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Yahoo Email Forward

How to Forward Yahoo Mail to Another Email Address

Yahoo and Gmail are the most popular mail platform used in the world. Although to say in recent days, Gmail is more preferred than yahoo mail. Yahoo is the second most used email platform in the world after Gmail and also the oldest one. If you have a yahoo mail account and you receive escort girl paris important emails and want to view in your another email address for easy access or other purpose or want to forward the mail directly to another account, then we will show you how to do that below.

Yahoo provides the three types of forwarding scenario to forward the mails:-

Forward only: If we choose forward, the only yahoo sends the mail directly to a provided email address without storing a copy for itself.

Store and forward: In this libertines girl paris option, yahoo saves a copy for itself and forwards the email to the provided email address.

Store and forward and mark as read: yahoo saves a copy for itself and marks it as read and forwards the email.

Forwarding Yahoo Emails

We can configure the yahoo mail forward by signing into a yahoo mail account. There are two types of yahoo mail : 

Full-featured mail: The full-featured mail version of yahoo offers various additional features like customization of themes, filtering the messages, organizing the mails account to the user account, stationery, and the user can attach the image as a slide show. 

Basic Mail: The basic yahoo mail version contains a very simple UI with basic and few features. When there is a poor connection, bandwidth issue, unsupported web browser, or JavaScript loading problem yahoo automatically switches to the basic mail version.

The forwarding configurations for them are different. Full-featured forwarding configuration has some added steps and a bit complex than the basic mail. Let’s dig down into the configurations of forwarding. 

Forwarding Mails in Basic Mail

First, you need to sign into the yahoo mail account. After you have logged into the yahoo mail account, you have to follow these steps to configure the forwarding the email messages.

Step 1: Go to Settings Page
Yahoo Settings | Basic Yahoo

  1.  Search for the “account info” dropdown button in the upper right portion of the screen, after you have found it click on dropdown.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select the “Settings” option and click the “Go” button.

Step 2: Enter the Email where you want to forward your mail.
Yahoo Forward | Basic Yahoo

  1. Once the settings are selected, find the “Forwarding” textbox, its located at the bottom of the screen on “Mail Accounts Section.
  2. Enter the email address you wish to forward the email messages to on the textbox.

Step 3Save the Settings
Yahoo Forward Save | Basic Yahoo

  1. After you have entered the email address, you wish to forward the mails to Click On the “Save” button located on top. 

Step 4Verify the Email
Yahoo Forward Verification Email

  1. The Next step will be verifying the email address you entered in the forwarding section. Sign in to the mail address you have provided and find the yahoo verification email in the inbox section. 
  2. The verification email will contain the verification link embedded in it. You have to click into it, and it will redirect you to yahoo and give a page with verification confirmation. Once the account is verified, it will redirect you to the dashboard of your yahoo mail. 

Forwarding mails in Full-featured is some steps lengthy than in basic mail. We can find differences in appearance, user interface, features, and layout of the whole page.

Forwarding Mails in Full-featured Mail

To perform this action, we have to log into the yahoo mail account into our web browser, the supported ones. As mentioned above, if the browsers are not supported, the yahoo switches automatically to basic mode.

Step 1: Go to Yahoo Settings
Yahoo More Settings

  1. After you are successfully signed in and opened the full-featured mode, click the “settings” on the upper-right corner with the icon of the gearbox.
  2.  From the dropdownclick on the “more settings” option in the lower part of your screen.

Step 2: Add Email where you want to forward your email
Yahoo Email Forward

  1. Then search for the option of mailboxes in the options. Click on the mailboxes
  2. Once you open the mailbox pane, click on your email address in the mailbox list. 
  3. After you have selected your email address from where the emails will be forwarded, enter the email address in which you wish to transfer the emails in the forwarding section of the interface. 

Step 3: Verify Your Email

  1.  The next step will be to verify the email address provided. An email with the verification link is sent to the email address entered in the forwarding section. 
  2. Now, we should log into the email address provided in the forward section. After logging in, search for the email with the subject, “please verify your email address.” 
  3. Sometimes the email doesn’t appear in the inbox; in this case, search in the spam folder. Open the email and click on the text “click here” with the link of the verification procedure. The link will redirect you to Yahoo Page. If you are not logged in, you have to log in again with your yahoo credentials. 
  4. Once you successfully log in, you will see a webpage with the interface with a button labeled “Verify. ” Click on the button to successfully verify and complete your forwarding configurations. 
  5. Once you click the button, a congratulations message will pop into the screen with the buttons to return to the yahoo mail dashboard and settings. The buttons will be labeled as “Return to Account Settings “and “Cancel. ” Click on the cancel to return to the account dashboard.

After these steps, your forwarding, the yahoo mails to another account will be successful.

Problems Receiving The Forwarded Mail?  

Sometimes we encounter the issues of not receiving the emails. These can be caused due to various reasons: account settings on both sides, incorrect address, filter, system error ( occasional), etc.

Here I will present you some of the common issues and how to solve them : 

Incorrect Address: The address entered in the forwarding section can be a mistake, check the address and confirm that it matches the email address you are seeking the mail.

Disable Feature: Yahoo provides the option to disable the forwarding of mails. Check if the disabling is on, if yes, then enable the forwarding the email.

Storage Issue: Sometimes, the forwarded emails don’t arrive in the inbox section of the email address. Due to various reasons, mail server stores email in the spam folder. Make sure to check in the spam folder. If the emails are received in the spam section, open the email and click on the mark, not as spam link at the bottom of the email. This will move the emails back to the inbox section. 

The second storage is if the email storage capacity of the email address to which the mails are forwarded is full. In this case, find the emails which are not useful and delete them, which will make space for the forwarded emails. 


We have successfully forwarded our Yahoo Mail Emails to our other preferred Email address. This is very helpful if you have switched from Yahoo Mail to another popular email like Gmail, but you still receive an important message on Yahoo Mail.
If you want to know more functionality about Yahoo Mail, then you can read more articles on Yahoo Mail on our website, YMail Login.

add Yahoo Mail To your Desktop

Add Yahoo Mail To your Desktop – Step by Step Guide

Nowadays, we are handling every little work through the email, whether it was to organize the essential meetings or handling our clients for small business. We always don’t have to call everyone to have communication with them, which can be pretty helpful. But when it comes to sending the email, then it consumes the sender’s certain time – as we have to open the browser for just a tiny mail. Sometimes, this process can be a little bit annoying when we have a busy schedule.

So, do you want to get rid of those annoying process and want to access your yahoo mail on your desktop easily? Then you came into the right article where I will explain how to add yahoo to your desktop with simple steps without opening any browser on your computer.

If you use yahoo mail for your day to day work, then you can easily access and navigate your online email clients with just double-click on your desktop by just adding the shortcut. So, let’s move to the process without consuming your time.

How can you add Yahoo Mail to your Desktop?

You can add or access your yahoo mail to your desktop with just double-click, so follow these simple procedure steps by step down below:

  1. Open your computer or laptop, and go to your desktop. You can press Windows + D to go to your desktop.
  2. Now, right-click on the empty spot on your desktop, which opens the drop-down menu. “Trouble while creating your yahoo mail account, then checks out our article.”
  3. Now, select the “New” option from the drop-down menu. After that, select the “Shortcut” button that pop-up the shortcut page where you can add your yahoo mail address or location.
    Yahoo Shortcut for desktop
  4. Now, type in the text location of the item option and select the folders for that location from the browse.
  5. Once you have selected the location, click on the “Next” button for the next steps.
  6. Now, type the desired name in the text field for your shortcut file.
  7. Note: Type your shortcut name as “yahoo mail” because it will be easier for you to search on your desktop.
  8. Finally, click on the “Finish” button to create your yahoo shortcut file.

Now, this way, you can easily access your yahoo mail on a desktop, which can save you time. Pretty simple right?

Advantage of using the Yahoo Shortcut on your Desktop

  • Save time: Creating the shortcuts for your mails or any other application can be a distinct feature when it comes to the time-saving method.
  • Faster access: It can be pretty helpful when you are feeling lazy to open your browser to access your yahoo mail.
  • Simple: Adding a shortcut on the desktop makes our tasks simple. You do not have to follow more steps while accessing your yahoo mail.

How can you add yahoo mail to your Taskbar?

If you are using Windows Operating Software, then it will be easier for you to access Yahoo mail from your Taskbar rather than visiting your desktop.

The Taskbar is a component of Windows Operating Software that is located at the bottom of your screen.

Assuming you have created the Yahoo Mail Shortcut on your desktop with the help of steps mentioned on “How can you add Yahoo Mail to your Desktop?”, here are the steps to add the Yahoo Mail to your Taskbar:

  1. Drag and drop the Yahoo Mail shortcut you created to your Taskbar. Doing this will pin your Yahoo Mail shortcut to the TaskBar.
    Yahoo Taskbar
  2. Optional: If you don’t need the desktop shortcut, then you can delete it. Deleting the shortcut file will not affect the Yahoo Mail shortcut pinned on Taskbar.

How to add Yahoo Mail to your desktop using Microsoft Store Yahoo Mail app?

Yahoo has Yahoo Mail Application for Windows. You can install the Yahoo Mail app and add it to your desktop too. Here are the steps to add Yahoo Mail to your desktop using Yahoo Mail app:

  1. Go to Microsoft Store and install the Yahoo Mail app from the Microsoft Store.
  2. Once you have installed the Yahoo Mail app, press windows key and type Yahoo, you will see the Yahoo Mail app.
  3. Right-click on the app. It will open a context menu.
  4. There you can see many options. Click “Pin to Start” to place an icon for the Yahoo Mail app on the Windows Start screen. Click “Pin to taskbar” to pin a shortcut icon for Yahoo Mail to the Taskbar.
  5. It doesn’t have an option like create a desktop shortcut. To create a desktop shortcut, select the Open file location option from the context menu. 
  6. From the window, right-click on the file and select Create Shortcut option.
  7. Copy and paste the shortcut to the desktop.

If you don’t like Yahoo Mail App and is looking to remove/uninstall it. Here are the steps for you:

  1. Press windows key type settings, click on the Settings icon from the search result.
  2. Click on Apps from the Windows Setting Panel.
  3. Click on Apps & Features from the left navigation menu. By default, the Apps & features option is preselected.
  4. Search from the list of installed app and select the Yahoo Mail app and click the Uninstall button.
  5. Tooltip saying, “This app and its related info will be uninstalled,” click the Uninstall button to confirm.
  6. You have successfully uninstalled the Yahoo Mail App.

The Yahoo Mail app for Windows 10 has been discontinued. Going forward, you can access your Yahoo Mail account using your web browser.

Source: Yahoo support

How to add a Yahoo email account to the Windows 10 Mail app

Since Yahoo announced that Yahoo Mail app is discontinued, you can add Yahoo email account to another Mail app like Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.

You can add Yahoo Mail to any third-party email app by setting up Yahoo IMAP. Check the article on “How To Access Your Yahoo Mails With Your Email Clients Using IMAP and POP”

If you are using Windows 10 Mail app, then it’s super easy to add the Yahoo email account. Here are the steps to add a Yahoo email account to the Windows 10 Mail app:

  1. Search for keyword Mail from search bar located at the bottom on Taskbar. Open the Mail app from the search result.
  2. From the Mail app, click the Settings (gear) button located in the bottom-left corner. You will land on Settings Page.
  3. Click on Manage Accounts Settings Page. Accounts Page will open
  4. Click on Add account option from Accounts Page.
  5. A list with a bunch of Email options will appear, select Yahoo! from the list.
  6. Now, type your Yahoo email account and click Next.
  7. Type your correct Yahoo email password and click Sign in.
  8. Click Agree to allow the app to access your Yahoo account.
  9. Congratulation, you have set up Yahoo Mail to your Windows 10 Mail App.

Now your Yahoo emails will begin to sync with the Mail app, and after that, you can manage your Yahoo Mail from the Mail app itself.


Now, you have learned to create the shortcut for your yahoo mail on a desktop, which can be helpful for you on your busy schedule. Besides that, you can also add your other webmail accounts on shortcuts if you follow the procedure, which I have explained above in this article. If you got stuck while following the above process, then leave a comment in the comment section down below. We will certainly reply with a robust solution.u

And don’t forget to check out our other yahoo related article where we have explained some tips and solutions for any yahoo mail problem or queries.

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Enable Two-Factor Verification in Yahoo Mail | 2FA

How to Enable Two-Factor Verification in Yahoo Mail | 2FA

Two-factor verification is a type of authentication method in which a user is only granted access to their account after they are successfully able to grant two forms of password or two sources of evidence of their account. So in this article, we will be learning how to enable two-factor verification in your yahoo account.

What is Two Factor Verification

Two factors verification (2fa), also known as two-step authorization. It is a type of multi-factor authentication in which permission is only granted after you successfully combine two factors:

  • Something that you are.
  • Something that you know.
  • And something that you have.

This process of verification plays an important role by providing adequate security to your Identity and prevents the breaching of your identity. It is a proper way of conforming either the claimed account is yours or not. Two-factor authentication can reduce identity theft in a significant amount. Two-factor authentications require your password, and you can get access to your account after you enter the code you receive on your mobile via SMS or a call.

Enabling two-factor authentication in yahoo or any other platform is very important. If some else gets a hold of your information and passwords, the only way to log in would by your phone number, disabling the other person to get access to your account. Only gaining access to your password won’t be enough to open your account. You will also require various other factors, hence it is called two-factor authentications.

Increased security, reduced fraud, and easier access to your information are some of the advantages of the 2FA. There are almost no chances for other people to get a hold of your account after you successfully enable two-factor authentications. As the security breach is increasing, many websites are now making it mandatory for an account to get multi-factor verification similar to the two-factor verification.

Steps to Enable Two-Factor Verification in Yahoo Mail from Browser

The process to enable two-factor authentication is quite simple. And here is the way you can enable the two-factor authentication in yahoo:

Enable Two-Factor Verification in Yahoo Mail | 2FA

  1. After you open your browser, log in to your Yahoo Mail.
  2. Now, click on the profile icon that is present in the upper right corner of your screen.
  3. Then, from the drop-down menu, click on the Account information right below your username.
  4. Now, from the left sidebar of your Account info page,  click on the Account Security tab. [You might need to log in at this point to verify it’s you.]
  5. In the account security page, search for two-factor verification (2fa) and enable it by toggling on the on-off switch.
  6. Now, a new dialogue box will open on your screen containing a form to add in your mobile phone number along with the country code. Now enter your phone number through which you want to verify your account. You need to type in your country code in front of it. (E.g. USA code: +1).
  7. Now, you can either choose to get a code or a call to verify your number. If you click the Send SMS button, you will receive a code from Yahoo. You will need to enter in the next step. Or you will get a call from Yahoo where an operator will tell you the code. You will need to use the code to verify your phone number. Choose one of the two.
  8. Now enter the code in the text box and click the Verify Button. If you didn’t receive a code, then you can click the resent button to resend your code.

Steps to Disable Two-Factor Verification in Yahoo Mail from Browser

To disable Two-Factor Verification in Yahoo Mail toggle-off the “Two-step verification” switch located on Account Security Page. The detail steps are:

  1. Go to the Yahoo Mail login page and Sign in by your valid Yahoo credential.
  2. Click on the profile icon from the upper right corner and select the Account information option from the dropdown.
  3. Click on the Account Security tab from the left navigation bar from the Account information page.
  4. Since you have enabled Two-Factor Verification in Yahoo Mail, “Two-step verification” switch will be toggled on. Click on the switch to turn it off.

Steps to Enable Two-Factor Verification in Yahoo Mail using Yahoo Mail Mobile Application

If you are a more mobile person and mostly use mobile rather than a laptop or desktop, then you can Enable Two-Factor Verification in Yahoo Mail using Yahoo Mail Mobile Application also. We have mentioned the detailed steps below:

  1. Open the Yahoo Mail Application from your Android/iPhone device. If you don’t have Yahoo Mail Application, then you can install it from Google Play Store for Android Devices and App Store for iPhone Device.
  2. Once you open the Yahoo Mail Application, log in to your Yahoo Mail Application using your correct Yahoo username and password.
  3. Tap on the profile icon located on the top right of your screen from the Inbox Page. The navigation side menu will expand.
  4. Tap on the Settings option from the Navigation menu. Manage Accounts page will open.
    Yahoo Two Factor Authentication part-1
  5. Tap on Account Info option from the list of your yahoo account that you want to enable Two-Factor Verification on. Account Info page will open.
  6. Tap on Security Settings option from Account Info Page.
  7. Toggle on the Toggle button located on the left of the Two-step verification section on your Security Settings page.
  8. Once you toggle on the two-step verification switch, A dialog box will appear. Enter your phone number and tap on the Send SMS button. Yahoo Server will send you the SMS, which contains a five-digit verification code.
    Note: If you tap on Call me, then Yahoo Server will call you and give you the verification code via call.
    Yahoo Two Factor Authentication Part-2
  9. Enter the verification code that you received to your mobile number from SMS and tap on the Verify button.
  10. Congratulation, you have successfully set up two-step verification. A dialog box saying “You’ve enabled two-step verification” will appear. 

Steps to Disable Two-Factor Verification in Yahoo Mail using Yahoo Mail Mobile Application

To Disable Two-Factor verification in Yahoo Mail just goto your Yahoo Mail App’s Security Settings Page and toggle of the Two-step verification. We have mentioned the detailed steps below:

  1. Open the Yahoo Mail Application from your Android/iPhone device and login to your Yahoo Mail.
  2. Tap on the profile icon located on the top right of your screen from the Inbox Page. The navigation menu will open.
  3. Tap on the Settings option from the Navigation menu. Manage Accounts page will open.
  4. Tap on the Account Info option. Account Info page will open.
  5. Tap on the Security Settings option.
  6. Toggle off the Toggle button located on the left of the Two-step verification section on your Security Settings page.
  7. You have successfully disabled Two-Factor Verification in Yahoo Mail using your Mobile Phone.

What are the Benefits of Yahoo Two-Factor Verification

Two-factor verification has two major benefits: It Strengthen security and Increases flexibility. Let’s discuss those two benefits in more detail.

Two-factor verification strengthen security:

The two-factor verification process adds up the extra layer of security. It makes sure that the user trying to login to the Yahoo Mail is he and not intruders. It asks for additional mobile verification from the user to add up the security level and to prevent hacking of Email.

Two-Factor Verification increase productivity and flexibility: 

With the introduction of Two-Factor Verification on Yahoo Mail, an enterprise is also getting attracted to using Yahoo Mail as it is now more secure. Employees can now securely access their confidential organization data, documents, and back-office systems from mobile and other laptops or networks, putting their organisation information at risk.


And this is how you enable two-factor authentication in your yahoo account. Now, every time you log in to your Yahoo Mail from a New device or new location, you will be asked with a verification code. This will be used to sign in to your Yahoo Mail after your password is verified. Talking about the password verification, you can go with passwordless authentication in your yahoo mail. And this is a method to secure your Yahoo Mail is called enabling Yahoo Account Key. It’s similar to two-factor verification but requires Yahoo Application installed in your device. This way, whenever you log in to yahoo mail from any device or any location, you will get a notification in your Yahoo Application through with you can grant the access of the login request. This way, you will not have to enter your password. So, to enable yahoo account key, do read out an article on Yahoo Account Key.

Yahoo Mail Account Setting Page To Change Password

How To Change Your Yahoo Mail Password

Changing your password each month is a great practice.

Changing you Yahoo Mail password can protect you from data breaches. It’s a good idea to change your Yahoo Mail password in every few months. This keeps you ahead of the curve and put your personal information, emails at minimal risk. So, here are the steps you can follow to change your Yahoo mail password.

Steps to Change Your Yahoo Mail Password

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail account as you would typically do.
    Ymail Login
  2. Click on your username at the top right corner of your homepage. A drop-down menu will appear containing your name, email address and Account info. Click Account info.
    Yahoo Mail Account Info
  3. This will redirect you to setting page of Yahoo Mail. You will see Personal Info, Account Security, Recent Activity, Preferences, and help on your left sidebar and a dashboard in the middle of your screen.
  4. Click on Account Security; you might need to verify by re-login to your Yahoo Mail account.
    Yahoo Mail Account Setting Page
  5. Now Account Security page will open in your dashboard containing a link called Change Password on How you sign in the menu. Click on Change Password.
  6. A new page will open on your screen through which you can change your password.
    Now set a new password for your Yahoo Mail.
    How To Change Yahoo Mail Password
    To make your password strong use different characters, upper case, lower case, numbers, and symbols. For Example “[email protected]()rD!” is a great password option. Be creative and create your own password which no one would ever guess.
    You will be required to enter the same password twice to conforming new password.
  7. Click Continue to change the password. Now you will be redirected to a new page to add recovery email and phone number.

    If you forgot your password and got locked out, you can recover your yahoo mail password using your recovery email or your phone number.
    If you haven’t set up your recovery account add Yahoo Mail recovery account.
  8. Now click on Looks good, and you will be redirected to your Account Security.
    If you have any other device that has your Yahoo Mail Account logged in, you will need to re-login with your new Yahoo Mail password.

That’s it; you have successfully changed your Yahoo Mail Password. Make sure that you save your password in any password manager software, or use whatever other methods to remember your password. Since it can sometimes be difficult to regain access to your Yahoo Mail account if you forgot your new password.

How to change yahoo password on Android?

You can also change the yahoo password from your mobile phone too. If you have installed Yahoo Mail App on your phone, then you can change your Yahoo Password from your mobile with few taps. Here is the step to change/update your Yahoo Mail password on your Android Device using Yahoo Mail App.

  1.  First, open the Yahoo Mail Application installed on your device. If you don’t have Yahoo Mail installed, then you can install it from the Google Play store.
  2. Tap on the Yahoo icon located on the top right of the screen. It will expand the navigation menu.
  3. Tap on the Manage accounts option from the navigation menu. Manage Accounts section will open.
  4. Tap on Account Info option from Manage Accounts section. Account Info section will open.
  5. From the Account Info section, tap on the Security Setting option. The application will ask you to enter your device PIN/pattern/fingerprint to continue. Enter the valid data. You will be redirected to the Account Security Section.
  6. Tap on Change Password option from the Account Security Section.
    You will not see the Change password option if your account has a Yahoo Account key setup. You need to disable the Yahoo Account key first to change the password.
  7. After you clicked Change password, Yahoo App may show you a Pop up saying “Use Yahoo Account Key,” ignore it and tap on “I would rather change my password” text on the bottom of the screen. It will redirect you to Set a new password section.
  8. Enter your desired password on New password and Confirm new password input field and click Continue. Note: If you want to make your new password strong, then check our section “How to Create a strong password?
  9. Congratulation, you have successfully changed the Yahoo Mail password using your Android Phone.

How to Change Yahoo Password on iPhone?

Yahoo has launched Yahoo Mail Application both for Android and iPhone. For the ease of use when users switch from Android to iPhone or vice versa, Yahoo has made the Appearance of application on both Android and iPhone very similar. Due to which the steps we follow are also always almost the same. Hence, steps to change yahoo password on the iPhone are the same as for Android. To change yahoo password on iPhone, follow the steps from the section “How to change yahoo password on Android?” of the article.

How to Create a strong password?

Do you want to make your account more secure? Then the first thing you need to do is set a strong password. Accounts with weak passwords are vulnerable to an attack like a Dictionary attack. Here are some tips for choosing a strong password for your email account.

  • Use unique words that are not common – A lot of people use a very simple and common word like “password.” Please don’t use such words that can be easily guessed.
  • Password length: Usually, having more than ten letters on a password is considered safe. It’s simple math; longer the password safer the password is.
  • Don’t use your info as password – You must avoid using your personal information like your name, DOB(Date Of Birth), phone number, etc. as a password. Anyone close to you can easily guess that.
  • Don’t use the same password for every Account – If you use the same password for every account, then the chances of your account getting hacked multiplies by the number of the account you have. When one account gets compromised, there is a chance another account will be compromised too.
  • Use special characters and numbers – It’s best practice to insert some special characters ([email protected]#$%^*) or some digits(1234567890) to your password.
  • Avoid sequence of characters on your password – Sequence character means characters that are on a specific pattern. e.g., 12345, QWERTY, etc. Don’t use such a pattern on your password.

How to reset my yahoo password without an alternate email or phone number?

If you don’t know your current password, then you can reset your Yahoo password using an alternate email. If you haven’t set your alternate email or don’t have access to an alternate email, then you can reset your Yahoo password using your phone number. If, by chance, you don’t have access to your phone number or haven’t set your phone number, then you can recover your account using Secret Security Questions. If you don’t remember Secret Security Questions answer, then there is only one option left. You have to contact Yahoo Customer Support. For more detail on this topic, check our article “How to Recover Yahoo Password.

How to Add or Remove Recovery Email Account on Yahoo Mail

To secure our Ymail account, we need to change our mail password quite often. I change my Yahoo Mail password once in two months. And sometimes we forget our password. If you have access to the phone number associated with the Ymail account there is no problem; you can reset Yahoo Mail password using a phone number. And if don’t have access to the phone number, then you are in trouble. So, to get away with this trouble, we can add a recovery email account to the Ymail account. You can use your recovery email to reset the Yahoo Mail password. Here in this article, I am going to guide you on how to add or remove recovery email account on Yahoo Mail.

Without any due let’s move on to the steps to add a recovery account to the ymail account and remove the ymail account.

How to Add or Remove Recovery Email Account on Yahoo Mail

Add Recovery Account to Ymail Account

  1. Go to and Sign in to your account.
  2. On the top right corner of your screen, you will see your name. Click it.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear containing your email addresses, name and Account Info. Click on Account info.
  4. Your setting page will open on your window containing Personal info, Account Security, Preferences
    To change your personal detail click on the Personal Info tab and click edit on your toolbar. After editing click Done.
    To check your recent activities click on the Recent Activity tab, this will render all your activities from different devices you signed in.
  5. To Add the recovery email address, go to the Account Security tab on your left sidebar. You will see new information rendered to your dashboard. You can change your password from this page.
    add recovery email address to ymail
  6. Now, click on Add recovery email address on your dashboard. The following information will render on your screen to add a recovery email address.
  7. Now type the email address you want to use for verification if you forgot your Yahoo Mail email address.
  8. Click on Send verification email to add your recovery email address. Note that the email address you just entered is not yet verified.

    Yahoo Mail will send a verification code to your recovery account which you need to confirm that you have access to that account.
  9. Login to your recovery account, you will see a verification message in your inbox sent by Yahoo Mail.
  10. Read the message and click, click here to verify your account.

  1. Now go to your Ymail account Security page and refresh the page.
  2. Now click on Email Addresses you will see your account has been verified.

    You can add multiple recovery addresses to your Ymail account so that if you ever forget your password and don’t have access to your phone number linked to this account, you can recover your email address with the help of these recovery email addresses.

Sometimes you can do mistakes adding a recovery email address, you missed some characters from that email address or entered a wrong email address. It’s also possible that you don’t have access to the recovery account you added previously, or you just got divorced, and you need to remove your partners’ account from the account recovery list. If your email address is verified from the wrong email address you entered, your account might get hacked and even lose your email address. So you need to remove the recovery email account. Here is a guide to delete an account from your account recovery list.

Remove Recovery Account from Ymail Account

  1. Login to your Ymail account and go to Account information clicking on your name on the top right corner of your homepage.
  2. Click on the Account Security tab from the left sidebar.
  3. Click on the Email addresses tab from your dashboard that you used to add a recovery email address.
  4. A Dialogue box containing information about email addresses you added to your recovery list will appear.
    remove recovery account from ymail account
  5. There is a Bin Icon beside each address, click on the bin icon to delete that particular email address from your recovery list.
  6. Done, your Yahoo Mail recovery account is removed from your list.

How to Add or Remove Recovery Phone Number on Yahoo Mail

Add Recovery Phone Number to Yahoo mail Account

  1. Sign in to with your correct credentials.
  2. Click on the Profile icon from the top-right menu item.
  3. The profile drop-down menu gets triggered. Select Account Info option. Yahoo redirects you to an Account info page with the Personal Info section preselected.
  4. Select Account Security tab from the left sidebar. Account Security windows get opened.
    [Note: Yahoo may ask you to again validate your credentials by asking you to enter your email and password. Please enter your correct credential to proceed further, if yahoo asks for credentials.]
  5. Click on Add recovery phone number option from Account Security Page. The new window will appear.
    Add Recovery Phone
  6. Enter your Recovery Phone Number and click Add button.
  7. After you click Add, Yahoo Server will send five-digit verification code to that number. 
  8. Enter that five-digit verification code. If the code matches, Yahoo will automatically verify your phone number, and Yahoo will set the Recovery Phone number to the number you choose. If the code is incorrect yahoo won’t verify that phone number, and you cannot add that number as the Recovery Phone number. If such a case occurs, you can Resend Code option to get the code again.

If you lost your number or decided to switch to a new mobile number, then you can always delete the old number from the Recovery Phone Number list from yahoo. It’s very easy and is very similar to Adding Recovery Phone number. If you want to remove the Recovery Phone Number from Yahoo, the steps are mentioned below.

Remove Recovery Phone Number from Yahoo mail Account

    1. Login to your Ymail account with correct credentials and click on the profile icon from the top-left location of your page.
    2. From the Profile menu, click Account info option. It will lead you to the Account info page.
    3. Click on the Account Security tab from the left sidebar. Yahoo may ask you to reenter your yahoo credentials.
    4. Click on the Phone numbers section from your dashboard.
    5. A Dialogue box will appear. It contains the information of all the recovery email address and recovery containing information about email addresses and phone numbers you added to your recovery list.
    6. From the list, click on the Pencil Icon on the left of the phone number you want to delete. Edit recovery phone number dialog box will appear.
      Removed Recovery Phone
    7. From the dialog, box click Remove from my account option.
    8. Popup alert will appear, saying, “Remove this mobile number.” Click on Remove mobile number button.
    9. Your recovery phone number is removed from your recovery list.

This is how you can add or remove recovery email account or recovery phone number on Yahoo Mail. If you don’t want the hassle of remembering the password then you can use Yahoo Account Key to log in to your Yahoo Account. This way you can log in to your Yahoo with just a click on your mobile device. Here is the full article on how to setup Yahoo Account Key.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How to change phone number in yahoo mail verification?

We often get this question a lot. If you are looking to change the Recovery phone number, then follow two steps:

  1. Step 1: Follow the steps mentioned on heading “Remove Recovery Phone Number from Yahoo mail Account.” This will let you remove your older phone number that you no longer use.
  2. Step 2: Follow the steps mentioned on heading “Add Recovery Phone Number to Yahoo mail Account.” This will let you add the new phone number that you want to set as the Recovery Phone number.
    Note: If you want both numbers to existing, then just follow this step number two.

But if you are looking forward to changing the number used on your Two-Factor verification in Yahoo Mail, then the article “How to Enable Two-Factor Verification in Yahoo Mail” can help you.

Can I make yahoo mail password recovery without phone number and email?

Yes, you can. The chronological order for password recovery based on easiness is

  1. Recovery using Email Address
  2. Recovery using Phone Number
  3. Recovery using Secret Security Question
  4. Contact yahoo customer care

Since you don’t have access to Recovery Email and Phone Number. There are two alternatives left: Recovery using Secret Security Question or Contact yahoo customer care.

If you remember the answer to your Secret Security Question, then choosing that option is also very easy. 

  1. Just go to the yahoo login page. 
  2. Enter your username and click next. 
  3. Click on Forgot Password link, Recover your account modal will appear. 
  4. From the modal, click, I need further help.
  5. Answer the security questions, and you can reset the password.

But if you haven’t set up your security questions or forgot answers, then you don’t have another choice than contacting Yahoo Customer Care. The chance of getting your Yahoo mail password recovered from Yahoo Customer Care is very minimum.

For further detail, check this article on How to Recover Yahoo Password Without Phone Number and Alternate Email.”

yahoo mail as virus scanner

How to Use Yahoo Mail as Virus Scanner

Yahoo Mail has an inbuilt feature that automatically scans the files you send as attachments for potential malware and viruses. We will use this feature of Yahoo Mail as a Virus Scanner for scanning our files. You can upload the desired file you need to scan for viruses on Yahoo Mail. 

Steps to use Yahoo Mail as Antivirus

Precondition: You should have a Yahoo Mail account. If you don’t have one, follow the instruction on this link to create a new Yahoo Mail

  1.  Go to and login with the correct yahoo username and password.
  2. Click on Compose Button from the Left Navigation Menu bar. Compose Email section will open.
  3. From the Compose Section, select a paperclip icon located next to the send button on the bottom toolbar. A file select modal window will appear.
  4. Select the file you want to scan and click Open
  5. Now, the yahoo mail server will scan the file for the potential virus before uploading it to the server. If Yahoo Mail finds the viruses, it will inform the user. If Yahoo Mail cannot find the virus, the file gets uploaded without any problem.
    Upload Attachment To Yahoo Mail
  6. Once the scanning is complete, remove the file from yahoo. To remove the file is very simple, 
    1. Hover over the uploaded file. Three dot icon will appear(…).
    2.  Click on ellipses(…) and click on Remove option.
  7. Instead of removing the file, you can also delete the email itself. Since the user hasn’t sent the email, it will be on the Draft stage. To remove Draft email is very simple
    1. Click on a Draft option from the left navigation menu.
    2. Check the checkbox of the email which you want to delete from the Draft Email list. 
    3. Click on the Delete button from the top menu.
    4. Alert message will appear saying, “Are you sure you want to permanently delete conversation.” click OK button.
    5. The Draft Email gets deleted.

Steps to use Yahoo Mail as Antivirus for Basic Mail

If you are using the Yahoo Basic Mail, then the steps are slightly different than for Newest Yahoo Mail.

  1.  Go to and login with your yahoo credential.
  2. Click on Compose Button from the Left Navigation Menu bar. 
  3. From the Compose Section, Click on Attach Files Button located next to the Subject text.
  4. You can attach/scan five files at once on Yahoo Basic Mail. Click on the Choose File button. File Selector modal will appear.
  5. Select the file you want to scan and click Open. Your file name will be displayed next to the Choose file. You can attach more files too.
  6. Click on Attach FIles. Now yahoo mail server scans the file for the virus. If Yahoo Mail Server finds the virus, then the file won’t be attached, and the user will get notified. If the file doesn’t contain a virus, then the file will be uploaded successfully.
    Upload Attachment To Yahoo Mail: Basic Yahoo Mail
  7. Once the scanning is complete, remove the file by clicking Remove option below the attachment.
  8. Removing Draft email in Yahoo Basic Mail is very simple
    1. Click on a Draft option from the left navigation menu.
    2. Check the checkbox of the email which you want to delete from the Draft Email list. 
    3. Click on the Delete button from the top menu.
    4. Alert message will appear saying, “Are you sure you want to permanently delete the selected messages?”, click OK button.

Steps to use Yahoo Mail as Antivirus for Mobile Yahoo Mail App

If you are using the Mobile Phone, then you can use the Yahoo Mail App as an Antivirus. The process mentioned below will be for Android Yahoo Mail App, but the step is very similar for the iPhone Yahoo Mail App too.

  1.  Open Yahoo Mail App from the list of menu. If you don’t have Yahoo Mail App, you can download it from Google Play Store.
    Open google play store.
    On the Search bar on top navigation type Yahoo Mail, the search result list will appear with a list of the relevant application
    Tap on an application called Yahoo Mail – Organized Email.
    Tap on the Install button and install the Yahoo Mail App.
    Google Play Store Yahoo Mail
  2. If you first time visited the App, you have to log in to App via correct login credentials. The application will redirect the user to Inbox Page. If you already logged in, then the application will redirect you to the Inbox page of the App.
  3. From the top right bar, tap on the pencil icon. The user gets redirected to New Message Page.
  4. Tab on + icon from the bottom, a small Attachment menu will expand.
  5. From the Attachment, menu tap on image icon if you want to scan your image for the potential virus. Tap on file icon if you want to scan your file for the potential virus. 
  6. Select the file/image you want to scan and tap on the Attach button on the top right.
    Yahoo Mobile Compose
  7. Note: If the user is uploading Attachment for the first time, then the user has to grant permission to the application. Permission is required so that the application can access the storage.
  8. Yahoo mail server scans the file for the virus. If Yahoo Mail Server finds the virus, then the file won’t be attached, and the user will get notified. Yahoo will upload a file if no potential virus found, or else It won’t upload the file. Instead, the warning message gets displayed.
  9. Once the scanning is complete, remove the file.
  10. Click on the three-dot icon on the left of the Attachment. The attachment option menu will appear.
  11. Select the option Remove to remove the attached file.

Limitation of using Yahoo Mail as a virus scanner

Although this article is using Yahoo Mail can as a virus scanner, there is some limitation to using Yahoo Mail as a virus scanner. 

  1. Yahoo Mail has size limits on attachment. You cannot upload a file larger than 25 MB. That means you cannot scan a file that is larger than 25 MB. If you want to upload a large file, then follow the instruction mentioned in THIS ARTICLE.
  2. Yahoo Mail virus scanning system is not as effective as the paid antivirus like Norton AntiVirus, McAfee Antivirus, etc. They are the juggernaut of a Virus Scanner, and Yahoo simply cannot compete with them.
    I personally use Norton AntiVirus. It’s easy, and the intuitive dashboard is really userfriendly to use. It supports multiple platform; i can use it on my Linux operating system as well as my Mac book pro. The most important aspect I like about Norton is its all-rounder antivirus. It provides Internet security as well as scans potential malware on our computer too. I recommend you to use Norton Antivirus as your primary Antivirus.
  3. You can only scan files but not folders. The workaround can be converting the folder to zip and scanning it as a single file.
print yahoo contacts using excel

How to Export and Print Yahoo Contacts?

Do you have a lot of contacts in your Yahoo Mail? If you have many contacts in your Yahoo address book, then this article will be helpful for you because today, I will guide you on how to print yahoo contacts.

As there isn’t any printing option from the page itself, the “Export CSV” feature in Yahoo Contacts enables you to print the address book. Especially for those users who have many contacts and whose address book doesn’t only contain contacts but also email address and other relevant contact information, targeting those users, Yahoo features the “Export CSV.”

How to Print My Yahoo Contacts?

As there isn’t an option to print Yahoo Contacts directly from the Yahoo Mail, we are printing it with the help of an Excel file. So, I have divided the steps into two parts one downloading the Yahoo Contacts CSV file. Or, in simple words exporting the Yahoo Contacts. And the next step to adjusting the Yahoo contacts and downloading via the Excel file.

Steps to Export Yahoo Contacts

To print your address book and contacts, first, you should have access to your account and download your contacts; “Export CSV.”

export yahoo contacts

  1. Log in to your Yahoo Mail account (Username and password)
  2. After you get access to your Yahoo Mail account, On the homepage you will see Mail icon, click on the Mail icon.
  3. After that, on the right side of your screen, click on the Contacts icon beside of calendar and notepad.
  4. Now under Contacts, click on the All, which is the middle of the Top and Lists.
  5. Now, after you click on the All, you will see a list of all contacts you have in your Yahoo Mail.
  6. Click on the three horizontal dots; now you will see two options in the drop-down menu.
  7. Now, hover your mouse over Export (CSV), and click it.
  8. After you click on the Export (CSV) wait a minute, it will download all your contacts in an Excel file.
  9. Now close your browser and Go to Download folder in your device.
  10. Now under the Download folder, you will see Contacts in the “.csv” file format. Open the file in an Excel file to view contact, or you can also print an Excel file.

To Print Yahoo Contacts via Excel

After you download all your contacts from your Yahoo Mail account, if you want to print contacts, then you can print your all contacts via Excel. However, if you come across any problem while printing your contacts via Excel, here is the step to print Yahoo contacts via Excel.

print yahoo contacts via excel

  1. Browse the location on your computer where you have downloaded your contacts.
  2. Now, open the file in Excel. To do so, right-click the file, then click on open with option. Now, select Excel from the list of options.
  3. Once you open the file, you will have to make some changes to your file before printing your Yahoo Contacts, for example, deleting unused labels.
    Here in this article, I only need the Name, Email Address 1, and the primary phone number of each and every person. So, I am deleting the rest of the labels.
  4. Now, make sure your printer is on and press the Keyboard shortcut key “Ctrl+P” on your excel file. This will open the print settings page, which will display how your page will look when it gets printed.
  5. This is the time you adjust your excel cells. Sometimes, when the cells are too big, the content gets out of the printing page, making the printer unable to print the information that is past the printing line.
  6. Now, once you are done editing and adjusting the printing settings, press the print button.

There you go, you have successfully downloaded the Yahoo Contacts CSV file and printed these contacts to a hardcopy.


If you have printed your Yahoo contacts, then you will have all your contacts in your hand. If you need to make a new Yahoo Mail account or if your account is hacked or permanently blocked, then you can add your contacts looking at the contacts, you have printed. And, if you have any questions regarding this article, then you can leave us a comment in our comment box below. Was This Article Helpful? 😊

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How do I export Yahoo Contacts to excel?

Microsoft Excel supports CSV format too. By default, Yahoo Contacts is in CSV format. Hence you need to download the Yahoo Contacts to export to excel. The detailed step to download Yahoo Contacts is mentioned above on Sub Heading Steps to Export Yahoo Contacts.

How do I export Yahoo Contacts to my Outlook?

First thing first, you need to download yahoo Contacts. The steps are mentioned above in this article. After you download the Contacts CSV file. Follow these steps to export Yahoo Contacts to Outlook:

  1. Choose File option from the top menu bar. File Menu will appear.
  2. From File Menu, choose Open & Export > Import/Export. Import/Export wizard gets started.
    Outlook Import/Export
  3. From the Import/Export wizard, Choose option Import from another program or file, and then click Next.
  4. Choose Comma Separated Values [because our Yahoo Contacts is in CSV format], and then choose Next.
    Import/Export Wizard Outlook
  5. In the Import a File box, import your Yahoo Contacts CSV with the help of the browse button.
  6. Microsoft has provided Options to handle duplicates. There are three options which you can see on Import a File Box
    Replace duplicates with items imported:   Replace your contact to the contact present in Outlook, if a contact is already in Outlook and your contacts file.|
    Allow duplicates to be created [Default Option]: Keeps both the contact: In your Yahoo Contact list as well as in Outlook. There is an option to combine info for those people later to eliminate duplicate contacts.
    Do not import duplicate items: If a contact is present in Outlook and as well as your Yahoo contacts file, the contact of Outlook is kept, and the contact of the Yahoo contact file is discarded.
  7. Select the option as per your need and click Next.
    Import File Outlook
  8. In the Select a destination folder box, select the appropriate destination folder and click Next.
  9. Finally, click Finish. Boom! You successfully imported all Your Yahoo Contact list to Outlook.

[Note: The steps are for Outlook 2016, but the steps are very similar for other Versions of Outlook too.]

How do I export Yahoo Contacts to my Gmail?

Assuming that you have downloaded the Yahoo Contact CSV with the help of our article, here are the steps to export Yahoo Contact to Gmail Account.

  1. On your computer browser, navigate to Google Contacts.
  2. If you aren’t logged in, you will be redirected to google login. Login with correct credentials and proceed further.
  3. Select Import Option from the left navigation menu. Import contacts modal will pop up.
  4. Click Select File and Select the Yahoo Contact CSV file you exported from Yahoo Mail. Google support CSV and vCard format file.
    Gmail Import Contacts
  5. Click on Import.
  6. Congratulation, you have successfully Imported Yahoo Contacts to your Gmail Account.

How do I export my Yahoo Contacts to icloud?

Though CSV is a very popular format to store the Contact list, iCloud don’t support CSV format for Contacts. Instead, it prefers a VCF (vCard) format. Hence, importing CSV file contacts to iCloud is a bit complex.

Assuming you have already downloaded the Yahoo Contacts file (CSV file) from Yahoo, the next step is to convert the Yahoo CSV file to vCard format. There are lots of methods to convert CSV files to the VCF (v Card) file. Some of them are:

  1. Import the CSV contact file to Gmail or outlook and again export it back on VCF format.
  2. There are lots of tools online that convert CSV contact to v Card contact. Just google it. One paid tool is SysTools

I prefer method one as it is free.

After you get your CSV contact file on VCF format, you can export that file to iCloud. Here are the steps:

  • Navigate to iCloud using browser or via App. Login to iCloud with correct Apple username and Password
  • Once you are logged in, click on the Contacts icon from the grid menu.
  • From the iCloud Contacts, click the Action pop-up menu [setting icon] in the sidebar, then choose Import vCard option.
    iCloud Contacts
  • Now browser the VCF format of the Yahoo Contacts we converted and then click on the open button. iCloud will import all the contacts on VCF file to iCloud Contacts.
  • Now, you can access Yahoo Contact from iCloud too.
Add an Image in your Yahoo Mail Signature

How to Add an Image in your Yahoo Mail Signature

If you use Yahoo Mail as your primary webmail and want to increase the professional look to your emails, adding an image or logo in your yahoo mail signature is an option, this will create a professional look to your emails. So, keep on reading the article and find out how to add an image in your Yahoo Mail Signature and create a professional-looking email.

What is Email Signature?

An email signature is a text/sentence that the sender appends to the end of the email message you send out. Typically, the sender use signature to offer the recipient with your title, email address, company contact information, or Web site URL. Some individuals, though, will utilize a signature to sign off their email with a final announcement, humorous quote, or alternative message. Almost all popular Email Client provides the option to add the signature to all incoming emails or add the signature in particular outgoing emails.

The Importance of Email Signatures

Having an email signature is like giving a person a company card every single time you send an email. You would like it to look professional and reveal your organization’s personality. You wouldn’t just hand a prospective customer a scrap of blank paper with your contact information scrawled onto it, do you? No way! Email signatures can be a very valuable tool and very easy to implement.
Some Major Reasons Why Email Signatures Are Important:

  • Email Signatures are a symbol of Legitimacy and Professionalism. Using Email Signature with Organisation Name, Designation gives hints that email is professional and is legitimate.
  • By producing a cohesive email signature for each employee in your staff, you create brand recognition in each person to whom your employees send emails.
  • Email Signature is a Digital Business Card. Like was a business card, Email Signature is a way to connect with customers and communicate your openness to communication.
  • Adding a picture to your email signature, it shows the person receiving the email to make a private association and relationship with you.
  • A sender can add Important quick links to Email Signature. For instance, the Linking organization’s phone number, recipients can easily contact the sender if needed.

Steps to Add Image in your Yahoo Mail Signature

  1. Open your browser and sign in to your Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Now, click on the Mail icon to get into the Inbox page of your Yahoo Mail.
  3. Once you get into the inbox page, click on the gear icon on the upper right corner of your screen. The gear icon is on the navigation panel of the right sidebar.
  4. Click on the More Settings option from the Setting drop-down menu to go to the setting page.
  5. Now, from the settings page, click on the Writing email option from the left sidebar of the page. This will open a page where you can add edit or remove yahoo mail signature or change the text format of your email.
  6. Now, toggle on the on-off switch from the Signature to add a signature. Type in your signature.
  7. Now comes the tricky part, adding an image to your signature. You don’t see an option to add images to your signature, right. That’s because you cannot directly add an image in your Yahoo Mail signature.
  8. However, to add an image in your yahoo mail signature is pretty easy.
  9. To upload an image to your yahoo mail signature you need to have uploaded that image to an online hosting website from where you can access that image online.
  10. There are plenty of free image hosting sites on the web that you can use. Most probably, you will have google photos on your android phone. You can access an image from your google photos from the web to add it to your yahoo signature. Or you can use free hosting sites like Imgur, Flickr, Instagram, 500px, Dropbox, TinyPic, PostImage, ImageShack, and ImageVenu.
  11. Now, go to the site where you uploaded the image. Oh! And make sure to resize the image if it is very big. Open the image and right-click the image. Select Copy from the list to copy the image.
  12. Now, go to your yahoo signature page and place the mouse cursor in the signature box where you want your image to appear.
  13. Right-click your mouse button and click the paste option to place the image in the signature box.
  14. Now, finish up your Yahoo signature by adding more details if you like.
  15. Finally, get back to your inbox area and click the compose button to compose an email. The signature with your logo or your image will automatically be inserted into your email at the bottom.

Here you go, this is how you can add an image in your Yahoo Mail Signature. If you have any queries regarding any topic in the Yahoo webmail service, feel free to contact us. We will definitely help.

Steps to Use HTML In Your Yahoo Mail Signature

Further More You Can also integrate HTML Into Your Yahoo Mail Signature. You don’t need to have knowledge of HTML to integrate HTML into Your Yahoo Mail Signature; Yahoo provides an HTML toolbar from which you can style your text. The steps to Use HTML In Your Yahoo Mail Signature are:

  1. Open your browser and sign in to a Yahoo Mail account .
  2. When you get in the inbox page, click on the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the More Settings option in the drop-down menu to go to the setting page.
  4. Currently, you are on the settings page, click the Writing email option from the left sidebar of the page. This opens an option where you are can add edit or eliminate yahoo mail signature or modify the text format of your email.
  5. On the signature section, there is an HTML toolbar below by which the user can format the signature.
  6. Some of the options are:
    1. B icon stands for Bold. It bolds the selected text.
    2. I icon stands for Italic. It slants selected text evenly to the right.
    3. RGB icon is used to change the text color.
    4. Aa icon enables the user to change the font of the selected text.
    5. Furthermore, a feature like Alignment, Indentation, etc. can also be done from the HTML toolbar.