How To Fix Yahoo Mail Not Working In Chrome? 6 Easy Fixes

Yahoo Mail is one of the most popular email providers on the internet, and not surprisingly Chrome is one of the most used web browsers. Sometimes these two things don’t work well together, which can be frustrating for people who rely on Yahoo Mail to communicate with their friends and family. This post will outline some common problems that occur when using Yahoo Mail in Chrome, as well as suggestions for how to fix them!

You can fix the yahoo mail not working in chrome issue by:

  • clearing the cache from Chrome
  • Restarting your computer
  • updating your chrome browser
  • enabling Java Scripts
  • deactivating browser enhancements
  • resetting chrome to default

I will give a detailed explanation about each of the above solutions below. So, stick till the end.

Why Is My Yahoo Mail Not Working In Chrome?

There may be various reasons why your yahoo mail is not working in your chrome browser. I have faced this issue myself several times. In fact, I was not able to work for a day because of some technical issues with Chrome. So, believe me when I say I can feel you.

It can be frustrating when your email is not working. Especially if it’s your business email. It can be difficult to fix the issue when you don’t know what’s wrong. So, I have listed some of the most common issues here.

Your Chrome Browser Is Not Up-To-Date.

There may be various reasons why your Chrome browser is not working. But, one of the most common reasons could be that you haven’t updated it recently.

I know updating software can be annoying and difficult at times because we all hate those update messages on our screen or those alerts which say “update now.” However, it’s very important to keep your chrome browser updated.

Why? Well, because every new update comes with some security fixes and if you don’t have the latest version of Chrome on your device then you are opening yourself to possible attacks from hackers. So please always keep your system up-to-date. You can do this by going to “Settings” in the Google Chrome browser on your device and then clicking “About Google Chrome” under the section named “More Settings.”

Browser Is Not Working Because It Has Been Blocked By A Firewall Or Security Software.

Sometimes our chrome browser may not be working because it has been blocked by a firewall or security software. If this is the case then you will get an error message when you try to access your email. You can fix this issue very quickly if it’s only Google Chrome that isn’t working on your system. So, you don’t need to worry much.

However, if you are trying to access your email on any other browser and it’s not working then this could be a problem. You will need the help of an expert for that because I am no expert myself in these kinds of things.

There Is Something Wrong With Yahoo Mail Server Settings Or Configuration.

If there is anything wrong with your yahoo mail server settings then your email will not work on Chrome. However, it may work fine in other browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox because these two web browsers use different servers to access emails. So if something is wrong with the yahoo mail servers then you might be able to fix this issue by changing or updating some of your browser’s settings.

This problem is quite common because, as I mentioned above, there are different servers for Chrome and Internet Explorer. As a result, they work on completely different settings so if something is wrong with the yahoo mail server then it may not affect your email working in IE or Firefox browsers. So you need to be very careful while changing any of these settings.

If you are not sure what I am talking about here then please don’t try to change anything yourself because it could harm your system if done wrong. Please let an expert handle this for you so that nobody gets hurt in the process.

Your Java Script Is Disabled

Sometimes, what happens is that your JavaScript is disabled. As a result, the security settings of Gmail are activated which blocks yahoo mail from displaying on the Google Chrome browser.

This happens because you have probably tried to change something in Gmail’s settings and that has affected this feature (JavaScript). So, all you need to do right now is either enable JavaScript or disable Gmail’s security settings.

This problem can be fixed easily if you know what to do, but it may take a lot of time trying to figure things out without any help from an expert. So I recommend that the best thing is for you to try and find a good computer technician who knows how to fix these kinds of issues quickly and efficiently because this could be a very time-consuming process for you.

If the above suggestions don’t work then there may be something wrong with your internet connection or it could even be an issue with yahoo mail servers, so please check that before trying anything else.

How To Fix the Yahoo Mail Technical Issue With Chrome?

The first step towards fixing the issue is by identifying the problem. I guess you have already been through the list of reasons why your yahoo mail is not working with chrome.

The second step would be to look for a solution that fits the issue you are facing. So, what I have done is researched and listed the fixes that would solve the issue you are facing.

Check them out.

Clearing The Cache From Chrome

The first fix to solve the issue with yahoo mail and chrome is clearing the cache from Chrome. The steps for this are as follows:

  1. Click on the three dots near your address bar in order to open up a menu.
    google chrome 3 dots
  2. Now, click on “Settings.”
  3. Then, find the “More tools” option at last and then “Clear browsing data.”
    google chrome fix
  4. Delete all check marks which will clear all the data including your cookies, history and saved passwords.
  5. Finally, try to log in again.

This should fix the issue with yahoo mail not working on chrome for you.

Restarting Your Computer:

The next option is restarting your computer which might resolve any temporary issues that may be disrupting your connection. This will also be helpful in fixing problems with yahoo mail not working on chrome.

To restart your computer,

  • simply press the power button and hold it until the PC shuts down.
  • Now wait for a few minutes before you turn it back on again.

Updating Your Chrome Browser:  

Sometimes, you may be facing issues because of an outdated version of chrome. So, try updating your browser to the latest edition and see if it fixes any problems with yahoo mail not working on chrome for you.

To update your chrome browser:

  • Click on the three dots near your address bar in order to open up a menu.
  • Now click on “Settings.”
  • Make sure that the “About Google Chrome” option is selected on the top right corner of your screen.

It will show you what version of chrome you are using and if there’s any update available, it would be mentioned here as well.

  • If not then go to Settings > About Chrome and check for an update manually by clicking on the button.

This will automatically start downloading an update for you and once that is done, it might fix any problems with yahoo mail not working on chrome.

Enabling JavaScript:

You may not know this, but JavaScript is a programming language that makes web pages more interactive and dynamic. Sometimes, the JavaScript might be deactivated and this could be the reason why you are not able to access yahoo mail with chrome.

To enable JavaScript:

  • Click on the three dots near your address bar in order to open up a menu.
  • Now click on “Settings.”
  • Scroll down and find Show advanced settings at last and then scroll further down until you find Privacy.
  • Here, you need to click on the button which says “Content settings.”
  • Now scroll down and search for JavaScript in order to enable it.

This will fix most of the problems with yahoo mail not working on chrome so go ahead and try again!

Deactivating Browser Enhancements:  

Sometimes your browser might have certain features which are not compatible with some websites. So, to solve this issue you need to deactivate these enhancements and see if that helps in fixing the problem of yahoo mail not working on chrome for you.

To do so:

  • Click on the More option that you see in the top-right corner of the browser
  • Now, select More tools and Extensions
  • Then, click on the Remove option that appeared next to the extension which you wish to uninstall.
  • Again, click on the Remove and the browser enhancement will be completely removed from your Chrome Browser.

Now try to access your yahoo mail account and see if it works.

Resetting Chrome To Default Settings

The last option is to reset your Chrome browser so that it can go back to its default settings. This might fix the issue with yahoo mail not working on chrome for you and this process will also delete all of your data including cookies, history, etc. However, if you are good at remembering passwords then there’s no need to worry as your passwords will remain the same.

To reset your chrome to default settings:

  • Type ‘chrome://settings’ in the address bar.
  • Go to “Reset settings” at the bottom of the page and click on Reset button again.

The above steps will fix the yahoo mail not working issue for you but remember that this method might also delete your bookmarks, saved passwords, etc so it is advisable to take a backup before resetting your Chrome browser.

If you are still unable to fix the issue, you can also ask for help from the Google Chrome Help forum. I would also advise you to seek help from a reliable tech support service.

Some Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips that you should keep in mind to help prevent yahoo mail not working on Chrome issues:

  • Disable the hardware acceleration option if your browser is running slow.
  • Do not open too many tabs at once as it hampers the performance of your Chrome browser. Limit the opening only the necessary number of tabs so that they can load quickly.
  • Close all the unnecessary programs running in the background.
  • Turn off and on the browser after some time.

If you follow all of these tips then it is likely that your yahoo mail not working in chrome issue will disappear for good.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, I have picked some of the most asked questions and provided answers to them:

Q: Will Resetting Chrome Browser Delete My Bookmarks, Saved Passwords etc?

A: Yes. Your bookmarks and saved passwords will be deleted when you reset your Chrome browser. However, in case if you want to keep all of the information then you should take a backup before doing it.

Q: Yahoo Mail Not Working In Chrome But It Is Working Fine On Internet Explorer. How To Fix This Issue?

A: You can try resetting your browser settings or update Chrome and then check if the problem persists. If you want to take professional help, then you should seek third-party assistance from reliable sources like the Google Chrome Help forum.

Final Lines

I hope your issue is fixed now. If you still face any difficulty or if you have any other queries, feel free to seek help from experts. You can also ask for help from any reliable source like the Google Chrome Help forum.

Thank you, and I hope this article was helpful to understand the issue and find a solution. If so, please share with your friends and leave comments below!