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Send a Large File From Yahoo Mail

How to Send a Large File From Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Email service has been there for a long time. And emails you can do a lot of things with your Yahoo Mail, one of which is attaching files, images to your emails. With Yahoo Webmail Service, you get 1TB of storage that is enough for millions and millions of text emails with attachments. However, it limits the size of the message and the attachment sent via their service. This is enough for text documents, a few images, and other small files. But what happens when you have to send a large file from Yahoo Mail?
Thankfully there are some ways you can follow to send a large file through your Yahoo Mail. Let’s have a closer look at how to send a large file from Yahoo Mail.

Yahoo Mail Attachment Size Limit

Similar to most of the popular email service providers, like Gmail, Yahoo Allows users to send an email of up to 25 MB in size. The size also counts the size of the email message. So, if you are trying to send a file that is exactly of 25MB, you won’t be able to send the file. If that’s the case, you can reduce the size of the message or the attachment, which we will discuss in our next subtopics.

Different Ways to Send a Large File From Yahoo Mail

Reducing Size of a Message, You Send

As I have mentioned earlier, the maximum size of the email that Yahoo offers to send at a time is 25 MB. So, if the message you are about to send exceeds the limit a little bit, you can reduce the size of your message by following ways:

  • Compressing the File Before Sending
  • Send Separate Mails if you have multiple files
  • Rather than attaching files send a downloadable link

Now, let’s describe them in detail

Compressing the File Before Sending

There are various desktop and online tools that you can use to compress your files or folders into one.

The most common Desktop tool to compress your file is WinZip and WinRAR. The tool compresses one-to-many files into a zip file that has relatively less size than uncompressed files. Then send your Yahoo email attaching the compressed file. Sending this kind of data, however, requires the receiver to have the same tool to unzip the files.

The most common online tools to compress files are youcompress, pdfcompressor, wecompress, Tinyjped, and so on. These tools require you to upload your files to their web browser and will provide you a compressed folder. You need to download these compressed files and attach them to your Yahoo email. The limitation with the online tool is that you will not get to compress any type of file in one place. Some compressor offers at most two types of files to compress. Meaning, you cannot compress your pdf file on a webpage that compresses images.

Send Separate Mails if you have Multiple Files

Now let’s suppose your compressed files to its extent. However, the file size still exceeds 25MB. You might be thinking about what should you do. This section of the article is for you.

What you can do is. If you have multiple files that you need to send, you can break those files down into small chunks and compress them separately in chunks. Now, the next step is to send those emails messages separately.

For example, I have 30 images with size 1MB each. The total size of the attachment is 50 MB. I used TinyJPEG to compress my images; however, the tool only compressed the image by 25% that led to 37.5MB in total. I can’t send this file, so I again compressed these files using WinRAR, which compressed to further 5%. However, still, I am left with 35.6MB, which I can’t send.

So, the solution is to break down the compressed images into two half and send them in two separate Yahoo emails. this way I can send large file From Yahoo Mail

Send a Downloadable Link

Most of the time, the photographers won’t use compressor tools to compress their images as it will degrade the quality of the picture by a certain amount. And if you have a single file that exceeds the file size that yahoo has limited, then the steps mentioned above won’t work for you. The only option for you is to upload the file somewhere else and sent the shareable link to the receiver adding the link to your email. Now, this is where our next topic comes in. How to link Dropbox to Yahoo, how to use google drive to send large files via Yahoo Mail.

How to Link Dropbox to Yahoo Mail

Yahoo allows you to attach a dropbox file from their message compose dialogue box. If you want to try the dropbox out, you can create a free account that allows you to upload files up to 2GB. Dropbox is, by far, the best cloud storage I have ever used. If you want to go for the paid version, go with the Dropbox Plus version. This is what I am currently using, which costs $9.99 per month, which gives you 2 TB of storage.

Link Dropbox to Yahoo Mail

Let’s learn how to attach dropbox to Yahoo Mail.

  1. When you finish writing an email from your Yahoo compose page, click on the paperclip icon from the toolbar right beside the send button.
  2. Now, select Share files from the Dropbox option from the drop-down menu to link your Yahoo Mail with your dropbox.
  3. Now, the dropbox window will appear on your screen. Now click on Connect dropbox.
  4. Now, you will have to sign in to your dropbox. Enter your credentials and press the sign-in button.
  5. Now, select the file you want to send, your dropbox link will automatically be attached to your Yahoo Mail email.

Use Google Drive to Send a Lage File From Yahoo Mail

To get access to google drive, you need to have a Gmail account first. And probably you have one. If not, create one because Google provides 15 GB of Free cloud storage to its users where you can store any file, images, or documents. You can generate the shareable link of the file that is greater than 25 MB and send the shareable link on your Yahoo Email. Or you can link your google drive to your Yahoo Mail.

Go to your Message compose page and click the paper clip icon. then click on Google Drive from the list to link it to your Yahoo Mail. Now, select your file and send it to friends.

Other Cloud Storage

There are other cloud storage tools that you can use to send larger files MediaFire and WeTransfer. With MediaFire, you can share up to 10 GB files at once. Just mention to your receiver that you are sending the file via MediaFire to your recipient while sending an email via Yahoo Mail. Likewise, WeTransfer offers to send a file up to 2GB.


There you go, these are the different ways that you can choose to send a large file from Yahoo Mail, or let’s say tricks. I hope you liked the article if you have any queries regarding any topics related to sending emails, leave it on the comment section below. We will definitely look into it and reply you back as soon as possible.


How to Insert Image in Yahoo Mail?

There are two ways you can insert image in Yahoo Mail; one is via the attachment, click on the little paper clip icon on the bottom toolbar of your compose page. Then select the image from your PC drive. Or, you can drag and drop the image into the message box of your Yahoo Mail.

What is the largest email attachment allowed in yahoo mail?

Its 25 MB, combining both the message and the attachment. So, if your attachment is exactly 25 MB, try compressing your file into a zip file; this will save a little space.

How to send large files in yahoo mail using google drive?

First, upload your file to google drive. Then, generate a shareable link from the drive. Copy the link and past it to your Yahoo Email body. This will allow the recipient to download the file you uploaded.

How to Resize or Compress Photo Attachment

If you don’t care if the image quality degrades by a small amount, you can try to use an online tool like tinypng, or tinyjpeg or other photo compressors that reduce the size of your image by resizing your image.

How to send a zip file in yahoo?

First, compress your file using WinRAR or WinZip. Then attach your zip file by clicking the paper icon on the toolbar of your email compose page.

How to send large video files through Yahoo Mail?

The only way to send a large video file via Yahoo Mail is by using google drive, or dropbox, or any other cloud storage that offers file transfer or a shareable link.

How to attach File (Photo/Video/Files) in Yahoo Mail

To attach your files like images, documents, short videos, gif, or any other documents, click on the paper clip icon on the toolbar of the email composing page and select the file from your local drive.

How many attachments can I send via Yahoo Mail?

You can send as many attachments as you want with Yahoo Mail, but the total size of the email with the attachment should not exceed 25 MB. If you’re going to send a large number of files that exceed the Yahoo quota, then you can send the attachment dividing it into chunks of size lesser than 24 MB.