How to Access a RocketMail Account

RocketMail was one of the first major free webmail services launched in 1996 by Four11 Corporation. Back in the days, Four11 Corporation battled for the number one spot among free webmail services where Hotmail was its main competitor. Later in 1997 RocketMail was acquired by Yahoo! for $92 Million. In the time of the transaction, new users on RocketMail could either register a Yahoo ID or a RocketMail ID. The RocketMail users were able to keep and receive the same service as Yahoo users. Later in April of 2013 Yahoo mail closed the support of creating a new RocketMail address. Therefore, you cannot create a RocketMail account now. Although, making new RocketMail email account was discontinued, existing RocketMail users were not affected. They are still able to access their unique RocketMail address.

RocketMail email is a part of the Yahoo Mail account now. I am lucky enough to have a RocketMail account with me, so today m writing about signing in to RocketMail account. If you have the RocketMail account, you still can log in to the yahoo mail interface to access your email account using your RocketMail username and its password.

How to sign in to your RocketMail? – In the following article, I have listed a step-by-step process on how you can use your RocketMail account to sign in using Yahoo Mail.

How to Sign in to RocketMail Account

  1. Open your Browser; here I am using my chrome browser to log in to my RocketMail account.
  2. On the address bar, type and hit the enter button and let the page load. Back in 1997, the page would look like this:
    rocketmail signin

But today, loading will redirect the page to Yahoo Mail account.

  1. When the page loads, you will see Yahoo’s sign in page get loaded. Now enter your RocketMail username where its written “Enter your Email.”
  2. Click on Next Button to get to the next page. In this page, you will need to enter your RocketMail email’s password.
  3. Finally, you can click on Sign in button to complete your RocketMail sign in. This will direct you to Yahoo’s mailbox with your RocketMail emails.

Here you go, you have login successfully to your RocketMail. I have other page related to RocketMail sign in like:

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