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yahoo services

Everything you need to know about Yahoo!

Usually, when we hear Yahoo, people think of it as just an Email service provider (Yahoo Mail), but Yahoo is more than that. Launched in late 1994, Yahoo is a web services provider that provides many services ranging from search engine to social media. Yahoo owns a social media platform like

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yahoo group

Yahoo! Shutting down Yahoo! Groups

Yahoo! Groups, a platform created by Yahoo 18 years ago from today, is going to be shut down by Yahoo! on January 31st of 2020. Yahoo! group will officially shut down right after the holiday seasons exactly 18 years after the date it was officially launched worldwide on the internet.

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Flickr no longer ties to yahoo

Flickr no longer tied to Yahoo

What is Flickr? Flickr is an image and video hosting service with advanced and powerful features created by Ludicorp in 2004. It is a powerful, emerging platform where people share and explore each other’s photos. Like any other application found in the modern tech-world, it allows users to share and

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