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Yahoo Email Forward

How to Forward Yahoo Mail to Another Email Address

Yahoo and Gmail are the most popular mail platform used in the world. Although to say in recent days, Gmail is more preferred than yahoo mail. Yahoo is the second most used email platform in the world after Gmail and also the oldest one. If you have a yahoo mail account and you receive escort girl paris important emails and want to view in your another email address for easy access or other purpose or want to forward the mail directly to another account, then we will show you how to do that below.

Yahoo provides the three types of forwarding scenario to forward the mails:-

Forward only: If we choose forward, the only yahoo sends the mail directly to a provided email address without storing a copy for itself.

Store and forward: In this libertines girl paris option, yahoo saves a copy for itself and forwards the email to the provided email address.

Store and forward and mark as read: yahoo saves a copy for itself and marks it as read and forwards the email.

Forwarding Yahoo Emails

We can configure the yahoo mail forward by signing into a yahoo mail account. There are two types of yahoo mail : 

Full-featured mail: The full-featured mail version of yahoo offers various additional features like customization of themes, filtering the messages, organizing the mails account to the user account, stationery, and the user can attach the image as a slide show. 

Basic Mail: The basic yahoo mail version contains a very simple UI with basic and few features. When there is a poor connection, bandwidth issue, unsupported web browser, or JavaScript loading problem yahoo automatically switches to the basic mail version.

The forwarding configurations for them are different. Full-featured forwarding configuration has some added steps and a bit complex than the basic mail. Let’s dig down into the configurations of forwarding. 

Forwarding Mails in Basic Mail

First, you need to sign into the yahoo mail account. After you have logged into the yahoo mail account, you have to follow these steps to configure the forwarding the email messages.

Step 1: Go to Settings Page
Yahoo Settings | Basic Yahoo

  1.  Search for the “account info” dropdown button in the upper right portion of the screen, after you have found it click on dropdown.
  2. From the dropdown menu, select the “Settings” option and click the “Go” button.

Step 2: Enter the Email where you want to forward your mail.
Yahoo Forward | Basic Yahoo

  1. Once the settings are selected, find the “Forwarding” textbox, its located at the bottom of the screen on “Mail Accounts Section.
  2. Enter the email address you wish to forward the email messages to on the textbox.

Step 3Save the Settings
Yahoo Forward Save | Basic Yahoo

  1. After you have entered the email address, you wish to forward the mails to Click On the “Save” button located on top. 

Step 4Verify the Email
Yahoo Forward Verification Email

  1. The Next step will be verifying the email address you entered in the forwarding section. Sign in to the mail address you have provided and find the yahoo verification email in the inbox section. 
  2. The verification email will contain the verification link embedded in it. You have to click into it, and it will redirect you to yahoo and give a page with verification confirmation. Once the account is verified, it will redirect you to the dashboard of your yahoo mail. 

Forwarding mails in Full-featured is some steps lengthy than in basic mail. We can find differences in appearance, user interface, features, and layout of the whole page.

Forwarding Mails in Full-featured Mail

To perform this action, we have to log into the yahoo mail account into our web browser, the supported ones. As mentioned above, if the browsers are not supported, the yahoo switches automatically to basic mode.

Step 1: Go to Yahoo Settings
Yahoo More Settings

  1. After you are successfully signed in and opened the full-featured mode, click the “settings” on the upper-right corner with the icon of the gearbox.
  2.  From the dropdownclick on the “more settings” option in the lower part of your screen.

Step 2: Add Email where you want to forward your email
Yahoo Email Forward

  1. Then search for the option of mailboxes in the options. Click on the mailboxes
  2. Once you open the mailbox pane, click on your email address in the mailbox list. 
  3. After you have selected your email address from where the emails will be forwarded, enter the email address in which you wish to transfer the emails in the forwarding section of the interface. 

Step 3: Verify Your Email

  1.  The next step will be to verify the email address provided. An email with the verification link is sent to the email address entered in the forwarding section. 
  2. Now, we should log into the email address provided in the forward section. After logging in, search for the email with the subject, “please verify your email address.” 
  3. Sometimes the email doesn’t appear in the inbox; in this case, search in the spam folder. Open the email and click on the text “click here” with the link of the verification procedure. The link will redirect you to Yahoo Page. If you are not logged in, you have to log in again with your yahoo credentials. 
  4. Once you successfully log in, you will see a webpage with the interface with a button labeled “Verify. ” Click on the button to successfully verify and complete your forwarding configurations. 
  5. Once you click the button, a congratulations message will pop into the screen with the buttons to return to the yahoo mail dashboard and settings. The buttons will be labeled as “Return to Account Settings “and “Cancel. ” Click on the cancel to return to the account dashboard.

After these steps, your forwarding, the yahoo mails to another account will be successful.

Problems Receiving The Forwarded Mail?  

Sometimes we encounter the issues of not receiving the emails. These can be caused due to various reasons: account settings on both sides, incorrect address, filter, system error ( occasional), etc.

Here I will present you some of the common issues and how to solve them : 

Incorrect Address: The address entered in the forwarding section can be a mistake, check the address and confirm that it matches the email address you are seeking the mail.

Disable Feature: Yahoo provides the option to disable the forwarding of mails. Check if the disabling is on, if yes, then enable the forwarding the email.

Storage Issue: Sometimes, the forwarded emails don’t arrive in the inbox section of the email address. Due to various reasons, mail server stores email in the spam folder. Make sure to check in the spam folder. If the emails are received in the spam section, open the email and click on the mark, not as spam link at the bottom of the email. This will move the emails back to the inbox section. 

The second storage is if the email storage capacity of the email address to which the mails are forwarded is full. In this case, find the emails which are not useful and delete them, which will make space for the forwarded emails. 


We have successfully forwarded our Yahoo Mail Emails to our other preferred Email address. This is very helpful if you have switched from Yahoo Mail to another popular email like Gmail, but you still receive an important message on Yahoo Mail.
If you want to know more functionality about Yahoo Mail, then you can read more articles on Yahoo Mail on our website, YMail Login.

add Yahoo Mail To your Desktop

Add Yahoo Mail To your Desktop – Step by Step Guide

Nowadays, we are handling every little work through the email, whether it was to organize the essential meetings or handling our clients for small business. We always don’t have to call everyone to have communication with them, which can be pretty helpful. But when it comes to sending the email, then it consumes the sender’s certain time – as we have to open the browser for just a tiny mail. Sometimes, this process can be a little bit annoying when we have a busy schedule.

So, do you want to get rid of those annoying process and want to access your yahoo mail on your desktop easily? Then you came into the right article where I will explain how to add yahoo to your desktop with simple steps without opening any browser on your computer.

If you use yahoo mail for your day to day work, then you can easily access and navigate your online email clients with just double-click on your desktop by just adding the shortcut. So, let’s move to the process without consuming your time.

How can you add Yahoo Mail to your Desktop?

You can add or access your yahoo mail to your desktop with just double-click, so follow these simple procedure steps by step down below:

  1. Open your computer or laptop, and go to your desktop. You can press Windows + D to go to your desktop.
  2. Now, right-click on the empty spot on your desktop, which opens the drop-down menu. “Trouble while creating your yahoo mail account, then checks out our article.”
  3. Now, select the “New” option from the drop-down menu. After that, select the “Shortcut” button that pop-up the shortcut page where you can add your yahoo mail address or location.
    Yahoo Shortcut for desktop
  4. Now, type in the text location of the item option and select the folders for that location from the browse.
  5. Once you have selected the location, click on the “Next” button for the next steps.
  6. Now, type the desired name in the text field for your shortcut file.
  7. Note: Type your shortcut name as “yahoo mail” because it will be easier for you to search on your desktop.
  8. Finally, click on the “Finish” button to create your yahoo shortcut file.

Now, this way, you can easily access your yahoo mail on a desktop, which can save you time. Pretty simple right?

Advantage of using the Yahoo Shortcut on your Desktop

  • Save time: Creating the shortcuts for your mails or any other application can be a distinct feature when it comes to the time-saving method.
  • Faster access: It can be pretty helpful when you are feeling lazy to open your browser to access your yahoo mail.
  • Simple: Adding a shortcut on the desktop makes our tasks simple. You do not have to follow more steps while accessing your yahoo mail.

How can you add yahoo mail to your Taskbar?

If you are using Windows Operating Software, then it will be easier for you to access Yahoo mail from your Taskbar rather than visiting your desktop.

The Taskbar is a component of Windows Operating Software that is located at the bottom of your screen.

Assuming you have created the Yahoo Mail Shortcut on your desktop with the help of steps mentioned on “How can you add Yahoo Mail to your Desktop?”, here are the steps to add the Yahoo Mail to your Taskbar:

  1. Drag and drop the Yahoo Mail shortcut you created to your Taskbar. Doing this will pin your Yahoo Mail shortcut to the TaskBar.
    Yahoo Taskbar
  2. Optional: If you don’t need the desktop shortcut, then you can delete it. Deleting the shortcut file will not affect the Yahoo Mail shortcut pinned on Taskbar.

How to add Yahoo Mail to your desktop using Microsoft Store Yahoo Mail app?

Yahoo has Yahoo Mail Application for Windows. You can install the Yahoo Mail app and add it to your desktop too. Here are the steps to add Yahoo Mail to your desktop using Yahoo Mail app:

  1. Go to Microsoft Store and install the Yahoo Mail app from the Microsoft Store.
  2. Once you have installed the Yahoo Mail app, press windows key and type Yahoo, you will see the Yahoo Mail app.
  3. Right-click on the app. It will open a context menu.
  4. There you can see many options. Click “Pin to Start” to place an icon for the Yahoo Mail app on the Windows Start screen. Click “Pin to taskbar” to pin a shortcut icon for Yahoo Mail to the Taskbar.
  5. It doesn’t have an option like create a desktop shortcut. To create a desktop shortcut, select the Open file location option from the context menu. 
  6. From the window, right-click on the file and select Create Shortcut option.
  7. Copy and paste the shortcut to the desktop.

If you don’t like Yahoo Mail App and is looking to remove/uninstall it. Here are the steps for you:

  1. Press windows key type settings, click on the Settings icon from the search result.
  2. Click on Apps from the Windows Setting Panel.
  3. Click on Apps & Features from the left navigation menu. By default, the Apps & features option is preselected.
  4. Search from the list of installed app and select the Yahoo Mail app and click the Uninstall button.
  5. Tooltip saying, “This app and its related info will be uninstalled,” click the Uninstall button to confirm.
  6. You have successfully uninstalled the Yahoo Mail App.

The Yahoo Mail app for Windows 10 has been discontinued. Going forward, you can access your Yahoo Mail account using your web browser.

Source: Yahoo support

How to add a Yahoo email account to the Windows 10 Mail app

Since Yahoo announced that Yahoo Mail app is discontinued, you can add Yahoo email account to another Mail app like Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.

You can add Yahoo Mail to any third-party email app by setting up Yahoo IMAP. Check the article on “How To Access Your Yahoo Mails With Your Email Clients Using IMAP and POP”

If you are using Windows 10 Mail app, then it’s super easy to add the Yahoo email account. Here are the steps to add a Yahoo email account to the Windows 10 Mail app:

  1. Search for keyword Mail from search bar located at the bottom on Taskbar. Open the Mail app from the search result.
  2. From the Mail app, click the Settings (gear) button located in the bottom-left corner. You will land on Settings Page.
  3. Click on Manage Accounts Settings Page. Accounts Page will open
  4. Click on Add account option from Accounts Page.
  5. A list with a bunch of Email options will appear, select Yahoo! from the list.
  6. Now, type your Yahoo email account and click Next.
  7. Type your correct Yahoo email password and click Sign in.
  8. Click Agree to allow the app to access your Yahoo account.
  9. Congratulation, you have set up Yahoo Mail to your Windows 10 Mail App.

Now your Yahoo emails will begin to sync with the Mail app, and after that, you can manage your Yahoo Mail from the Mail app itself.


Now, you have learned to create the shortcut for your yahoo mail on a desktop, which can be helpful for you on your busy schedule. Besides that, you can also add your other webmail accounts on shortcuts if you follow the procedure, which I have explained above in this article. If you got stuck while following the above process, then leave a comment in the comment section down below. We will certainly reply with a robust solution.u

And don’t forget to check out our other yahoo related article where we have explained some tips and solutions for any yahoo mail problem or queries.

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print yahoo contacts using excel

How to Export and Print Yahoo Contacts?

Do you have a lot of contacts in your Yahoo Mail? If you have many contacts in your Yahoo address book, then this article will be helpful for you because today, I will guide you on how to print yahoo contacts.

As there isn’t any printing option from the page itself, the “Export CSV” feature in Yahoo Contacts enables you to print the address book. Especially for those users who have many contacts and whose address book doesn’t only contain contacts but also email address and other relevant contact information, targeting those users, Yahoo features the “Export CSV.”

How to Print My Yahoo Contacts?

As there isn’t an option to print Yahoo Contacts directly from the Yahoo Mail, we are printing it with the help of an Excel file. So, I have divided the steps into two parts one downloading the Yahoo Contacts CSV file. Or, in simple words exporting the Yahoo Contacts. And the next step to adjusting the Yahoo contacts and downloading via the Excel file.

Steps to Export Yahoo Contacts

To print your address book and contacts, first, you should have access to your account and download your contacts; “Export CSV.”

export yahoo contacts

  1. Log in to your Yahoo Mail account (Username and password)
  2. After you get access to your Yahoo Mail account, On the homepage you will see Mail icon, click on the Mail icon.
  3. After that, on the right side of your screen, click on the Contacts icon beside of calendar and notepad.
  4. Now under Contacts, click on the All, which is the middle of the Top and Lists.
  5. Now, after you click on the All, you will see a list of all contacts you have in your Yahoo Mail.
  6. Click on the three horizontal dots; now you will see two options in the drop-down menu.
  7. Now, hover your mouse over Export (CSV), and click it.
  8. After you click on the Export (CSV) wait a minute, it will download all your contacts in an Excel file.
  9. Now close your browser and Go to Download folder in your device.
  10. Now under the Download folder, you will see Contacts in the “.csv” file format. Open the file in an Excel file to view contact, or you can also print an Excel file.

To Print Yahoo Contacts via Excel

After you download all your contacts from your Yahoo Mail account, if you want to print contacts, then you can print your all contacts via Excel. However, if you come across any problem while printing your contacts via Excel, here is the step to print Yahoo contacts via Excel.

print yahoo contacts via excel

  1. Browse the location on your computer where you have downloaded your contacts.
  2. Now, open the file in Excel. To do so, right-click the file, then click on open with option. Now, select Excel from the list of options.
  3. Once you open the file, you will have to make some changes to your file before printing your Yahoo Contacts, for example, deleting unused labels.
    Here in this article, I only need the Name, Email Address 1, and the primary phone number of each and every person. So, I am deleting the rest of the labels.
  4. Now, make sure your printer is on and press the Keyboard shortcut key “Ctrl+P” on your excel file. This will open the print settings page, which will display how your page will look when it gets printed.
  5. This is the time you adjust your excel cells. Sometimes, when the cells are too big, the content gets out of the printing page, making the printer unable to print the information that is past the printing line.
  6. Now, once you are done editing and adjusting the printing settings, press the print button.

There you go, you have successfully downloaded the Yahoo Contacts CSV file and printed these contacts to a hardcopy.


If you have printed your Yahoo contacts, then you will have all your contacts in your hand. If you need to make a new Yahoo Mail account or if your account is hacked or permanently blocked, then you can add your contacts looking at the contacts, you have printed. And, if you have any questions regarding this article, then you can leave us a comment in our comment box below. Was This Article Helpful? 😊

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

How do I export Yahoo Contacts to excel?

Microsoft Excel supports CSV format too. By default, Yahoo Contacts is in CSV format. Hence you need to download the Yahoo Contacts to export to excel. The detailed step to download Yahoo Contacts is mentioned above on Sub Heading Steps to Export Yahoo Contacts.

How do I export Yahoo Contacts to my Outlook?

First thing first, you need to download yahoo Contacts. The steps are mentioned above in this article. After you download the Contacts CSV file. Follow these steps to export Yahoo Contacts to Outlook:

  1. Choose File option from the top menu bar. File Menu will appear.
  2. From File Menu, choose Open & Export > Import/Export. Import/Export wizard gets started.
    Outlook Import/Export
  3. From the Import/Export wizard, Choose option Import from another program or file, and then click Next.
  4. Choose Comma Separated Values [because our Yahoo Contacts is in CSV format], and then choose Next.
    Import/Export Wizard Outlook
  5. In the Import a File box, import your Yahoo Contacts CSV with the help of the browse button.
  6. Microsoft has provided Options to handle duplicates. There are three options which you can see on Import a File Box
    Replace duplicates with items imported:   Replace your contact to the contact present in Outlook, if a contact is already in Outlook and your contacts file.|
    Allow duplicates to be created [Default Option]: Keeps both the contact: In your Yahoo Contact list as well as in Outlook. There is an option to combine info for those people later to eliminate duplicate contacts.
    Do not import duplicate items: If a contact is present in Outlook and as well as your Yahoo contacts file, the contact of Outlook is kept, and the contact of the Yahoo contact file is discarded.
  7. Select the option as per your need and click Next.
    Import File Outlook
  8. In the Select a destination folder box, select the appropriate destination folder and click Next.
  9. Finally, click Finish. Boom! You successfully imported all Your Yahoo Contact list to Outlook.

[Note: The steps are for Outlook 2016, but the steps are very similar for other Versions of Outlook too.]

How do I export Yahoo Contacts to my Gmail?

Assuming that you have downloaded the Yahoo Contact CSV with the help of our article, here are the steps to export Yahoo Contact to Gmail Account.

  1. On your computer browser, navigate to Google Contacts.
  2. If you aren’t logged in, you will be redirected to google login. Login with correct credentials and proceed further.
  3. Select Import Option from the left navigation menu. Import contacts modal will pop up.
  4. Click Select File and Select the Yahoo Contact CSV file you exported from Yahoo Mail. Google support CSV and vCard format file.
    Gmail Import Contacts
  5. Click on Import.
  6. Congratulation, you have successfully Imported Yahoo Contacts to your Gmail Account.

How do I export my Yahoo Contacts to icloud?

Though CSV is a very popular format to store the Contact list, iCloud don’t support CSV format for Contacts. Instead, it prefers a VCF (vCard) format. Hence, importing CSV file contacts to iCloud is a bit complex.

Assuming you have already downloaded the Yahoo Contacts file (CSV file) from Yahoo, the next step is to convert the Yahoo CSV file to vCard format. There are lots of methods to convert CSV files to the VCF (v Card) file. Some of them are:

  1. Import the CSV contact file to Gmail or outlook and again export it back on VCF format.
  2. There are lots of tools online that convert CSV contact to v Card contact. Just google it. One paid tool is SysTools

I prefer method one as it is free.

After you get your CSV contact file on VCF format, you can export that file to iCloud. Here are the steps:

  • Navigate to iCloud using browser or via App. Login to iCloud with correct Apple username and Password
  • Once you are logged in, click on the Contacts icon from the grid menu.
  • From the iCloud Contacts, click the Action pop-up menu [setting icon] in the sidebar, then choose Import vCard option.
    iCloud Contacts
  • Now browser the VCF format of the Yahoo Contacts we converted and then click on the open button. iCloud will import all the contacts on VCF file to iCloud Contacts.
  • Now, you can access Yahoo Contact from iCloud too.
Add an Image in your Yahoo Mail Signature

How to Add an Image in your Yahoo Mail Signature

If you use Yahoo Mail as your primary webmail and want to increase the professional look to your emails, adding an image or logo in your yahoo mail signature is an option, this will create a professional look to your emails. So, keep on reading the article and find out how to add an image in your Yahoo Mail Signature and create a professional-looking email.

What is Email Signature?

An email signature is a text/sentence that the sender appends to the end of the email message you send out. Typically, the sender use signature to offer the recipient with your title, email address, company contact information, or Web site URL. Some individuals, though, will utilize a signature to sign off their email with a final announcement, humorous quote, or alternative message. Almost all popular Email Client provides the option to add the signature to all incoming emails or add the signature in particular outgoing emails.

The Importance of Email Signatures

Having an email signature is like giving a person a company card every single time you send an email. You would like it to look professional and reveal your organization’s personality. You wouldn’t just hand a prospective customer a scrap of blank paper with your contact information scrawled onto it, do you? No way! Email signatures can be a very valuable tool and very easy to implement.
Some Major Reasons Why Email Signatures Are Important:

  • Email Signatures are a symbol of Legitimacy and Professionalism. Using Email Signature with Organisation Name, Designation gives hints that email is professional and is legitimate.
  • By producing a cohesive email signature for each employee in your staff, you create brand recognition in each person to whom your employees send emails.
  • Email Signature is a Digital Business Card. Like was a business card, Email Signature is a way to connect with customers and communicate your openness to communication.
  • Adding a picture to your email signature, it shows the person receiving the email to make a private association and relationship with you.
  • A sender can add Important quick links to Email Signature. For instance, the Linking organization’s phone number, recipients can easily contact the sender if needed.

Steps to Add Image in your Yahoo Mail Signature

  1. Open your browser and sign in to your Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Now, click on the Mail icon to get into the Inbox page of your Yahoo Mail.
  3. Once you get into the inbox page, click on the gear icon on the upper right corner of your screen. The gear icon is on the navigation panel of the right sidebar.
  4. Click on the More Settings option from the Setting drop-down menu to go to the setting page.
  5. Now, from the settings page, click on the Writing email option from the left sidebar of the page. This will open a page where you can add edit or remove yahoo mail signature or change the text format of your email.
  6. Now, toggle on the on-off switch from the Signature to add a signature. Type in your signature.
  7. Now comes the tricky part, adding an image to your signature. You don’t see an option to add images to your signature, right. That’s because you cannot directly add an image in your Yahoo Mail signature.
  8. However, to add an image in your yahoo mail signature is pretty easy.
  9. To upload an image to your yahoo mail signature you need to have uploaded that image to an online hosting website from where you can access that image online.
  10. There are plenty of free image hosting sites on the web that you can use. Most probably, you will have google photos on your android phone. You can access an image from your google photos from the web to add it to your yahoo signature. Or you can use free hosting sites like Imgur, Flickr, Instagram, 500px, Dropbox, TinyPic, PostImage, ImageShack, and ImageVenu.
  11. Now, go to the site where you uploaded the image. Oh! And make sure to resize the image if it is very big. Open the image and right-click the image. Select Copy from the list to copy the image.
  12. Now, go to your yahoo signature page and place the mouse cursor in the signature box where you want your image to appear.
  13. Right-click your mouse button and click the paste option to place the image in the signature box.
  14. Now, finish up your Yahoo signature by adding more details if you like.
  15. Finally, get back to your inbox area and click the compose button to compose an email. The signature with your logo or your image will automatically be inserted into your email at the bottom.

Here you go, this is how you can add an image in your Yahoo Mail Signature. If you have any queries regarding any topic in the Yahoo webmail service, feel free to contact us. We will definitely help.

Steps to Use HTML In Your Yahoo Mail Signature

Further More You Can also integrate HTML Into Your Yahoo Mail Signature. You don’t need to have knowledge of HTML to integrate HTML into Your Yahoo Mail Signature; Yahoo provides an HTML toolbar from which you can style your text. The steps to Use HTML In Your Yahoo Mail Signature are:

  1. Open your browser and sign in to a Yahoo Mail account .
  2. When you get in the inbox page, click on the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the More Settings option in the drop-down menu to go to the setting page.
  4. Currently, you are on the settings page, click the Writing email option from the left sidebar of the page. This opens an option where you are can add edit or eliminate yahoo mail signature or modify the text format of your email.
  5. On the signature section, there is an HTML toolbar below by which the user can format the signature.
  6. Some of the options are:
    1. B icon stands for Bold. It bolds the selected text.
    2. I icon stands for Italic. It slants selected text evenly to the right.
    3. RGB icon is used to change the text color.
    4. Aa icon enables the user to change the font of the selected text.
    5. Furthermore, a feature like Alignment, Indentation, etc. can also be done from the HTML toolbar.


Manually adding Yahoo Contacts in new yahoo mail

How to Add Contacts to Yahoo Mail [Updated 2020]

If you are new to Yahoo Mail, here is a thing, Yahoo is one of the best webmail platforms that offers so many services that we call Yahoo Services. And among them is Yahoo Contacts or address book. So, create a Yahoo mail account today and explore all of the services that Yahoo provides.

Your Yahoo address book or contact list is a way to organize all your personal and business contacts at a single place. You can add a person’s personal details like phone number, email address, locations, birthday and many more. Yahoo Contact keeps your address book organizes in such a way that you will not have to search your emails for your particular contacts.

You can even sync the contacts in your Yahoo Address book with your mobile device, with just a single click.

Adding Contact in Yahoo Mail is very easy you just need to follow some procedure and you are done. With the current new update, the procedure is quite different than what we used to follow previously. There are different ways you can add contacts in Yahoo Mail and today in this article we will be discussing all of them.

As of the update of Yahoo in 2019, the User Interface of Yahoo Contacts has changed thus, the procedure of adding or accessing Yahoo contacts has also been changed. So, let’s look at the new procedure to access Yahoo Contacts.

There are various ways to add contacts to your Ymail account. In this article, you will be learning about adding contacts to your Yahoo Mail using multiple techniques.

Manually Adding new Contacts to Yahoo Mail Contacts In New Yahoo Mail

If the steps that are explained below do not work for your check out the Yahoo basic mail’s step. follow the steps given right after the steps below.

Manually adding Yahoo Contacts in new yahoo mail

  1. First, log in to your Yahoo Mail Account:
  2. Then, tap on the Mail icon from your Yahoo Home page to get inside your inbox area.
  3. Now, tap on the Contacts icon on the upper right corner of the page. It’s on the navigation bar of your right sidebar.
  4. Now, you will see a +Add a new contact at the end or at the footer of your right sidebar. Click the button to open a form to add contacts in Yahoo Mail.
  5. Now, fill-up the form with a person’s detail: Contact Name, Nickname, Email Phone Number, Address, Work Detail, and Personal details.
  6. Finally, click the Save button to save the contacts on your Yahoo’s address book.

form to add new contact

Manually Adding Contacts in Yahoo Address Book Using Yahoo Basic Mail

First, in order to use the Yahoo Basic mail, switch your current/new Yahoo Mail to basic mail. To do so, tap on the Settings gear icon on the upper right corner of your screen then click More Settings. Now, locate Switch Switch to basic Mail from the left sidebar of your settings page and click it to switch to Yahoo Basic Mail.

Now, follow the steps to add contacts to Yahoo Address book.

  1. From the Yahoo Basic Mail, tap on the Contacts tab from the navigation bar of the inbox page. Taps are right below the search box of your landing page.
  2. Now, tap on Add Contacts from the contacts page that is right below the search box of the address book.
  3. A new form will appear on your screen containing information: Name and Contact Information.
  4. Now fill-up the form enter your contacts detail like First name, Middle Name, Last name their email id, Nickname, and contact number. This is all you can add from the basic mail.
  5. Now, click on the Save button to save your contact. Repeat the process to add more contacts manually.
    If you want to edit the contacts detail, I would recommend to edit it from the new yahoo mail as you will get many more fields like adding birthdays, notes and many more.

Adding Contacts from Received Messages on Ymail

When you are reading an email, hover your mouse button over the sender’s name, this will open a dialogue box containing a copy address, new message, and search for messages for this particular person and Add to Contacts.

If you click on the Add to Contacts or use shortcut key Shift+A, you can edit the user detail before saving it to the new contact.

Or in the current version of Yahoo Mail, the user detail will open up in the right sidebar of your email page if you click the user’s email address or username.

adding contacts from received message

Now, click on the +add to contacts link to open the form to edit the user detail before saving it to your Address Book.

Adding Contacts when Sending a Message

Adding contact when you send a message to contact is quite simple. For this, you need to login to your ymail account, go to Settings>Writing emails and enable or click the checkbox automatically add a new recipient to contact on When sending messages.

How to Import Contact List from Another Email Account to Ymail Account

If you have any other email account like Gmail, Outlook, AOL or Facebook, you can directly import contacts to Yahoo Mail Contacts from these accounts.

import contacts on Yahoo Mail

Here is an example:

In the following case, I am importing contacts from my Gmail Account to Ymail Account. You can import contacts from any other site following the same steps.

  1. Click on the Mail anchor text on the top right corner of your homepage.
  2. In the right navigation bar, click on the Contacts symbol.
  3. All your contacts will open on your right sidebar.
  4. Now click the three vertical dots on the upper right corner of your contacts.
    you can click the settings gear icon and tap on more settings to open the settings page.
    from the settings page, tap on the Social accounts tab on the left sidebar.
  5. Now, from the Social accounts page, select the webmail service from where you want to import your contact. Here in my case its Gmail. So, I click Import right next to Gmail.
  6. Next, a new page will open containing a list of your Gmail accounts logged into your browser or a signing page will appear on that page.
    In both the case, log in to the account from where you would like to import contacts from.
  7. Once you are logged in, Gmail will ask for your permission to grant yahoo to access your Gmail to fetch your contacts from Gmail.
    Tap on the Allow button to grant permission.
  8. Now, the page will exit and Yahoo will automatically import all your contacts from Gmail to Yahoo Contacts.
    To abort the fetching of your address book tap on Stop importing. This will cancel the importing of contacts.

 Can you Import Contact List Using Yahoo Basic Mail

Currently, you don’t have an option to import contacts to your Yahoo Address Book using Yahoo Basic Mail.

Create New Contact List of your Choice on Ymail Account

There might be various reasons you want to separate a group of people to end the message. You might want to send a message using BCC or CC, or sending emails to your department colleague at once, or sending a message to your peer group, etc.

Add contact list

The following steps will guide you to create and use Yahoo mail Contact Lists or Distribution Lists.

  1. First, log in to your Ymail account.
  2. Click on the Contacts Symbol on your right navigation bar.
  3. On the right sidebar, right below the Search contacts tap on the Lists tab.
  4. If you don’t have any lists, your list will be empty. So to create one tap on + Create list.
  5. Now, on the create list form, give your list a name.
  6. Again to add contacts to the list, start typing their name in Add contacts text field, Yahoo will automatically suggest with the names you just typed.
  7. select the person and that contact will be added to the list.
    you can add as many contacts as you want in a contact list.
  8. Now, hit the enter button and you are done, you just created a Contact list in Yahoo Contacts.

Now you need to add contacts to this list as it is empty at the moment to do so, follow the next steps.

Adding Contacts to your New Contact List on Yahoo Mail

adding contacts in your contact list

Now, if you want to add more contacts in your Contact lists follow these simple steps.

  1. After you logged in to your Yahoo Mail, click on the contacts icon on your upper right corner.
  2. Now, tap on the Lists tab on the navigating bar of your right sidebar.
  3. Select the Contact list with the help of the dropdown menu.
  4. Now, click Edit right next to the dropdown menu.
  5. Type in the contacts that you want to add in the list on the Add contacts field.
  6. Hit the enter button and your contacts will be saved.

Removing Contacts from a List/Contact Group on Yahoo Mail

deleting contacts from your contact list

To delete contacts from your Contact List follow the following steps.

  1. First login to your Yahoo Mail and tap on the Contacts icon from the navigation bar of your right sidebar.
  2. Next, tap on the Lists tab to open your user-defined lists or group.
  3. Now, using the drop-down on the List page on your right sidebar, select the list from where you want to remove the contact.
  4. Next, click edit right next to the drop-down menu.
  5. Now, look through the group list and click on the X mark right next to the contact that you want to remove from the group.
    The contact will automatically be removed from your list.

Finding Contacts on Yahoo Mail Account

search contacts

To search for your contact, there is a search box on your Contact page of Yahoo mail. Its also in the right sidebar of your Yahoo Mail page. You can type the name of the recipient and click Search Contact. It will render all the contact associated with that name on your contact list.

Finding Contacts on Yahoo Basic Mail

To search contacts using Yahoo’s Basic Mail, the first load up your inbox area. Then click on the Contacts tab from the navigation bar. Now type in your query in the contacts search box and click the search button to search your contacts in the Yahoo Address Book.

Edit Contact Detail on Ymail Account

edit contacts in new yahoo mail

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail account and tap on the Contacts icon on the navigation bar of your right sidebar.
  2. Now, once all the contact details are listed on your right sidebar search for the contacts you want to edit the detail of.
    You can make use of the search box on the contacts bar to search for the contacts.
  3. Now, click the contacts to open the full view of the contact.
  4. Now, on the user’s detail page, click on the three horizontal dots to open hidden menus.
  5. Click on the Edit contact option from the hidden menu/drop-down menu.
  6. There you go, you are provided with an edit for the user in the same right sidebar of your inbox page. edit the user’s detail and click the Save Button to save your change.

To add your contact, the minimum requirement is the first name and an email address.

Edit Contacts Detail in Yahoo Mail Basic

  1. First login to your Yahoo basic mail.
  2. Then from your inbox area, click on the Contacts tab to open your Yahoo Address Book.
  3. Now, search for the contacts that you want to edit the detail of.
  4. Click on the pencil icon on the contact to open the edit form.
  5. Now, edit the user’s detail on the edit page that is opened on your screen
  6. Finally, click on Save Button to save the change.

Note: Fields in Yahoo Basic Mail are limited. You don’t get to add personal details or organization detail with the basic version of yahoo mail. To get full functionality use the newer version of yahoo mail.

Delete Contact Detail on Ymail Account

delete contacts in new yahoo mail

To delete the Contacts from your Yahoo Mail, follow the steps:

  1. Open the address book by clicking on the contacts icon from the right sidebar.
  2. In the newer version of yahoo, you are not allowed to select multiple contacts to delete. So, you will manually have to select the contact and delete them.
  3. now, click on a contact that you want to delete.
  4. Click on the three horizontal dots once the contact details open on the sidebar.
  5. Then click on the delete option from the dropdown menu.
  6. Finally, confirm your deletion by click on the Delete button on the deleting pop-up dialogue box.

You cannot add a new contact with the same email address you just deleted.

Delete Contact Detail on Yahoo Basic Mail

Deleting contact using yahoo basic mail is quite simple. You just need to open the Yahoo Address Book. Then a list of all your contacts will appear on your screen. Now, click on the bin icon right next to the contact you want to delete. That’s all.

Restore or Permanently Delete Contacts on Ymail Account

To permanently remove or restore deleted contacts follow the steps.

premanently delete or restore contact detail on ymail account

  1. Click on the Deleted Contacts from the left navigation bar.
  2. Check the contacts you want to delete permanently or restore.
    Click on Delete Permanently button to delete contacts permanently or Restore Button to restore the contact to the contact list.
  3. Click on Done to complete the step.

How to Back up Contacts from Yahoo Mail Account

To back up your contact list, you need to export your contacts to your PC. Follow the following steps to back up your contacts.

backup or export contacts from Yahoo Mail

  1. First, open the Yahoo Address book by click on the contacts icon from the upper right corner of your inbox page.
  2. Then, tap on the three horizontal dots from the contacts page to open up a hidden menu.
  3. From the dropdown menu, tap on the Export option.
  4. This will shortly export your contacts in CSV file format. You can open the downloaded file using Microsoft Excel.

Learn how to add a recovery email account on the ymail account so that if you are locked out or your ymail there is always a way in.

How to Automatically Forward AOL Emails to Yahoo Mail

In the past, I have created the AOL mail account to communicate with people and for work purposes. Then suddenly, one day I want to try another new webmail service, which is yahoo. I kept using the yahoo mail and forgot that I still have an AOL mail account. Sometimes I miss the important message from the AOL because I forget to check the account. And I don’t want to get in such kind of situation so I came up with a solution – where I can access the emails of AOL into my yahoo mail. So today, I will show you how can you automatic forward AOL emails to yahoo mail on this article.

Forwarding the AOL email to your yahoo mail isn’t as complicated as you think. In fact, you can also save time while combing your both webmail account into a single account. So just follow the procedure steps by steps down below to make it happen.

How to automatic forward AOL Emails to Yahoo Mail?

There are few simple steps to automatic forward all your AOL incoming messages to yahoo mail. So let’s move into the steps down below

  1. Open your browser and type to open the official page of yahoo mail.
  2. Now, login into the mail account using your yahoo email address and password to access your yahoo mail.
    If you still haven’t created your yahoo mail account, then check out this article to register for yahoo.
  3. After that, click on the “Settings” gear icon at the upper right corner of the yahoo mail home screen. Once you click that icon, it opens the drop-down menu, which shows different customization layout of the yahoo mail.
  4. Now, select the “More Settings” option to open the settings page of yahoo mail where you can customize your yahoo mail account with lots of settings.
  5. Now, choose the “Mailboxes” from the upper right side of the yahoo settings page. After that, it opens the mailbox management from where you can manage or add your other mail accounts.
  6. Now, click on the “Add mailbox”, which is just under the Mailbox List option. Once you click that button, it opens the different webmail accounts on the right side where you can select any webmail account to receive their emails to your yahoo mail.
  7. You want to receive your AOL emails to your yahoo mail, so select the AOL mail account from the list of different webmail accounts.
  8. Now, enter your AOL email address into the text field to receive all AOL messages to your yahoo mail. After that, click on the “Next” button for the further process.

    Note: If you are signed into the different AOL account, then, first of all, sign out from all the accounts before adding the email address. 
  9. Once you click the next button, it pop-up a new AOL sign-in page or window where yahoo asks to access all the AOL function. So click on the “Agree” button to give yahoo access over the AOL mail account. (It might take couples of minutes for yahoo to access the AOL mail function)
    Note: If you do not see any AOL sign-in page into a new window, then check your browser for pop-up blockers or simply click on the “Relaunch window” button.
  10. Provide the name and description for the AOL account, which helps you to remember why you add your AOL mail inside your yahoo mail. After that, click on the “Done” button to end the process.
    Note: Yahoo will synchronize your AOL account, which might take a couple of minutes. So be patient until the whole synchronization completes.

There you go; you have successfully added your AOL account and also forward all your incoming AOL messages into your yahoo mail. Besides that, you can also remove the AOL account from your yahoo mail if you don’t want to give access to your AOL account to yahoo mail. So how can you do that?

How to remove the AOL account from the yahoo mail?

There is an option in yahoo where you can remove the AOL mail account from the yahoo mail. In other words, you can permanently remove all the messages and data of AOL from yahoo mail. So let’s take a little look down below. 

Note: User cannot revert the process once you remove the AOL mail account from your yahoo mail. 

  1. Once again, open your yahoo mail account and sign in with your yahoo email address and password to access your yahoo mail account.
  2. Now, click on the “Settings” gear icon from the upper right corner of the yahoo mail home page.
  3. From the settings page, select the “More settings” from the drop-down menu, which opens the settings page of yahoo mail.
  4. Now, select the “Mailboxes” option from all those settings options, which is at the upper right side of the settings page. 
  5. After that, choose your AOL mail account from the Mailbox list to remove the account. Just click on the AOL mail account, which slides out the option where you can remove the account.

  6. Now, scroll down to the end and click on “Remove mailbox” button which pop-up the dialog box showing a message “Are you sure you want to remove the account?”
  7. Finally, click on “Remove mailbox” to remove your AOL mail account form the yahoo mail.

This way, you can easily remove your AOL mail account from the yahoo mail to prevent from receiving the messages from AOL mail.


You have learned the easiest way to forward AOL email to yahoo mail and also how to remove the AOL mail from the above steps, which I have explained in this article. Now you can decide whether you want to receive all AOL messages to your yahoo mail or only want to access your yahoo mail by removing the AOL account.

If this article was helpful, then like and comment on the article. I am happy to read all your comments. And you can also visit our for more yahoo related tips or articles.

How to Get Rid of Popping Ads on Yahoo?

In this article today, I will guide you on how to get rid of popping ads on yahoo. Not only in Yahoo but every site and URL. You can use software by downloading, or you can use an extension to block pop up ads. Are you irritated with Pop-Up Ads? 

Usually, when we use any web-browser, we get a lot of Pop-Up Ads which irritates and ruin our mind. And the most irritating part, sometimes irritation turns into anger, while you are in a hurry and you need to send urgent text, message or send attachment and browser throws Ads which doesn’t only disturb you but also makes your device hang. To avoid such a case, you can get rid of popping ads on the Yahoo homepage by using block Ads extensions.

Using Block Ads extensions will block all ads and pop up messages that will display in your web browser. Now you can do your work without any irritation or frustration. So, let’s see how to get rid of Pop-Up ads.

Get Rid of Pop up Ads.

The web browser doesn’t have any blocking ads features, but you can use an extension to block those Popping ads. You can use extensions in any web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer.

How to install Ads blocker extensions on Google Chrome

Google chrome is the most used browser with advance features and smoothness. Using extension doesn’t block Yahoo ads only but also all Ads you will get in your Google Chrome. You can also manually set up and block ads on a particular URL. So, make sure is not in the list “Allowed sites.”

  1.  Open Google Chrome from your device.
  2. Now in the search field of Google Chrome, search ads blocker.
  3. After that, you will see the search result on your screen. Now scroll down and choose any ads Blocker you want to use.
  4. Click on the link and open the Extension.
  5. Now on the right side of the extension name, you will see Add to Chrome.
  6. Click on the Add to Chrome. After that, you will see the pop-up message, click on the Add extension.
  7. Now wait for few minutes, it will automatically install in your device, and you will get a notification.
  8. You on the navigation bar, you will see Ads blocker icon-only, if it was successfully installed.

How to install Ads blocker extensions on Mozilla Firefox?

You can download extensions, or you can also directedly insert them in your Mozilla by installing an inside the browser. After you download and install the extension you can add Block manually and set up to block Ads on Yahoo install the extension and make sure is not in the list, the URL in the list will not block ads its “Allowed sites.”

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox in your device you are using.
  2. In the search field of Mozilla, search Ad-block plus or any extensions you want to add.
  3. Now, click on the link and open the extension you want to use.
  4. Now, under Ads blocker name, you will see the Download Now button. Click on the Download Now button.
  5. Now you will see “learn more about Firefox,” click on the Download anyway link just below learn about Firefox.

  6. Now this will download the extension in your device, open download extension from Download file.
  7. Now you will see the setup of the extension box, after that click on the Ads blocker and install button bottom right of the box.
  8. Now you will see a successful notification after you install it. Now go to Mozilla Firefox you will see the extension in the navigation bar.

You can also Add ads block extension following steps.

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and search for the Ads blocker extension.
  • Now click on the green arrow icon from the extension.
  • After that, click on Add to Firefox of the extension.
  • Install the extension, click on the Install, and then click on the Restart Now if error.
  • Now after successful Install, you will be notified and can see an extension in the navigation bar of Mozilla Firefox.

How to install Ads blocker extensions on Internet Explorer?

In Internet Explorer, you can use simple Ad-block or Ad-block IE to block popping ads. After installing extension and software, you can set it manually or leave it default. The default will block all the ads in your Internet Explorer, but you can allow other URLs to get ads by mentioning URL in “Allowed sites.” Make sure is not listed.

Internet Explorer: Simple AdBlock (Extension)

  1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to AdBlock.
  2. Choose Adblocker and click on the Download Now.
  3. After that, click on the Download Installer.
  4. Now, after you download, click on the Run button after that accept the terms of the license agreement.
  5. Now follow the prompts and install the add-on.
  6. After you install, click on the Finish and then click on the Enable.
  7. After you install and enable the extension, you can see an extension you added in the navigation bar of the Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer: AdBlock IE (Software)

  1. Open Internet Explorer and navigate to AdBlock IE.
  2. Choose AdBlock IE and click on the Download AdBlock IE and then click on the Run button.
  3. After that, click on the Yes if prompted.
  4. Now click on the Next button and install the software. Go through terms and accept the agreement.
  5. After that, click on the Enable button to add an extension.
  6. You can find software in setting, the software you are using to block ads.


Now you can stop/block pop up ads and messages while you are using your Yahoo Mail in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Internet Explorer. You can also manually select the URL that you want to see ads and insert URL in the “Allowed Sites” list. I hope you can now block Pop-Up Ads and messages. If you have any questions regarding this article, then you can leave us a comment in the comment section below, and you can visit our official website for more Yahoo guide.

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How to Automatically Forward Outlook/Hotmail Messages to Yahoo Mail

We are living in such a generation where most of the works involve email. Your office work, college assignment, job application, and even every small daily work are shared with the help of email. It became a part of our life as we will find ourselves in trouble if an email suddenly stops working correctly. And nobody likes to get in trouble, so there is a solution where you can forward all your one account email to your other webmail account if you cannot access one of your webmail account messages. And today, I will take an example of Outlook and yahoo to give you a clear idea on how you can forward messages from Outlook to yahoo mail.

Today in this article, I will show you two different methods of forwarding the messages from Outlook to yahoo mail: normal method and Rule method. So follow the procedure steps by steps down below to forward your outlook messages to yahoo mail.

Forward all mail from Outlook to yahoo mail

You can forward all your outlook incoming emails or messages to your yahoo mail with the following steps down below.

  1. Open the browser and type, which opens the official page of Outlook.
  2. Now login with your Microsoft email ID and password in order to open your outlook mail account.
  3. Select on the “Settings” gear icon option, which is at the top upper right corner of the inbox page. After that, it opens the drop-down menu where you can customize your outlook mail page.
  4. Now, click on the “View all Outlook settings” option, which is at the bottom part of the drop-down menu. Once you click that option, it pops up the outlook settings dialog box where you can organize your all outlook mail account.

  5. Select the “Email” option from the left side of the Outlook settings page. After that, it slides out the mail layout or settings where you can customize your outlook emails.
  6. Now search for the “Forwarding” option, and once you find it select that option in order to forward your outlook email or messages to yahoo mail.
    Note: For security, reason Outlook can ask you to verify your account before proceeding further. Verification can be done using an Alternate Email account or SMS verification method.
  7. Select the “Enable forwarding” in the checkbox, which helps to let you automatic forward all your outlook messages to yahoo mail. Note: If you do not want to forward your outlook messages then, clear the Enable forwarding in the checkbox. 
  8. Now, enter your yahoo account email address in the text field.
  9. In case you want to keep a copy of your outlook messages in your outlook account then, select the “Keep a copy of forwarded messages” in the checkbox.
    Note: If you do not mark the keep a copy of forwarded messages in the checkbox then, you cannot find any forwarded mail in your outlook account, neither in your deleted folder. It’s because Outlook will forward all your original incoming messages to your yahoo mail directly.
  10. Finally, click on the “Save” button that will save your managed settings.

Now, this way, you can forward messages from the Outlook to your yahoo mail with these simple steps.

And, if you want to forward your specific email or messages to your yahoo mail or to someone else, then you can also do that in simple steps. The steps will be slightly different than the above one because we are going to use the Rule method to forward the emails from Outlook.

How to forward Specific Emails from Outlook (Rule method)

First of all, you need to set up a rule in Outlook to handle the incoming email message, which is based on multiple criteria. So let’s get started without any further delay.

    1. Open your Outlook mail on any browser.
    2. Sign in with your Microsoft email ID and password to open your outlook mail.
    3. Now, select the “Settings” gear icon from the top upper right corner of the outlook mail page. This will opens the drop-down menu with shows lots of customization options for the page.
    4. Select the “View all Outlook settings” option from the drop-down menu to open the setting page of the outlook mail.
    5. Once you select that option, it opens the settings dialog box. Now, click on the “Email” option from the upper left side of the dialog box.
    6. Now, select the “Rule” option to create a new rule for the message forwarding process.
    7. Now, click on the “Add new rule” option, and it opens the form where you can perform the rule method to forward messages.

    8. Give a name for the new rule and choose a suitable name that is easy to remember.
    9. Now, select the “Add a condition,” which shows the list of options in a drop-down arrow. You can choose the following option if you want to forward:
      All emails with attachment then select the “Has attachment” option.
      All emails from a specific sender then choose the “From” option.
      Only your emails, which is marked as important, then select the “Importance” option.
    10. Now, select the “Add an action” and then choose the format from the drop-down arrow if you want to forward:
      Your messages as an email then choose the “Forward to” option.
      Your complete original email with any modified attachment then choose the “
      Forward as attachment” option.
    11. Next, enter the destination email address in the text field after you choose one of these options, which I have mentioned in step 10.
      Note: You can add multiple email addresses to receive specific emails from the Outlook.
    12. Finally, click on the “Save” button to forward a specific email.

If you follow all the steps which I have explained above, then you can easily forward the specific messages or email to your yahoo or any other webmail accounts for your outlook mail.


Your email account is essential in your daily life for your day to day work. So if you have two webmail accounts and want to receive all your messages to only one account, in other words, if you only want to use yahoo account for your work, then you can forward your outlook messages to your yahoo mail. So you will not miss any incoming messages in Outlook.

If this article was helpful then, you can also check out our other yahoo related article on Ymail Login, which can be useful, and it might also solve your yahoo related queries which you might be searching for.

Automatically Forward Gmail Messages to Yahoo Mail

How to Automatically Forward Gmail Messages to Yahoo Mail

If you are looking for an option where you can forward all your Gmail messages to your Yahoo Mail, then you are on the right page. Gmail lets you forward all messages that appear in your inbox to Yahoo Mail or any other webmail service. In fact, the process is automatic, so you don’t have to forward the messages one by one to your Yahoo Mail Account. The Gmail forwarding option is the best solution for those who have more than one webmail account that they need to manage. So today, I will explain how you can automatically forward Gmail messages to Yahoo Mail on this article.

What is Automatic Email Forwarding?

Email Forwarding is the process of resending a message that you get in one email address to one to possibly many email addresses. So, in an automatic email forwarding, the webmail will automatically transfer / forward an email that you get in that webmail to the email address that you set as a forwarding email.

You don’t have to configure any settings on your yahoo account to forward the Gmail messages. So if you are deciding to receive all the Gmail messages to yahoo, then follow these simple procedures down below.

How to Automatically Forward Gmail Messages to Yahoo Mail?

Below are the steps that you can follow to forward Gmail Message to Yahoo Mail automatically.

Automatically Forward Gmail Messages to Yahoo Mail

  1. Open your browser and type, which opens the official Gmail page.
  2. Now enter with your Gmail email Id and password to get access to your Gmail account.
  3. Once you get inside your Gmail home page, then click on the Settings gear icon, which is at the top right corner of the Gmail home screen.
  4. Now, choose the “settings” option from the drop-down menu. After that, it opens the Gmail settings page with lots of settings options.
  5. From the settings page, select the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab with which you can forward all your Gmail messages to your yahoo mail.
  6. Now in the Forwarding box, click on “Add a forwarding address” where you can enter your yahoo email address.
  7. Enter the yahoo email address in the text field in order to forward your Gmail messages. After that, click on the “Next” button once you enter your yahoo email address.
  8. Now you will get the pop-up dialog box showing a message “Confirm forwarding address.” Click the “Proceed” button to continue the forwarding process.
    Note: Gmail will send the confirmation code to your yahoo mail to verify the forwarding address. So you have to verify the code to complete the forwarding process.
  9. Now, open your yahoo mail account and login with your yahoo email and password.
  10. Once you get access to your yahoo mail, search for the conformation code message into your inbox. When you find it, then open the message to confirm the provided code.
  11. Now, click on the “confirmation link” to confirm the request.
    Alternative, you can also copy the code and paste it to the Gmail forwarding address if you can’t get access the link. Sometimes the appeared link can be broken due to some technical issues. So how can you do these steps?
    -Simply copy the code from the confirmation message and paste it in the “confirmation code” box.
    -Now, click on the “Verify” button to complete the confirmation process.
  12. Now, select the “Forward a copy of incoming mail” and enter your yahoo email address in the text field.
    Note: You can set lots of options for your forwarded messages. In other words, you can tell Gmail what to do about the forwarded messages. So follow the steps down below to set the option for your messages.
  13. You can choose any option from the drop-down below to tell Google about what to do with forwarded messages. So how those options do works for your forwarded messages.
    Keep Gmail’s copy in the inbox tells the Gmail to keep the original incoming message in Gmail inbox as unread.
    Mark Gmail’s copy as read will mark your incoming message as read and leaves in your Gmail inbox.
    -Archive Gmail’s copy instructs the Gmail to mark the forwarded messages as read and then remove the message from the inbox. After that, it will keep the messages in the archive for retrieval. This option is pretty much a useful option that Gmail provides to its users.
    -Delete Gmail’s copy option allows the Gmail to move the incoming messages into the trash folder once they are forwarded to your yahoo mail. These trashed messages are deleted after 30 days.
    Note: It doesn’t matter which option you choose because you will receive a copy of the incoming message to your yahoo mail.
  14. Finally, click on the “Save Changes” button to save changes.

Now, this way, you can automatically forward all your incoming Gmail messages to your yahoo mail. However, if you don’t want to receive all the Gmail messages to yahoo mail, then you can also disable the options.

How can you Disable Automatic Gmail Message Forwarding? 

You can disable the forwarding option with these simple steps down below.

  1. Open your Gmail mail account and sign in with your Gmail Id and password.
  2. Click on the Settings gear icon at the upper right corner of the Gmail home screen.
  3. Now, select the “settings” option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” tab option from the settings.
  5. After that, select the “Disable forwarding” option from the forwarding.
  6. Finally, click on the “Save Changes” button to disable the forwarding message.

If you follow the above steps, then you can easily disable automatic email forwarding from your Gmail.


If you don’t have enough time to check the Gmail account or just want to access both Gmail and yahoo messages into a single yahoo mail, then this article is a life saving for you. You can easily set up the forwarding process on your yahoo with the steps which I have explained above in this article. Apart from this, you also learn to disable the forwarding option to prevent from receiving the messages in Yahoo mail.

If this article was helpful, then do like and comment or you can visit the site for more yahoo related articles. Have a nice day!

Send a Large File From Yahoo Mail

How to Send a Large File From Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Email service has been there for a long time. And emails you can do a lot of things with your Yahoo Mail, one of which is attaching files, images to your emails. With Yahoo Webmail Service, you get 1TB of storage that is enough for millions and millions of text emails with attachments. However, it limits the size of the message and the attachment sent via their service. This is enough for text documents, a few images, and other small files. But what happens when you have to send a large file from Yahoo Mail?

Thankfully there are some ways you can follow to send a large file through your Yahoo Mail. Let’s have a closer look at how to send a large file from Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail Attachment Size Limit

Similar to most of the popular email service providers, like Gmail, Yahoo Allows users to send an email of up to 25 MB in size. The size also counts the size of the email message. So, if you are trying to send a file that is exactly of 25MB, you won’t be able to send the file. If that’s the case, you can reduce the size of the message or the attachment, which we will discuss in our next subtopics.

Different Ways to Send a Large File From Yahoo Mail

Reducing Size of a Message, You Send

As I have mentioned earlier, the maximum size of the email that Yahoo offers to send at a time is 25 MB. So, if the message you are about to send exceeds the limit a little bit, you can reduce the size of your message by following ways:

  • Compressing the File Before Sending
  • Send Separate Mails if you have multiple files
  • Rather than attaching files send a downloadable link

Now, let’s describe them in detail

Compressing the File Before Sending

There are various desktop and online tools that you can use to compress your files or folders into one.

The most common Desktop tool to compress your file is WinZip and WinRAR. The tool compresses one-to-many files into a zip file that has relatively less size than uncompressed files. Then send your Yahoo email attaching the compressed file. Sending this kind of data, however, requires the receiver to have the same tool to unzip the files.

The most common online tools to compress files are youcompress, pdfcompressor, wecompress, Tinyjped, and so on. These tools require you to upload your files to their web browser and will provide you a compressed folder. You need to download these compressed files and attach them to your Yahoo email. The limitation with the online tool is that you will not get to compress any type of file in one place. Some compressor offers at most two types of files to compress. Meaning, you cannot compress your pdf file on a webpage that compresses images.

Send Separate Mails if you have Multiple Files

Now let’s suppose your compressed files to its extent. However, the file size still exceeds 25MB. You might be thinking about what should you do. This section of the article is for you.

What you can do is. If you have multiple files that you need to send, you can break those files down into small chunks and compress them separately in chunks. Now, the next step is to send those emails messages separately.

For example, I have 30 images with size 1MB each. The total size of the attachment is 50 MB. I used TinyJPEG to compress my images; however, the tool only compressed the image by 25% that led to 37.5MB in total. I can’t send this file, so I again compressed these files using WinRAR, which compressed to further 5%. However, still, I am left with 35.6MB, which I can’t send.

So, the solution is to break down the compressed images into two half and send them in two separate Yahoo emails. this way I can send large file From Yahoo Mail

Send a Downloadable Link

Most of the time, the photographers won’t use compressor tools to compress their images as it will degrade the quality of the picture by a certain amount. And if you have a single file that exceeds the file size that yahoo has limited, then the steps mentioned above won’t work for you. The only option for you is to upload the file somewhere else and sent the shareable link to the receiver adding the link to your email. Now, this is where our next topic comes in. How to link Dropbox to Yahoo, how to use google drive to send large files via Yahoo Mail.

How to Link Dropbox to Yahoo Mail

Yahoo allows you to attach a dropbox file from their message compose dialogue box. If you want to try the dropbox out, you can create a free account that allows you to upload files up to 2GB. Dropbox is, by far, the best cloud storage I have ever used. If you want to go for the paid version, go with the Dropbox Plus version. This is what I am currently using, which costs $9.99 per month, which gives you 2 TB of storage.

Link Dropbox to Yahoo Mail

Let’s learn how to attach dropbox to Yahoo Mail.

  1. When you finish writing an email from your Yahoo compose page, click on the paperclip icon from the toolbar right beside the send button.
  2. Now, select Share files from the Dropbox option from the drop-down menu to link your Yahoo Mail with your dropbox.
  3. Now, the dropbox window will appear on your screen. Now click on Connect dropbox.
  4. Now, you will have to sign in to your dropbox. Enter your credentials and press the sign-in button.
  5. Now, select the file you want to send, your dropbox link will automatically be attached to your Yahoo Mail email.

Use Google Drive to Send a Lage File From Yahoo Mail

To get access to google drive, you need to have a Gmail account first. And probably you have one. If not, create one because Google provides 15 GB of Free cloud storage to its users where you can store any file, images, or documents. You can generate the shareable link of the file that is greater than 25 MB and send the shareable link on your Yahoo Email. Or you can link your google drive to your Yahoo Mail.

Go to your Message compose page and click the paper clip icon. then click on Google Drive from the list to link it to your Yahoo Mail. Now, select your file and send it to friends.

Other Cloud Storage

There are other cloud storage tools that you can use to send larger files MediaFire and WeTransfer. With MediaFire, you can share up to 10 GB files at once. Just mention to your receiver that you are sending the file via MediaFire to your recipient while sending an email via Yahoo Mail. Likewise, WeTransfer offers to send a file up to 2GB.


There you go, these are the different ways that you can choose to send a large file from Yahoo Mail, or let’s say tricks. I hope you liked the article if you have any queries regarding any topics related to sending emails, leave it on the comment section below. We will definitely look into it and reply you back as soon as possible.


How to Insert Image in Yahoo Mail?

There are two ways you can insert image in Yahoo Mail; one is via the attachment, click on the little paper clip icon on the bottom toolbar of your compose page. Then select the image from your PC drive. Or, you can drag and drop the image into the message box of your Yahoo Mail.

What is the largest email attachment allowed in yahoo mail?

Its 25 MB, combining both the message and the attachment. So, if your attachment is exactly 25 MB, try compressing your file into a zip file; this will save a little space.

How to send large files in yahoo mail using google drive?

First, upload your file to google drive. Then, generate a shareable link from the drive. Copy the link and past it to your Yahoo Email body. This will allow the recipient to download the file you uploaded.

How to Resize or Compress Photo Attachment

If you don’t care if the image quality degrades by a small amount, you can try to use an online tool like tinypng, or tinyjpeg or other photo compressors that reduce the size of your image by resizing your image.

How to send a zip file in yahoo?

First, compress your file using WinRAR or WinZip. Then attach your zip file by clicking the paper icon on the toolbar of your email compose page.

How to send large video files through Yahoo Mail?

The only way to send a large video file via Yahoo Mail is by using google drive, or dropbox, or any other cloud storage that offers file transfer or a shareable link.

How to attach File (Photo/Video/Files) in Yahoo Mail

To attach your files like images, documents, short videos, gif, or any other documents, click on the paper clip icon on the toolbar of the email composing page and select the file from your local drive.

How many attachments can I send via Yahoo Mail?

You can send as many attachments as you want with Yahoo Mail, but the total size of the email with the attachment should not exceed 25 MB. If you’re going to send a large number of files that exceed the Yahoo quota, then you can send the attachment dividing it into chunks of size lesser than 24 MB.