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All About Yahoo Services: Yahoo mail to Yahoo Search Engine

Our life has become very easy due to the internet – as we can find all the necessary information regarding any topic on istanbul azeri escort the web. We enter the queries on the search engine to find the best results that suit our questions. We can find a different search engine on the internet with their abilities and features. But today, we are talking about one of the most popular search engines, which is still istanbul özbek escort recognized as the world’s 3rd popular search engine.

Yes, we are talking about the yahoo.

First of all, let’s talk about yahoo, then we will head through to its all service.

Yahoo has a remarkable presence on the internet that deal as a web service provider. It was launched in 1995 by jerry yang and David Filo, who were the electrical engineering graduate students at Stanford University. Yahoo counts as one of the biggest search engines across the internet. It has the largest database in the world which can provide millions of web pages and web sites.

Many companies add their website to the Yahoo listing as it provides many contents on the internet, such as music, gaming, sports, movies, and news – which will help to recognize the companies on the internet.

Besides being a web portal and a popular search engine, it offers different services that help lots of internet users with content and information.

Know all the Services of Yahoo

Yahoo provides lots of different services – where you can access it in one place via Yahoo everything page. So, let’s go through its services:

Yahoo Mail Service
yahoo mail service - ymaillogin

Back in 1995, Yahoo mail was one of the most popular email services provided by yahoo, which is free to access on the internet. You can either send and receive messages with its four different email plans: three of them are for personal use (Basic, plus, and Ad-free), and the fourth one is for business use. Yahoo free email plan is the most popular one – because it is simple to use for everyone.

With the yahoo mail, you can send emails to family, friends, and other important peoples. There are different features of yahoo mail where you can attach files to share, including pictures. Yahoo can also let you access the calendar tools where you can program the reminders about the events. Besides that, with its recent updates, you can un-send emails with just one click on the mail.

Yahoo Search
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Yahoo is a world third largest web search engine where you can find the information according to your queries. It provides efficient answers or results on any subject such as websites, videos, images, recipes, and more.

It integrated the web sites in the directory and organized it in a hierarchy of topics and categories – which helps the users to find relevant information easily on the internet.

Fact: Until 2004, yahoo search becomes independent, but later on, it was powered by Google.

Yahoo News Portal
yahoo news portal - ymaillogin

When people turn on their computers or mobile devices in the morning, they try to read the news. You can find the news on the homepage of yahoo according to the place you live, and for even more headlines or news, you have to go to the actual news page.

Yahoo news arranges all the news in one place by collecting articles from different news publications – which is easy to read and view. It collects the latest and more interesting news from all around the world to give you something that catches your attention.

Yahoo news service had the feature where you can comment on the news article, but later on, these features were disabled due to the glitches on the news.

The Yahoo Maps
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Yahoo map was launched in 1998, where Vicinity Corporation provided all the data at that time. It is a free online mapping portal that was provided from Yahoo – delivers convenient functionalities of local weather, local search maps, and local reviews. Some Web developers integrate yahoo mails into their web pages through developer API – which helps their website to display the content from different sources through the various map portals.

But, sadly yahoo map was shut down in 2015. However, you still can get access to the yahoo mail on

According to yahoo, maps can be still supported through its properties like platform Flicker, photo-sharing, and its search business.

Yahoo Groups
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Yahoo groups is one of the world’s most giant online discussion boards where the groups of people held a conversation using the message posts. You can read the group messages and post them through email or the group’s webpage. The admin of the group can post some essential information to share it with other members in groups.

Members of the groups can choose specific email which they want to receive daily or individual. You can create the groups with public members, or it can be done privately in case you don’t want to share information publicly.

You can participate in the yahoo groups without registering in yahoo with your yahoo ID – it can access most of the features of yahoo.

Yahoo Finance
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Yahoo Finance is a part of the Yahoo network that provides the up to date information about the financial market. You can analyze the stock market situation, whether it was going up or down. You can get every stock information that’s being traded, which helps to make the right decisions about your investment. Besides that, you can even read economy news and personal finance inside the yahoo finance.

In terms of monthly traffic, yahoo finance becomes one of the largest business news websites in the USA in June 2017.

Yahoo Answers
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Yahoo answers is a community-driven question and answers (Q&A) website that the yahoo provides. It was launched on June 28, 2005, which was for the general public to share the question and answers with each other. You can post any query on the website for what you have seeking to answer, and you will get useful answers from your question. The best part of yahoo answers is that you will get answers from multiple people.

You can even rate and vote the answers, which are most helpful according to your query. Besides that, anyone with a yahoo account can ask a question and give answers.

Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo search marketing is a keyboard-based pay per click advertising platform – provided by yahoo, which is similar to Google AdWords. It helps to promote your business in conventional ways. You can create and manage campaigns, pull a report in yahoo search marketing for your business. Besides that, it will let you set a bid on certain things – but the position of your PPC ad will depend on your bid and quality score.

Yahoo generates a large amount of income through this search marketing and other services such as local advertising, sponsored search, and more. Your website ranking also can be improved with search marketing as it enhances Search Engine Optimization.

Yahoo Video or Yahoo View

Yahoo view is a video-on-demand service that was launched by yahoo in June 2006 as a video sharing website. It was designed to upload and share the video on the internet, but later on, it was removed for its relaunch as Yahoo screen. It also streams recent episodes of the television series from the different channels network in the United States and few archived programs from the various distributors.

But sadly yahoo stop continued their popular yahoo video and ceased on June 30, 2019.

Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger was a free instant messaging service that was so popular in late 2001. The messenger was also known as the godfather of all instant messaging services. Its features help you to add contacts, share files, webcam hosting, video chats, and even do voice chat on its messenger. You can also access the yahoo mail through yahoo ID, which is pretty cool.

Yahoo messenger was initially launched as yahoo pager, which was a public chat room – where many people can chat in one place.

But as time pass, other instant messaging services such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp took over yahoo messenger – as they provide better features and functions than yahoo messenger. So due to this reason yahoo discontinue its messaging service from July 17, 2018.

Yahoo shopping
yahoo shopping - ymaillogin

Yahoo shopping is an online shopping service provided by yahoo. Their services are just like other e-commerce websites you can find on the internet nowadays. You can shop for different brands or categories of products through yahoo browsing stores. Whether it women or men utensils, you can purchase all kinds of stuff on yahoo shopping.

As you can see, yahoo shopping is similar to other online shopping websites, but it’s up to you when it comes to buying a product – the choice is yours.

Yahoo Weather
yahoo weather - ymaillogin

Let’s suppose you are going on a date with someone special, but later on, it starts raining – and you forgot to bring an umbrella with you on a date. This kind of situation can ruin your date, which can make you angry. Nobody wants to get involved in a case like this. So, always check the weather forecast before going out with someone.

Just like other weather forecasts, yahoo also provides the current situation of weather in your area, and you can also view the weather condition around the world from the yahoo weather.

Yahoo Sports News
yahoo sports news - ymaillogin

Yahoo provides an excellent service like sports news on its website. It contains all the information related to sports from all around the world – which is good news for the sports fan. They can watch football, basketball, cricket, and more on yahoo. Yahoo sports news provides the highlights from the game with its final scores. Apart from this, Sports fans also get the player info, drafts info, and recruitment of new players.

Besides that, yahoo also provides the fantasy league where you can participate in the game.

Yahoo Small Business
yahoo small business - ymaillogin

As yahoo starts as the search engine on the internet, but it provides a variety of services for your business success. They offer 24 hours services on different tools and apps for your business – as you can find all in one service on yahoo.

Let’s suppose you created a website and want to host your website; then yahoo can easily set up your website with three different plans. You will get a free domain and 24 hours support on each plan.

Yahoo is also best for merchant solutions as you can effectively build the e-commerce website. Apart from that, you can advertise locally and get notices in the internet world.

Yahoo Developer Network
yahoo developer network - ymaillogin

Most people know yahoo as a search engine, but very few people know that it has a developer network. So what is yahoo developer network?

Yahoo developer network is a central resource for many developers and partners. They offer developers tools, APIs (Application Program Interface), Web services, and resources for the developers that help to build perfect websites. All these services are useful to integrate key data sources and to drive traffic on the sites.

Yahoo Lifestyle
yahoo lifestyle - ymaillogin

Yahoo’s lifestyle provides services for every woman in America. It deals with the latest fashion, beauty, personal stories of person, products, and news for women and gives them the best what they care about.

No matter what ages they have, their identities, and size – yahoo will connect you through its lifestyle through any devices and around the world. Feeling interested in yahoo lifestyle, then visit

Yahoo 360

Yahoo 360 was started as a social blogging platform where people post their blogs for free. It was a social networking website designed to connect with people.

Back in the day, when people publish the blog post in the yahoo 360 by customizing their profile with yahoo avatar – it was the best days for most of the people.

Yahoo 360 is just like nowadays, social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter where users set up the profile, add friends, and so on. Besides all those successes, it was completely shut down in 2011 because of the launch of Facebook as it absorbs all the traffic from the yahoo 360.

Yahoo Entertainment
yahoo entertainment - ymaillogin

Everybody wants to watch funny and entertainment posts, videos on the internet, which helps them to escape during a boring time – as yahoo provides the entertainment category where you can watch all the videos regarding comedy, celebrity, television series and more. It gives you all the information and exciting things which were happening around the world.

Watch some exciting facts about the celebrity or other famous people on yahoo entertainment when you feel bored from work.

Yahoo People Search

Yahoo people search helps you to find the phone number, addresses, and email information of a particular person. Intelius supply all the information on the searched query. You can get free data in yahoo people search, but if you want detail information then, you would have to pay to Intelius.

You can find people’s information through phone books, white pages, and yellow pages. But at first, you have to enter a person’s last name to search for a specific person’s phone number and email address. However, that information is not secure over the internet as they are publicly accessible.


Still, Yahoo is the world’s 3rd largest search engine on the internet – where people can find the best results regarding their queries. It is once one of the largest internet companies in the world by providing webmail service, widely read news, and media websites.

Yahoo all services were recognized as all in one service, where you can access it for 24 hours. But sadly, some of the services were shut down due to new search engines or social networks emerge on the Web. However, you still get access to some of the best services of yahoo.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. If you have any queries regarding the topic, feel free to ask or visit Happy reading!