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Chrome Reset Settings

How to remove redirect (Virus Removal Guide)

Is your web browser behaving weirdly? Is it always redirecting to the page automatically? Does your default search engine set to even though you haven’t set it as default by yourself? If that’s the case, then your browser, more specifically you PC is infected by malware called browser hijacker. It typically redirects users’ browsers to some specific website on propose even if the user doesn’t want to visit that website. redirect virus, a.k.a (also known as) browser hijackers, can be removed using the various method. Some of them are:

  • Remove suspicious software from the Windows operating system.
  • Use any antivirus or malware scanner to scan and remove the potential malware that is causing the redirect.
  • Reset the browser settings and set your default search engine to the preferred one.

Note: Just because a virus is redirecting the user to doesn’t mean the website is malicious. In fact, belongs to Yahoo and is a very legit and trusted website.

What is (Yahoo Search)? is the website address that opens the Yahoo Search page. Yahoo! Search is a web search engine which is owned by Yahoo. Yahoo search is the most popular search engine after google. If you want to know more about what search engines are, then you can google it on; in fact, Google is also a search engine. Even though the redirect virus redirects the user to Yahoo Search, the site is not harmful in any way.

Why my web browser always redirect to

The answer is simple; a virus is infecting your computer. There are many types of the virus; among those, the redirecting issue is mostly caused by browser hijacker virus. Primarily, these virus enters on your computer through untrusted or cracked software and addons and plugins from your browser. Viruses like redirect are developed by hackers often for digital marketing or advertising purpose. Their sole motive is to redirect the user to a particular website to increase that website’s audience and popularity.

Methods to remove redirect virus.

As I mention above, there are 3 methods to remove the redirect virus. They are:

  • Remove suspicious software from the Windows operating system.
  • Use any antivirus or malware scanner to scan and remove the potential malware that is causing the redirect.
  • Reset the browser settings and set your default search engine to the preferred one.

These processes are more like steps. It’s better if you follow all the three methods for 100% removal of the redirect virus.

Remove suspicious software from your Operating System.

95% of the time, the redirect virus infects Windows Operating System. So I will take reference to the Windows Operating System on my steps below. You can remove any installed software Windows’s “Add or Remove Program” feature.

Here is the detailed step to remove suspicious software from your Windows Operating System:

Step 1: Go to Control Panel

The Control Panel is a Graphical User Interface Component provided by Mircosoft OS. With the control panel, you can manage almost all settings of Windows like app permission, “keyboard and mouse” setting, display settings add and removal of the application, etc. There are a lot of ways to go to the Control Panel. Some of them are:

Open Control Panel via Task Bar:
Control Panel via Search

  1. Click on the windows icon on the left of the taskbar or click windows option. The Windows menu will expand. 
  2. Type “Control Panel,” the result for the match of the keyword will appear. 
  3. From the results, select “Control Panel.”

Open Control Panel via Run:
Control Panel via Run

  1. Press Windows + R from your keyboard together. A run dialog box will appear.
  2. On the run dialog box type “control panel” and click the OK button. 
  3. Control Panel windows will open.

Step 2: Go to “Programs and Features” Window section.
Control Panel

Control Panel has a section called “Programs and Features.” It displays the list of all the programs and software that are installed on your computer.

After you reach the “Control Panel,” locate the option “Uninstall a program” option under the “Programs” category. Click on the option. The operating system will redirect you to the “Programs and Features” section.

Note: If you cannot locate the “Uninstall a program” option, do a keyword search for “uninstall a program” on Control Panel.

Step 3: Find the Suspicious Software and Remove it.
Uninstall a program

Once you reached on the “Programs and Features” section, the next thing you need to do is to find the suspicious software.

Some tips to figuring out if the program is suspicious or not are:

  • Any software that you don’t remember installing.
  • You can mark any software whose name is very weird and unheard of as suspicious.

Some common malicious programs are oursurfing, PDFPoof, BatBitRst, MessengerNow, SearchAd, Reading Cursors, ProMediaConverter, See Scenic Elf, Clickware, etc.

Once you figure out which app to delete, then left-click on the name of the app from the list. A menu will appear, select the “Uninstall” option. Windows will, as you saying, “Are you sure you want to uninstall?”, confirm by clicking on Yes, then follow the prompts to uninstall the program.

Use antivirus to scan potential malware that caused the redirect.

You can use any antivirus you prefer; free or paid your choice. My personal choices are:

1) McAfee Antivirus

2) Norton Antivirus

Since redirects issue mostly occurs on Windows Operating System, let’s scan using Windows Defender Antivirus, which is Windows 10 default antivirus.

Steps to scan your PC for potential malware using Windows Defender Antivirus:

  1. Press Windows key and type “Windows security.” Click on the search result; System will redirect you to Windows Security Page. 
  2. From the Windows Security page, click on the section “Virus & threat protection.”
    WIndows Security
  3. On the “Virus & threat protection” section, you will see the Quick scan button. Click on the Quick scan button to do a quick scan of your pc for the potential virus. If you want to do a full scan, then click on the “Scan option” option and select the “Full Scan” checkbox and click the “Scan now” button.
    Windows Defender-Quick Scan
  4. The windows defender will automatically scan your PC for potential malware. And if found, it will Quarantine or delete the infected file and inform you.

Reset your browser settings

Once you finished deleting the suspicious program and scanning your computer for potential threats, the next step for you to do is reset your browser settings. Reset the browser setting of the browser that was infected by redirect virus.

Reset google chrome browser settings

  1. Go to “Settings” Page by clicking on three vertical dots icon from top right and selecting the “Settings “option from the menu.
    Chrome Settings
  2. From the Settings Page, click on the “Advanced” dropdown tab from the left. The tab will expand at the bottom, click “Advanced.”
    Chrome Advance settings
  3. From the “Advanced” tab, click on the “Reset and clean up” option. The browser will redirect you to the “Reset and clean up” section.
    Chrome Reset Settings
  4. From the “Reset and clean up” section, click on the “Reset settings to their original defaults” button.
  5. A prompt message will appear, asking if you really want to Reset the settings. Click “Reset.”

Reset Mozilla Firefox browser settings

  1. Click on the main menu button (three horizontal line icon). From the dropdown menu, select the option labeled “Help. ”
    Firefox Help Option
  2. From the Help menu, click on “Troubleshooting Information. ”
    Firefox Troubleshoot option
  3. From the “Troubleshooting Information” page, click the “Refresh Firefox” button.
    Firefox Refresh Settings
  4. A confirmation window will appear, click on the “Refresh Firefox” button.
  5. Congratulation, you have successfully reset Mozilla firefox.

Reset Microsoft Edge browser settings

  1. Right-click on the Start button, a menu will appear, select the “Apps and Features “option from the menu. You will get redirected to the “App and Features” windows.
    App and Feature Windows
  2. From “App and Features” windows, find “Microsoft Edge,” click it and then click on the “Advanced options” link.
    Microsoft Edge Advance Option
  3. The “Advanced Options” screen will now be displayed. Scroll down until the “Reset” section is visible, as shown in the example below. Next, click on the “Reset” button.
    Microsoft Edge Reset


If you followed the steps mentioned in the article above, your computer is probably free from redirect virus. If your browser still has the problem, then feel free to reach us via comment or contact us. Want to know more about Yahoo, and it’s a feature? Then visit our website, YMail Logins.

Yahoo Email Forward

How to Forward Yahoo Mail to Another Email Address

Yahoo and Gmail are the most popular mail platform used in the world. Although to say in recent days, Gmail is more preferred than yahoo mail. Yahoo is the second most used email platform in the world after Gmail and also the oldest one. If you have a yahoo mail account and you receive escort girl paris important emails and want to view in your another email address for easy access or other purpose or want to forward the mail directly to another account, then we will show you how to do that below.

Yahoo provides the three types of forwarding scenario to forward the mails:-

Forward only: If we choose forward, the only yahoo sends the mail directly to a provided email address without storing a copy for itself.

Store and forward: In this libertines girl paris option, yahoo saves a copy for itself and forwards the email to the provided email address.

Store and forward and mark as read: yahoo saves a copy for itself and marks it as read and forwards the email.

Forwarding Yahoo Emails

We can configure the yahoo mail forward by signing into a yahoo mail account. There are two types of yahoo mail : 

Full-featured mail: The full-featured mail version of yahoo offers various additional features like customization of themes, filtering the messages, organizing the mails account to the user account, stationery, and the user can attach the image as a slide show. 

Basic Mail: The basic yahoo mail version contains a very simple UI with basic and few features. When there is a poor connection, bandwidth issue, unsupported web browser, or JavaScript loading problem yahoo automatically switches to the basic mail version.

The forwarding configurations for them are different. Full-featured forwarding configuration has some added steps and a bit complex than the basic mail. Let’s dig down into the configurations of forwarding. 

Forwarding Mails in Basic Mail

First, you need to sign into the yahoo mail account. After you have logged into the yahoo mail account, you have to follow these steps to configure the forwarding the email messages.

Step 1: Go to Settings Page
Yahoo Settings | Basic Yahoo

  1.  Search for the “account info” dropdown button in the upper right portion of the screen, after you have found it click on dropdown.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select the “Settings” option and click the “Go” button.

Step 2: Enter the Email where you want to forward your mail.
Yahoo Forward | Basic Yahoo

  1. Once the settings are selected, find the “Forwarding” textbox, its located at the bottom of the screen on “Mail Accounts Section.
  2. Enter the email address you wish to forward the email messages to on the textbox.

Step 3Save the Settings
Yahoo Forward Save | Basic Yahoo

  1. After you have entered the email address, you wish to forward the mails to Click On the “Save” button located on top. 

Step 4Verify the Email
Yahoo Forward Verification Email

  1. The Next step will be verifying the email address you entered in the forwarding section. Sign in to the mail address you have provided and find the yahoo verification email in the inbox section. 
  2. The verification email will contain the verification link embedded in it. You have to click into it, and it will redirect you to yahoo and give a page with verification confirmation. Once the account is verified, it will redirect you to the dashboard of your yahoo mail. 

Forwarding mails in Full-featured is some steps lengthy than in basic mail. We can find differences in appearance, user interface, features, and layout of the whole page.

Forwarding Mails in Full-featured Mail

To perform this action, we have to log into the yahoo mail account into our web browser, the supported ones. As mentioned above, if the browsers are not supported, the yahoo switches automatically to basic mode.

Step 1: Go to Yahoo Settings
Yahoo More Settings

  1. After you are successfully signed in and opened the full-featured mode, click the “settings” on the upper-right corner with the icon of the gearbox.
  2.  From the dropdownclick on the “more settings” option in the lower part of your screen.

Step 2: Add Email where you want to forward your email
Yahoo Email Forward

  1. Then search for the option of mailboxes in the options. Click on the mailboxes
  2. Once you open the mailbox pane, click on your email address in the mailbox list. 
  3. After you have selected your email address from where the emails will be forwarded, enter the email address in which you wish to transfer the emails in the forwarding section of the interface. 

Step 3: Verify Your Email

  1.  The next step will be to verify the email address provided. An email with the verification link is sent to the email address entered in the forwarding section. 
  2. Now, we should log into the email address provided in the forward section. After logging in, search for the email with the subject, “please verify your email address.” 
  3. Sometimes the email doesn’t appear in the inbox; in this case, search in the spam folder. Open the email and click on the text “click here” with the link of the verification procedure. The link will redirect you to Yahoo Page. If you are not logged in, you have to log in again with your yahoo credentials. 
  4. Once you successfully log in, you will see a webpage with the interface with a button labeled “Verify. ” Click on the button to successfully verify and complete your forwarding configurations. 
  5. Once you click the button, a congratulations message will pop into the screen with the buttons to return to the yahoo mail dashboard and settings. The buttons will be labeled as “Return to Account Settings “and “Cancel. ” Click on the cancel to return to the account dashboard.

After these steps, your forwarding, the yahoo mails to another account will be successful.

Problems Receiving The Forwarded Mail?  

Sometimes we encounter the issues of not receiving the emails. These can be caused due to various reasons: account settings on both sides, incorrect address, filter, system error ( occasional), etc.

Here I will present you some of the common issues and how to solve them : 

Incorrect Address: The address entered in the forwarding section can be a mistake, check the address and confirm that it matches the email address you are seeking the mail.

Disable Feature: Yahoo provides the option to disable the forwarding of mails. Check if the disabling is on, if yes, then enable the forwarding the email.

Storage Issue: Sometimes, the forwarded emails don’t arrive in the inbox section of the email address. Due to various reasons, mail server stores email in the spam folder. Make sure to check in the spam folder. If the emails are received in the spam section, open the email and click on the mark, not as spam link at the bottom of the email. This will move the emails back to the inbox section. 

The second storage is if the email storage capacity of the email address to which the mails are forwarded is full. In this case, find the emails which are not useful and delete them, which will make space for the forwarded emails. 


We have successfully forwarded our Yahoo Mail Emails to our other preferred Email address. This is very helpful if you have switched from Yahoo Mail to another popular email like Gmail, but you still receive an important message on Yahoo Mail.
If you want to know more functionality about Yahoo Mail, then you can read more articles on Yahoo Mail on our website, YMail Login.

Configure SMTP Setting For Yahoo Mail

If you are an expert on configuring SMTP Setting and is just looking for Yahoo SMTP Setting, then here it is.


  • Yahoo Server Address:
  • Username: Your Yahoo Full email address, including too. (e.g., [email protected])
  • Password: Your Yahoo Password
  • Yahoo Port Number: 465 (SSL), 587 (TLS)
  • TLS/SSL Authentication required: Yes

If this Yahoo Server Address is not working, then you can try another Yahoo SMTP Server Address i.e.,

Note: Thought yahoo hasn’t exactly allocated Email Sending Limits via SMTP. The tentative estimate is around 500-600 Emails a day.

If you are using the mail clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Apple Mail and want to send yahoo Mails thought mail clients, then you are at the correct place. Yahoo Mail supports mail client integration through which you can send, receive, and manage your yahoo Mails. SMTP settings are used by email clients to send emails through Yahoo Mail. Before learning to configure the SMTP setting for yahoo, let’s learn the basics.

Overview of how SMTP works

Overview of how SMTP works

What is an Email Client?

Email clients are a computer program or web-based program which is used to read, send, and manage user’s email. Some email client can manage several email account. Hence, email clients are really handy if you have a lot of email addresses. Email Client Communicate with Email servers to manage the Emails.

Some popular email clients are Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, iOS Mail, etc. Gmail, are some popular web-based email clients.

What is SMTP?

All the online tasks like website loading data sending etc. follow a set of rules to perform the task such a set of rules are called protocols. Email Server uses SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) as it’s guiding protocol to send emails. As the name suggests, SMTP is a protocol to send mail between networks. All email systems that send mails over the Internet use SMTP to send messages over the networks.

Don’t Confuse it with POP/IMAP.

Thought SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and POP()/IMAP are protocols for Emails, they are completely different from one other. SMTP is rules to send Emails while POP/IMAP is a set of rules to access the email from the email server to the client. Both work hand to hand to complete the whole cycle of Email sending and receiving across the internet.

Configure SMTP Settings for Yahoo Mail

SMTP Server Settings for Yahoo Mail mainly consists of 4 parts: server address, username, password, SMTP port

Server Address:

Server Address is the IP address of the Yahoo SMTP server


Your yahoo email user name of which you want to set up the SMTP.


Your yahoo email password of which you want to set up the SMPT

SMTP port:

A port is a communication endpoint that identifies the type of network service. For SMTP the port is either 475 or 587

Here’s the information you’ll need to enter into the email client to send Yahoo Mail: 


Yahoo-Mail SMTP server
Yahoo-Mail usernameFull yahoo mail address
Yahoo-Mail passwordYahoo mail password
Yahoo-Mail SMTP port465 or 587
Yahoo-Mail TLS/SSL requiredYes

After you set up the Yahoo Mail SMTP setting in your email client, you can send mail from your yahoo mail using the email client.

These settings work with almost all desktop, mobile, and web email programs and services. If the above setting doesn’t work, then you can try with the SMTP setting mentioned below:

Yahoo-Mail SMTP server
Yahoo-Mail usernameFull yahoo mail address
Yahoo-Mail passwordYahoo mail password
Yahoo-Mail SMTP port465 or 587
Yahoo-Mail TLS/SSL requiredYes

Yahoo SMTP Configuration Example for Apple Mail

Apple Mail is the default mailing client for Mac. The setup process of an SMTP server on Apple Mail is very easy:

  1. Click on the “Preferences” option from the “Mail” menu.
  2. Open the “Accounts” tab and then click on “Server settings” options.
  3. You have to configure the server setting as per the requirement. For Yahoo SMTP, enter in the “Outgoing mail server” voice yahoo server address, i.e. “”
  4. Port“: default is 25, but set it to 465 or 587.
  5. Choose you to “authenticate your mailing“, and enter the yahoo credentials.
  6. Congratulation, you’re ready to send emails with Apple Mail!

If you have got any confusion about the configuration of SMTP on Apple Mail, you can contact Apple Support.

Note: Only a paid professional, outgoing mail server reliable sending of mass emails: Normal SMTP servers like Gmail’s or Yahoo’s aren’t very reliable for email marketing.

Yahoo Mail Sending Limits

There is a sending limit on how many emails you can send at a time when you set up yahoo mail from other mail clients. However, Yahoo Mail hasn’t disclosed the exact number of messages you can send at a time to prevent the spamming of their emails. But if you reached the email service’s sending limit, you will receive the email from yahoo. After waiting for a specified amount of time, you can again send emails via email to clients. 

How to Receive Yahoo Email from Email Clients

To download mail from Yahoo Mail to your email program, you need to set up the Yahoo Mail IMAP or POP3 server settings to your email program. POP and IMAP, both connect an email client to the mail server so you can read your emails through an email client.

  • IMAP: Internet Message Access Protocol. If the email client uses IMAP, then the message doesn’t stay on the local device but only on the server.
    IMAP Setting for Yahoo Mail

    • Your Yahoo! Mail IMAP server:
    • Yahoo IMAP Port: 993
    • Yahoo IMAP TLS/SSL: yes
    • Your Yahoo Username: Your full Yahoo Mail address
    • Your Yahoo Password: Your Yahoo Mail password or your app password
  • POP3: Post Office Protocol. If the email client uses the POP3 protocol, then keep the copy of emails on the local device too.
    POP3 Setting for Yahoo Mail

    • Yahoo Mail POP3 server:
    • POP3 port: 995
    • POP3 TLS/SSL: yes
    • POP3 Username: Your full Yahoo Mail address
    • POP3 Password: Your Yahoo Mail password or your app password

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How to setup yahoo mail in outlook 2016?

Setting up an SMTP Server is not enough for Outlook mail. Most users set up yahoo mail in Outlook using IMAP. Latest Outlook, like Outlook 2019 or 2016, doesn’t even ask for Settings. It’s all automatic. Here is the step for how to setup yahoo mail in outlook 2016:

  1. Open the Outlook 2016.
  2. Select the File tab from the top navigation bar.
  3. Select Info from the side panel. Account Information panel will open.
  4. Select Add Account from Account Information panel.
  5. Enter your Yahoo Mail address on the modal and then click the Connect button.
  6. Now enter your Yahoo Mail account password or app password and click Connect Button.
    Note: You must use the app password if your account has two-step verification on or you use the account key.
  7. Done, Yahoo Mail is set up on Outlook 2016.
    Note: The step is the same for Outlook 2019 too.

My Yahoo SMTP Server not Working, why?

Usually, the SMTP Server issue doesn’t come from Yahoo Server fault as Yahoo Server has more than 99% Uptime. The process to troubleshoot the Yahoo SMTP Server issue are:

  • Step First: Verify first if Yahoo Server itself is not working. To verify if the Server is working or not is very simple. Just sign in to Yahoo Mail via your account credentials. Send an email to any person or your alternative email and check if you received the email within the five-minute time frame or not. If you didn’t receive the email, then there is a problem with Yahoo Server. Note: Problem in Yahoo SMTP Server is very rare, and even if the problem occurs, it will get fixed very fast. 
  • Step Second: Make 100% sure that you’re using the correct SMTP Yahoo Settings. This is the most common and silly mistake users make. The user, by mistake, enters the wrong SMTP setting on their mailing app. Check out our correct SMTP Yahoo Setting from above and validate it with your settings.
  • Step Third: Are you using Yahoo two-factor Authentication (2FA) or using Yahoo account key? If yes, then you have to make sure that you have created and are using the app password instead.
  • Step Fourth: If you have an extra email address on your Ymail, then you must make sure that the email is verified. The unverified email can cause errors, such as a 553 error code when sending from a third-party email app.
  • Step Fifth: Check if other third party software is using the SMTP default port and blocking it for Yahoo Mail. Software like firewalls, antivirus, programming software, etc. generally uses the port like 465, 587, which is also the port used by the Yahoo SMTP server. Make sure that other applications do not block the port.
  • Step Sixth: If you have tried all the above methods and still got an issue, then it must be the email app manufacturer issue. In that case, you should contact the email application customer support. Or you can use another email server Application instead like Outlook Mail.

How do I find my SMTP server for yahoo Mail?

An SMTP server is always the same for Yahoo Mail regardless of your Yahoo Email Address. Yahoo User A and User B will use the same SMTP server setting. There are no such things as your SMTP server setting. It’s more Yahoo SMTP Server setting, which is mentioned above on the article.

yahoo mail as virus scanner

How to Use Yahoo Mail as Virus Scanner

Yahoo Mail has an inbuilt feature that automatically scans the files you send as attachments for potential malware and viruses. We will use this feature of Yahoo Mail as a Virus Scanner for scanning our files. You can upload the desired file you need to scan for viruses on Yahoo Mail. 

Steps to use Yahoo Mail as Antivirus

Precondition: You should have a Yahoo Mail account. If you don’t have one, follow the instruction on this link to create a new Yahoo Mail

  1.  Go to and login with the correct yahoo username and password.
  2. Click on Compose Button from the Left Navigation Menu bar. Compose Email section will open.
  3. From the Compose Section, select a paperclip icon located next to the send button on the bottom toolbar. A file select modal window will appear.
  4. Select the file you want to scan and click Open
  5. Now, the yahoo mail server will scan the file for the potential virus before uploading it to the server. If Yahoo Mail finds the viruses, it will inform the user. If Yahoo Mail cannot find the virus, the file gets uploaded without any problem.
    Upload Attachment To Yahoo Mail
  6. Once the scanning is complete, remove the file from yahoo. To remove the file is very simple, 
    1. Hover over the uploaded file. Three dot icon will appear(…).
    2.  Click on ellipses(…) and click on Remove option.
  7. Instead of removing the file, you can also delete the email itself. Since the user hasn’t sent the email, it will be on the Draft stage. To remove Draft email is very simple
    1. Click on a Draft option from the left navigation menu.
    2. Check the checkbox of the email which you want to delete from the Draft Email list. 
    3. Click on the Delete button from the top menu.
    4. Alert message will appear saying, “Are you sure you want to permanently delete conversation.” click OK button.
    5. The Draft Email gets deleted.

Steps to use Yahoo Mail as Antivirus for Basic Mail

If you are using the Yahoo Basic Mail, then the steps are slightly different than for Newest Yahoo Mail.

  1.  Go to and login with your yahoo credential.
  2. Click on Compose Button from the Left Navigation Menu bar. 
  3. From the Compose Section, Click on Attach Files Button located next to the Subject text.
  4. You can attach/scan five files at once on Yahoo Basic Mail. Click on the Choose File button. File Selector modal will appear.
  5. Select the file you want to scan and click Open. Your file name will be displayed next to the Choose file. You can attach more files too.
  6. Click on Attach FIles. Now yahoo mail server scans the file for the virus. If Yahoo Mail Server finds the virus, then the file won’t be attached, and the user will get notified. If the file doesn’t contain a virus, then the file will be uploaded successfully.
    Upload Attachment To Yahoo Mail: Basic Yahoo Mail
  7. Once the scanning is complete, remove the file by clicking Remove option below the attachment.
  8. Removing Draft email in Yahoo Basic Mail is very simple
    1. Click on a Draft option from the left navigation menu.
    2. Check the checkbox of the email which you want to delete from the Draft Email list. 
    3. Click on the Delete button from the top menu.
    4. Alert message will appear saying, “Are you sure you want to permanently delete the selected messages?”, click OK button.

Steps to use Yahoo Mail as Antivirus for Mobile Yahoo Mail App

If you are using the Mobile Phone, then you can use the Yahoo Mail App as an Antivirus. The process mentioned below will be for Android Yahoo Mail App, but the step is very similar for the iPhone Yahoo Mail App too.

  1.  Open Yahoo Mail App from the list of menu. If you don’t have Yahoo Mail App, you can download it from Google Play Store.
    Open google play store.
    On the Search bar on top navigation type Yahoo Mail, the search result list will appear with a list of the relevant application
    Tap on an application called Yahoo Mail – Organized Email.
    Tap on the Install button and install the Yahoo Mail App.
    Google Play Store Yahoo Mail
  2. If you first time visited the App, you have to log in to App via correct login credentials. The application will redirect the user to Inbox Page. If you already logged in, then the application will redirect you to the Inbox page of the App.
  3. From the top right bar, tap on the pencil icon. The user gets redirected to New Message Page.
  4. Tab on + icon from the bottom, a small Attachment menu will expand.
  5. From the Attachment, menu tap on image icon if you want to scan your image for the potential virus. Tap on file icon if you want to scan your file for the potential virus. 
  6. Select the file/image you want to scan and tap on the Attach button on the top right.
    Yahoo Mobile Compose
  7. Note: If the user is uploading Attachment for the first time, then the user has to grant permission to the application. Permission is required so that the application can access the storage.
  8. Yahoo mail server scans the file for the virus. If Yahoo Mail Server finds the virus, then the file won’t be attached, and the user will get notified. Yahoo will upload a file if no potential virus found, or else It won’t upload the file. Instead, the warning message gets displayed.
  9. Once the scanning is complete, remove the file.
  10. Click on the three-dot icon on the left of the Attachment. The attachment option menu will appear.
  11. Select the option Remove to remove the attached file.

Limitation of using Yahoo Mail as a virus scanner

Although this article is using Yahoo Mail can as a virus scanner, there is some limitation to using Yahoo Mail as a virus scanner. 

  1. Yahoo Mail has size limits on attachment. You cannot upload a file larger than 25 MB. That means you cannot scan a file that is larger than 25 MB. If you want to upload a large file, then follow the instruction mentioned in THIS ARTICLE.
  2. Yahoo Mail virus scanning system is not as effective as the paid antivirus like Norton AntiVirus, McAfee Antivirus, etc. They are the juggernaut of a Virus Scanner, and Yahoo simply cannot compete with them.
    I personally use Norton AntiVirus. It’s easy, and the intuitive dashboard is really userfriendly to use. It supports multiple platform; i can use it on my Linux operating system as well as my Mac book pro. The most important aspect I like about Norton is its all-rounder antivirus. It provides Internet security as well as scans potential malware on our computer too. I recommend you to use Norton Antivirus as your primary Antivirus.
  3. You can only scan files but not folders. The workaround can be converting the folder to zip and scanning it as a single file.

How to Automatically Forward AOL Emails to Yahoo Mail

In the past, I have created the AOL mail account to communicate with people and for work purposes. Then suddenly, one day I want to try another new webmail service, which is yahoo. I kept using the yahoo mail and forgot that I still have an AOL mail account. Sometimes I miss the important message from the AOL because I forget to check the account. And I don’t want to get in such kind of situation so I came up with a solution – where I can access the emails of AOL into my yahoo mail. So today, I will show you how can you automatic forward AOL emails to yahoo mail on this article.

Forwarding the AOL email to your yahoo mail isn’t as complicated as you think. In fact, you can also save time while combing your both webmail account into a single account. So just follow the procedure steps by steps down below to make it happen.

How to automatic forward AOL Emails to Yahoo Mail?

There are few simple steps to automatic forward all your AOL incoming messages to yahoo mail. So let’s move into the steps down below

  1. Open your browser and type to open the official page of yahoo mail.
  2. Now, login into the mail account using your yahoo email address and password to access your yahoo mail.
    If you still haven’t created your yahoo mail account, then check out this article to register for yahoo.
  3. After that, click on the “Settings” gear icon at the upper right corner of the yahoo mail home screen. Once you click that icon, it opens the drop-down menu, which shows different customization layout of the yahoo mail.
  4. Now, select the “More Settings” option to open the settings page of yahoo mail where you can customize your yahoo mail account with lots of settings.
  5. Now, choose the “Mailboxes” from the upper right side of the yahoo settings page. After that, it opens the mailbox management from where you can manage or add your other mail accounts.
  6. Now, click on the “Add mailbox”, which is just under the Mailbox List option. Once you click that button, it opens the different webmail accounts on the right side where you can select any webmail account to receive their emails to your yahoo mail.
  7. You want to receive your AOL emails to your yahoo mail, so select the AOL mail account from the list of different webmail accounts.
  8. Now, enter your AOL email address into the text field to receive all AOL messages to your yahoo mail. After that, click on the “Next” button for the further process.

    Note: If you are signed into the different AOL account, then, first of all, sign out from all the accounts before adding the email address. 
  9. Once you click the next button, it pop-up a new AOL sign-in page or window where yahoo asks to access all the AOL function. So click on the “Agree” button to give yahoo access over the AOL mail account. (It might take couples of minutes for yahoo to access the AOL mail function)
    Note: If you do not see any AOL sign-in page into a new window, then check your browser for pop-up blockers or simply click on the “Relaunch window” button.
  10. Provide the name and description for the AOL account, which helps you to remember why you add your AOL mail inside your yahoo mail. After that, click on the “Done” button to end the process.
    Note: Yahoo will synchronize your AOL account, which might take a couple of minutes. So be patient until the whole synchronization completes.

There you go; you have successfully added your AOL account and also forward all your incoming AOL messages into your yahoo mail. Besides that, you can also remove the AOL account from your yahoo mail if you don’t want to give access to your AOL account to yahoo mail. So how can you do that?

How to remove the AOL account from the yahoo mail?

There is an option in yahoo where you can remove the AOL mail account from the yahoo mail. In other words, you can permanently remove all the messages and data of AOL from yahoo mail. So let’s take a little look down below. 

Note: User cannot revert the process once you remove the AOL mail account from your yahoo mail. 

  1. Once again, open your yahoo mail account and sign in with your yahoo email address and password to access your yahoo mail account.
  2. Now, click on the “Settings” gear icon from the upper right corner of the yahoo mail home page.
  3. From the settings page, select the “More settings” from the drop-down menu, which opens the settings page of yahoo mail.
  4. Now, select the “Mailboxes” option from all those settings options, which is at the upper right side of the settings page. 
  5. After that, choose your AOL mail account from the Mailbox list to remove the account. Just click on the AOL mail account, which slides out the option where you can remove the account.

  6. Now, scroll down to the end and click on “Remove mailbox” button which pop-up the dialog box showing a message “Are you sure you want to remove the account?”
  7. Finally, click on “Remove mailbox” to remove your AOL mail account form the yahoo mail.

This way, you can easily remove your AOL mail account from the yahoo mail to prevent from receiving the messages from AOL mail.


You have learned the easiest way to forward AOL email to yahoo mail and also how to remove the AOL mail from the above steps, which I have explained in this article. Now you can decide whether you want to receive all AOL messages to your yahoo mail or only want to access your yahoo mail by removing the AOL account.

If this article was helpful, then like and comment on the article. I am happy to read all your comments. And you can also visit our for more yahoo related tips or articles.

Email Security

How To Secure Your Yahoo Mail Account

Do you know most of the security breaches happen via Email. Have you ever evaluated your Yahoo mail Account security? In this article, we will discuss some techniques to secure your Yahoo mail account. 

According to Statista, In 2017, 269 billion emails were sent and received, half of those related to business. Hence, it is essential to Secure Your mail account, especially if that Email is the Email you use for business purposes. Hackers can hack the account and can compromise confidential business data.

These days all types of business communications are done via emails as email communication is mobile, reliable, and economical. Confidential data like contract information, shareholders agreement, etc. may reside on Email. If such information gets hacked, it can cause severe damage to the company. Even hacking of personal data can cause serious damage to the individual. A good example can be the “Hillary Clinton email controversy.”

Data exposure via email communication has now turned into a problem of greater magnitude. A single wrong-click can expose top-secret company information, make public, private financial statements, and expose sensitive negotiations. Hence in the current world, it is a must to secure your mail Account. 

Email Security

Different methods to Secure Yahoo Mail Account

Email Service companies have also taken the steps forward from their side to the mail account. Email Services company like yahoo have introduced a feature called two-step Authentication to secure yahoo mail account. All the Emails are SSL/HTTPS encrypted. Despite the effort from the Email Service company, the Email still gets hacked, mostly due to the user’s fault. Hence every user should follow the steps mentioned below to make their email account safe.

Note: We will take reference to Yahoo Mail Account as an example Email. The steps are the same for other Email Accounts too.

Set up Strong Yahoo Password

If your password is easy to guess and doesn’t contain a mixture of special character, number, Upper Case then there is a chance that hacker can you account using Brute force attack or Dictionary attack. A dictionary attack is a hacking technique which uses simple file of common words to hit and trial password. A brute force attack is an advanced form of Dictionary attack. Instead of just a common word, the Brute force attack hit and trial all possible combination of alpha-numeric combinations. Hence always keep you Password Strong. Your password should be a mixture of Special character, number, and Upper Case. Yahoo has an excellent article on how to choose a strong password.

Enable Two Factor Verification (2FA)

Two Factor Verification is the best method to protect your Email. After Enabling 2FA, access is granted to the account only after the user can verify two forms of password or two sources of evidence of their account. Two sources of evidence are usually your email password and verification code you will receive via SMS or a call.

In Yahoo, you can enable Two Factor Verification within few clicks. Goto Account security Page and Toggle on Two-step verification. More detail about Two Factor Verification is provided HERE.

Beware of Phishing Emails

Phishing is a hacking technique used to steal user login credentials, credit card numbers, etc. In such an attack, hacker masquerades as a trusted party and tries to trick the user into clicking into the malicious link, which leads to malware or ransomware program intended to steal your private data. Although Yahoo tried to filter Spam Email from their side, Phishing email still exists. Users shouldn’t open or click the suspicious link. Never give account credentials to anybody.

Update your Account Recovery Information

Account Recovery Information is contact information through which you can recover your email credential in case the user forgets the password. Make sure that the Account Recovery Information data you enter is of trusted person and try to update the Account Recovery Information at least on quarterly intervals. 

Updating/Adding Account Recovery Information on Yahoo mail is straightforward. Go to Account Security Page and click on “Add the recovery email address.” For the detailed steps, follow THIS LINK.

Use a secure email service.

Yahoo Users don’t need to worry about secure email service. Yahoo website provides Secure Socket Layers (SSL) encryption for secure data transfer via Email. 

Secure Socket Layers (SSL) in general term, is a standard for creating an encrypted link between a web server and a browser to prevent the network from being tapped

Easy way to know if the website uses SSL is; if the web address starts with “https” it uses SSL.

Try not to keep similar passwords on every Email accounts

Hackers know that usually, people use similar passwords and security questions on all of their accounts for convenience. Once your one Account gets compromised, all other accounts whose password is similar also are under the thread. We suggest you go to all of your additional accounts, including bank accounts, email accounts, social media accounts, dealer accounts such as Amazon, media accounts like Netflix, etc. and change the passwords. Furthermore, Change the security questions and answers for any account where they were required.

If you are like me who keeps forgetting the password, then there is an awesome app called LASTPASS. It remembers all your passwords for you. 

Review of Account History Regularly

It’s a good practice to review your Account History at least every quarter. It helps to detect any potential intruders or hackers. 

To review Account History of Yahoo, go to Manage Accounts Page andSelect Recent Activity from Account info section. It displays information like session browser/OS, times, IP address, and location. If any suspicious activity occurred on your account, then this is the first thing you should do.

Review Your Forwarding Settings

If you have multiple accounts, email forwarding helps to manage it easily. But it can be an entry point for hackers to spy your Email too. Just a few minutes of access into your Email, and someone can set up email forwarding into their account. So monthly checking of the Email forwarder list is essential to stay protected.

On yahoo, you can do it very quickly. Go to the Accounts section of Settings Page. Click the Yahoo entry with your email address, scroll down, and you’ll view the Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere field. Make assured there’s no data present. If data is present, then it means your email is forwarded to that email. Make a note of it, and then turn to forward off and change your password.

Encryption In Yahoo Mail

In the past, yahoo mail doesn’t provide automatic email encryption, but the user had to opt for the encryption feature. But things changed in 2014 when Yahoo declared auto email encryption.’ Now Yahoo is fully Encrypted and safe whether you use it from the web, mobile app, SMTP, IMAP, or POP

Nowadays, almost all famous Email service companies have Email Encryption.

Recognize a Hacked Yahoo Mail account

It may sound odd, but it’s not very easy to find if your account is hacked or not. Because hacker always tries to remain dormant and unrecognized. If you have the suspicion that your Email is compromised, then follow the steps mentioned below to find if your account is hacked or not.

Signs of a hacked email account

  • You’re not receiving some or any emails.
  • Your Yahoo Mail is sending spam to your contacts.
  • You see user logins from odd locations on your activity review page.
  • Your account info like email forwarder, 2FA verification, etc. was changed without your knowledge.

Preventive steps if your Yahoo Mail Gets Hacked

1. Change your password immediately

Usually, Hackers won’t change hacked account passwords to remain unrecognized. If that is the case, then immediately change your password to prevent further damage.

To change the password of yahoo mail, click the “Forgot Password” link from the login page.          

Things to remember:

  • Make sure your new password is long, unique, and complex passwords.
  • If 2FA(two-factor authentication) is off, turn it on. This gives an extra layer of protection to your email account.

2. Check your settings

After you change your password, the next thing to do is check if the hacker changed something on your account settings.

Some major things to look at are:

  • Email filters, Forwarders, Blocked addresses, Reply-to Address, etc.
  • Check if the hacker made any changes to the Email signature.

Note: You can send an alert message to all your contacts list informing that your Email was hacked and ignore any suspicious message from you until you inform that issue Ais resolved. 

3. Scan your computer and other devices for malware

After you verify your setting, the next thing to do is find the source of the cause. To find the cause and eliminate it, scan your computer for possible malware. There might be malware on the PC you use.

Note: If you found malware, change the email password and re-check account settings again. There is the chance that the malware system again sends the credential to the hacker.

4. Implement preventive measures to prevent future hacking

After your account got hacked, you must adopt preventive measures to prevent future hacking. Avoid suspicious emails or links. Regularly scan your PC for malware. Always using private and secure networks only. 

Future of Email Security

Nowadays, the trending topic for every aspect of technology is Artificial Intelligence. The email Service company is also trying to implement Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to make its security system more reliable and secure.

One famous AI Technology for Email Security is Micro’s Writing Style DNA. AI learns the user’s writing styles based on his past writing. If AI finds any variation on a writing style, it alerts the System about it.

Artificial Intelligence can also be used to detect spam emails, malicious files, and links too.