How to Use Yahoo Notepad


The thing that a successful person does to be highly productive in life is by maintaining a simple habit of working from a list. When a person works from a list, it causes his/her mind to be in ordered and focused on importing things first. This is how a busy businessman or high achievers get their busy days done without any stress. So, today I am going to talk about how to use Yahoo Notepad to make things easier for you.

Yahoo notepad has been around for years; I have been using it from past six years. It does everything a notepad does that is preinstalled on your commuter. The only thing it does better than your window’s notepad is, it stores your file on the internet. Therefore, Yahoo Notepad allows you to take notes and save them so that you can get access to them from anywhere around the globe unless you don’t have an internet connection on your smart device.

With Yahoo Notepad, you can create your note with important information, modify or delete notes. Generate folders to store different notes to get a more organized and cleaner look. Create quick note when something evolutionary thing or invention struck your mind.


Creating your First Yahoo Notepad

  1. Login to your Yahoo Mail account. To do so, enter your Yahoo Mail email id and password on the sign in box.
    Ymail Login
  2. Next, you will be redirected to your homepage, click on the Mail Tab on your top right corner. This will open your Yahoo Mail page containing all your Inbox.
  3. On the top right sidebar, right beside contacts and calendar, you will see a paper icon. Click the paper icon, and this will take you to Yahoo Notepad dashboard.
    how to use yahoo notepad
    On your left sidebar, you will see New Note tab and Unfiled navigation buttons. New Note is used to create your note whereas Unfiled is the default location where you can save your notes.
    yahoo notepad
  4. To create a new note, click on the New Note tab from your left sidebar. This will open a blank editing panel on your dashboard. Now name your note’s title. I am giving mine “TO Do List.”
  5. After you give your note a name, you can start writing your notes on the blank space right below the note’s title.
    Here is my list.
  6. When you finish writing, you can save the note by just clicking the Save Button. Your first note will appear on your note list. Or else, if you want to start over or cancel the note simply click the Cancel Button.
    If in case, you mistakenly closed your browser or get logged out of your Yahoo Mail, your note will not be saved so save it when you are done.
  7. Now you can add as much note as you want by clicking New Notes on your left sidebar.

Editing your Notepad

Editing your notes on the Yahoo Notepad is quite easy. Follow the steps below.

  1. You see, the note dashboard is divided into three half, First Folder Sidebar, Second: Note List, and Third: Content Editor Dashboard.
  2. Click on the notepad you want to edit from the Notepad List. The Content of that Notepad will be displayed on the Content Editor where you can modify your contents.
  3. You need to save your updated file, to do so click on the save button.

Delete Your Notes

  1. Click the note you want to delete from Note List.
  2. Press delete icon on the taskbar or on the note list itself.
  3. Then press Delete Button to Delete the Note.

Create a New Notebook and Move Notes to New Notebook and Delete Notebook

If you have too many noted on your Note list, it’s better to organize them. Separating your notes according to its type will help you to organize your notes and help find your note easily. In the beginning, you will only see one Note list or folder on your Yahoo Mail Notepad named “Unfiled.” This is the default folder where all your notes are saved.

Create a New Notebook

  1. First, open your notebook dashboard.
  2. On the left sidebar, you will see the Unfiled folder where all of your notes are saved by default.
  3. To create a new folder click on New Notebook right below Unfiled tab and give it a name and hit the enter key on your keyboard. This will create a new folder.
    add new notebook in yahoo notepad

Now to transfer your note to your new folder,

  1. Click on the note you want to move from the Note List
  2. Now, click on Move dropdown menu from the navigation bar.
  3. Click on the folder name where you want to transfer your note. This will move your note to the new folder.

Delete Notebook

rename or delete notebook in yahoo notepad

As you created a folder on Yahoo Mail notepad, you are able to delete them as well. Let’s suppose you created a folder you don’t need anymore and you want to get rid of it. To remove your notebook just right click on the folder you want to delete, this will open two drop-down option: Rename Notebook and Delete Notebook. Click on Rename button to rename the folder and Delete notebook to delete the folder permanently.


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