How to Send Emails to Multiple Recipients With Yahoo Mail

Send Email to multiple user via Mobile App

Are you tired of recreating the same message again and again for multiple recipients in yahoo mail? Things get even frustrating when you have an announcement about the sales or memo of the company. I know how it feels to click on the compose button every single time to send the same message to multiple […]

How to Logout From Yahoo Mail | Yahoo Mail Sign Out?

logout from yahoo mail

A lot of people worldwide use the yahoo mail on their android, pc or iPhones and iPads. Many of us want to logout/signout from the yahoo account because of various reason like maybe because of the security issues or maybe to avoid the unwanted and disturbing pop-up notifications.  But at the same time, a lot […]

How to remove redirect (Virus Removal Guide)

Chrome Reset Settings

Is your web browser behaving weirdly? Is it always redirecting to the page automatically? Does your default search engine set to even though you haven’t set it as default by yourself? If that’s the case, then your browser, more specifically you PC is infected by malware called browser hijacker. It typically redirects users’ […]

Yahoo Mail Login | How to Access Your Yahoo Mail Account [updated 2020]

Desktop Yahoo Login Page

Yahoo! Mail is an email service launched in 1997. It was a forefront runner on Email Service and was at the top of its league from 2002 to 2011. After 2011 Gmail started to raise a new giant on Email Service, and Yahoo Mail popularity slowly declined. Even though Yahoo Mail is not the most popular Email Service […]

How to Create, Edit, Delete a Send-only Email Address in Yahoo Mail?

Send-only Email Address in Yahoo Mail

Nowadays, almost all the work is done through email, which helps us to communicate with people around the world. Email is not only a perfect way to communicate with people but also helps in business to reach the new, existing, and future customers in terms of marketing. However, there might be some problems when you […]

Configure SMTP Setting For Yahoo Mail

If you are an expert on configuring SMTP Setting and is just looking for Yahoo SMTP Setting, then here it is. YAHOO MAIL SMTP SETTING Yahoo Server Address: Username: Your Yahoo Full email address, including too. (e.g., Password: Your Yahoo Password Yahoo Port Number: 465 (SSL), 587 (TLS) TLS/SSL Authentication required: Yes If this Yahoo Server Address […]

How to Use Yahoo Mail as Virus Scanner

yahoo mail as virus scanner

Yahoo Mail has an inbuilt feature that automatically scans the files you send as attachments for potential malware and viruses. We will use this feature of Yahoo Mail as a Virus Scanner for scanning our files. You can upload the desired file you need to scan for viruses on Yahoo Mail.  Steps to use Yahoo Mail as Antivirus […]

How to Automatically Forward AOL Emails to Yahoo Mail

In the past, I have created the AOL mail account to communicate with people and for work purposes. Then suddenly, one day I want to try another new webmail service, which is yahoo. I kept using the yahoo mail and forgot that I still have an AOL mail account. Sometimes I miss the important message […]

How To Secure Your Yahoo Mail Account

Email Security

Do you know most of the security breaches happen via Email. Have you ever evaluated your Yahoo mail Account security? In this article, we will discuss some techniques to secure your Yahoo mail account.  According to Statista, In 2017, 269 billion emails were sent and received, half of those related to business. Hence, it is […]

Yahoo! Shutting down Yahoo! Groups

Download Manager

Yahoo! Groups, a platform created by Yahoo 18 years ago from today, is going to be shut down by Yahoo! on January 31st of 2020. Yahoo! group will officially shut down right after the holiday seasons exactly 18 years after the date it was officially launched worldwide on the internet. Not only that, Yahoo is […]