see Security Setting in Account Security under Account info. Now, click on the Security Setting.

Step 6Choose Email address or Phone number

[Note: If you have a mobile security lock in your mobile then, you have to enter code or draw pattern to continue the step]

You will see phone number and Email address in your mobile display after you click on the Security Setting. Now you can choose phone number or an Email address to edit click on your choice you want to edit.

Step 7: Click add email or mobile no.

After you click in a phone number or an Email address, you will see “add Email or mobile no.” under “Don’t get locked out! “. Click add email or mobile no.

Step 8: Click Add

After you click, add email or mobile no. New page display “Add email or mobile number.” Type phone number or an Email address in the text field by erasing an existing email or a phone number, you can set the new phone number you want to use as a recovery phone number.

After you type your email or number, click on the Add (blue color).

Step 9Verify the phone number

This is the last step to proceed after you click confirm you will be asked to “Enter Verification code,” Enter the verification code you receive in your phone number you have edited in step 8  and click on the Verify phone number.

Now, you have edited your Recovery phone number or Email address successfully from Mobile Application.