How To Fix AOL Desktop Gold Slow Issue?

AOL Desktop Gold is popular software that provides an enhanced and personalized experience of the AOL website. It is a desktop application installed on a computer running Windows or macOS. It offers features such as search, e-mail, chat, and browsing, synchronized across devices. But, lately, many users have been reporting that their AOL Desktop Gold has been running slow. So, I have written this post to help those users fix the issue.

There are a few things that you can do to try and fix the problem, such as:

  • Exit and restart Desktop Gold
  • Update your AOL Desktop Gold to the latest version
  • Uninstall/Reinstall Desktop Gold if it is still working
  • Contact Your ISP

If you want to know how to perform each of these steps, continue reading.

What Is AOL Desktop Gold?

AOL Desktop Gold is a desktop application installed on PCs and Macs. It serves as an enhanced and personalized experience of the AOL website, with features such as search, e-mail, chat, and browsing synchronized across devices. In addition, the Desktop Gold app offers easy access to all your favorite websites and provides a more secure experience. It has a user-friendly interface and is available in both free and premium versions, with the latter offering more features.

Some of the features of the AOL Desktop Gold app are:

-A customizable home page with quick access to your favorite websites

-The ability to search through all of your e-mails, both past, and present, from one place

-An integrated chat client that lets you talk to your friends on AOL, Facebook, Google Talk, and more without having to leave the app

-The ability to browse the internet privately with tabs that can be password protected

It is a great app for those looking for a one-stop solution to their online needs. If you are not already using it, I would highly recommend giving it a try.

Why Is My AOL Desktop Gold Slow?

AOL Desktop Gold is a resource-intensive application, and as such, it can sometimes slow down your computer. Many reasons could be causing this issue. Some of the most common ones are:

-Your computer is running out of RAM or hard disk space, due to which your applications can’t process data fast enough and become slow

-There are too many background processes that take up system resources, making it difficult for you to use other programs at full speed without lag time

-Your computer is infected with a virus or malware that is causing it to run slowly

-There are outdated drivers on your system which need to be updated

-Your ISP (internet service provider) is not providing high enough speeds for a smooth experience

How To Fix AOL Desktop Gold Slow Issue?

It’s not the end of the world if AOL Desktop Gold runs slow on your computer. However, you can always try some of the methods mentioned below to see if that fixes the issue:

-Exit And Restart Desktop Gold

If you have been using AOL Desktop Gold for a while, then there is a good chance that some of its files have become corrupted. This can sometimes cause the app to run slowly. The quickest way to fix this is by exiting and restarting the app. This will relaunch the program with a fresh set of files, which might solve your problem.

-Confirm You Are Using The Latest Version

If you have been facing this issue for quite some time now and no solution seems to work, it may be because you are not on the latest version of AOL Desktop Gold. The company constantly releases updates for its app that fix bugs and improve performance. In addition, when you update the app, all your data will be saved automatically, so there is no need to worry about losing anything important.

-Uninstall/Reinstall Desktop Gold If It Is Still Working

Sometimes, reinstalling the app can solve your issue. This will delete all of its files from your system and install new ones, which may fix any bugs causing it to run slowly.

-Contact Your ISP

Have you considered that the reason why your AOL Desktop Gold is running slowly could be because of your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? If you are using a slow connection, it will also affect how fast or slow an application runs on your computer. Contacting them about this issue might help solve your problem.

-Delete Your Cookies And Cache

These are small files that get stored on your system when you visit websites. They can sometimes cause programs to run slowly, so deleting them may help improve the performance of AOL Desktop Gold. You could also try turning off JavaScript in your browser for a smoother experience while using it since scripts written in this language tend to slow down web pages.

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-Disable Add-ons

If you have any third-party software installed on your computer, it may be slowing down the performance of AOL Desktop Gold by taking up system resources. First, try disabling any unnecessary add-ons running in the background to see if this fixes your problem. If not, try uninstalling them completely.

-Free Out Some Space On Your Hard Disk

If you are running out of space on your computer, it might affect all applications’ performance, including AOL Desktop Gold. First, try deleting any unnecessary files or folders that take up too much space on your system. This may help improve the speeds at which the app runs.

-Restart Your Computer

This is the last resort measure you can take if all the methods mentioned above do not work. A simple restart of your system will clear out any temporary files and processes that might be causing the issue and, hopefully, make AOL Desktop Gold run faster.

-Run A Virus Scan On Your System

Your computer may have been infected by malware or viruses, which is why AOL Desktop Gold is not working properly. First, try running a full system scan with an antivirus program to see if this fixes your problem. If not, try reinstalling the app from scratch and see what happens.

If none of these methods work, then you will have to contact AOL or visit their website for further assistance. AOL has a great customer service department that is more than happy to help solve any problems with their app.

Some Tips

These are some general tips that you can follow to try and improve the performance of AOL Desktop Gold:

-Close any unnecessary programs that are running in the background. This will free up system resources for the app to use, which may help it run faster.

-Try disabling animations and graphics in your browser. This could speed up how quickly pages load while using AOL Desktop Gold.

-Update your computer’s operating system and software to the latest versions. This will ensure that you are using the most up-to-date technologies, which could help improve the performance of AOL Desktop Gold.

Personal Experience

I have been using AOL Desktop Gold for a few years now, and I have never had any major problems with it until recently. However, it has been running very slowly for me, so I have tried some of the methods mentioned in this article. Scanning my computer for viruses with my antivirus software did the trick and solved the issue.

So, if you are experiencing this same problem, I highly recommend that you follow the steps in this article and see what happens!


So there we have it. This is how to fix AOL Desktop Gold slow issue. I hope that at least one of these methods resolves the problem for you. If not, then please feel free to reach out to AOL’s customer service for assistance. I have found them to be very helpful in the past. Thanks for reading!