The Death of Yahoo Answers: Features, Closing Down and Alternatives

Do you know what Yahoo Answers is? When people were first introduced to the internet, it was a way for them to ask questions on various topics and receive answers from other users. It was very popular in its day, but now it has been shut down. This blog post will explore why this happened, some alternatives that are available for when Yahoo Answers shuts down completely, and how shutting down might impact the company of Yahoo itself.

Yahoo Answers was a website that allowed users to ask questions and receive answers from other users. It was first created on December 12, 2005, by Yahoo Inc. The site became very popular, but now it is shut down. Yahoo Answers had been shut down on May 4, 2021.

Yahoo Answers had features like:

  • voting on answers,
  • leaving comments
  • following other users,
  • creating profiles, and much more!

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What Is/Was Yahoo Answers?

Yahoo Answers was a website that allowed users to ask questions and receive answers from other users. It had been shut down on May 2021. Yahoo Answers was first created on December 12, 2005, by Yahoo Inc. The site became very popular, but now it is shut down.

Yahoo Answers is a knowledge-sharing website that Yahoo Inc created. It allowed users to ask questions and receive answers from other users of the site on various topics like celebrities, sports, technology, and more!

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Throughout its existence, it had many features like having voting power for answers (similar to Quora), following other users (which were called “experts”), leaving comments, and creating profiles with a photo and biography. In addition, it had categories and subcategories, and users could ask questions about these topics or browse through the list of queries that were already asked.

It was a website where you can discover experts from any field, get your burning question answered by them, meet people who share your interests, and join in on the discussion.

Yahoo Answers was a lot of things to many people. It allowed users the chance to share knowledge and perspective that could be beneficial for other people on various topics. People who were experts on certain topics would answer questions from these “normal” users, which helped them grow their online presence as well as have access to more educational resources.

Features Of Yahoo Answers

Some of the features of Yahoo Answers included:

  • Voting on answers
  • Leaving comments
  • Following other users, called “experts”
  • Creating profiles with a photo and biography
  • Categories and subcategories to find questions
  • Asking questions in the categories or browsing through the list of already asked questions
  • badge for bloggers to share their knowledge on Yahoo Answers

The site was top-rated in its day, and its features allowed users to engage in different ways. People could vote on answers, leave comments, follow other users, and even become experts themselves by answering questions. It also had a badge that bloggers could share if they wrote a blog post about Yahoo Answers.

Did Yahoo Answers Shut Down?

Yes, Yahoo Answers shut down on May 2021. There is no way to access the website anymore.

Can I Still Access Yahoo Answers?

Unfortunately, you cannot access the site anymore since it has already been shut down and is no longer available for viewing or usage. The website was closed, and all its features were deactivated. Therefore, it will not be possible to use them anymore.

Why Did Yahoo Answers Shut Down?

There is no clear answer to why Yahoo Answers shut down, but the general consensus on the topic is that it was due to a lack of users and traffic. The website did not have as many active users who were regularly engaged with their services. In addition, it had been losing subscribers for quite some time now, which led them to decide about shutting down the website.

It’s no secret that Yahoo has not been doing well in the last few years. Their stock prices have been plummeting, and they cannot seem to find a way out of this mess, which might be one reason why Yahoo Answers shut down as well.

Alternatives To Yahoo Answers

When Yahoo Answers shuts down, there are a few alternatives that you can use.

Quora is one of the most popular alternatives to Yahoo Answers. It has been around since 2009 and has amassed over 200 million users. The site works similarly to Yahoo Answers in that it allows users to ask questions and receive answers from other users. In addition, it has categories for different topics, which makes it easy to find what you are looking for based on the topic that concerns your question.

The other alternative is Stack Exchange which works differently from Yahoo Answers and Quora in terms of its functionality. Using Stackexchange allows you to post questions about any topic under the sun and have them answered by experts in that field. It is a great resource for finding information on various topics and has over 160,000 active communities.

Both of these alternatives are great substitutes for Yahoo Answers. They offer similar functionalities as well as different options that might better suit your needs.

Will Yahoo Answers Shutting Down Impact Yahoo?

It is hard to say whether or not Yahoo Answers shutting down will impact Yahoo. It’s been speculated that the company could go bankrupt if they continue to lose subscribers and make these kinds of decisions. However, it has also been mentioned that the company is trying to focus on different areas such as mobile, video, and artificial intelligence. So it is hard to say whether or not this will have a significant impact on Yahoo as a whole.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions about Yahoo Answers shutting down:

Did Yahoo discontinue its website?

No, they only discontinued the functionality of their answers section. So you will not be able to ask or answer new questions on it anymore. However, your previous posts and answers are still there as long as you have them saved somewhere else for access.

Are all of my existing posts in YA deleted when it shut down?

No, they are still on the website if you have saved them for yourself for future reference. They will not be affected by the shutting down of Yahoo Answers and can still be accessed through different means, such as downloading your account or accessing a cached version of the website.

Can I still access yahoo answers?

You can no longer log into Yahoo Answers, and all of its features have been deactivated. In addition, the site is closed to everyone now, so there is no way for anyone to view or access any part of it.


Overall, Yahoo Answers shutting down is not particularly good news. It was a popular website with many potential and offered a great resource for people who wanted to ask questions and receive answers. However, with the lack of users and traffic, it was not feasible for Yahoo to continue running the website in its current state. Nevertheless, there are alternatives available that you can use that offer similar functionalities and different options that might better suit your needs. So if you are looking for a replacement for Yahoo Answers, be sure to check out Quora and Stack Exchange.