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How to Automatically Forward Outlook/Hotmail Messages to Yahoo Mail

We are living in such a generation where most of the works involve email. Your office work, college assignment, job application, and even every small daily work are shared with the help of email. It became a part of our life as we will find ourselves in trouble if an email suddenly stops working correctly. And nobody likes to get in trouble, so there is a solution where you can forward all your one account email to your other webmail account if you cannot access one of your webmail account messages. And today, I will take an example of Outlook and yahoo to give you a clear idea on how you can forward messages from Outlook to yahoo mail.

Today in this article, I will show you two different methods of forwarding the messages from Outlook to yahoo mail: normal method and Rule method. So follow the procedure steps by steps down below to forward your outlook messages to yahoo mail.

Forward all mail from Outlook to yahoo mail

You can forward all your outlook incoming emails or messages to your yahoo mail with the following steps down below.

  1. Open the browser and type outlook.com, which opens the official page of Outlook.
  2. Now login with your Microsoft email ID and password in order to open your outlook mail account.
  3. Select on the “Settings” gear icon option, which is at the top upper right corner of the inbox page. After that, it opens the drop-down menu where you can customize your outlook mail page.
  4. Now, click on the “View all Outlook settings” option, which is at the bottom part of the drop-down menu. Once you click that option, it pops up the outlook settings dialog box where you can organize your all outlook mail account.

  5. Select the “Email” option from the left side of the Outlook settings page. After that, it slides out the mail layout or settings where you can customize your outlook emails.
  6. Now search for the “Forwarding” option, and once you find it select that option in order to forward your outlook email or messages to yahoo mail.
    Note: For security, reason Outlook can ask you to verify your account before proceeding further. Verification can be done using an Alternate Email account or SMS verification method.
  7. Select the “Enable forwarding” in the checkbox, which helps to let you automatic forward all your outlook messages to yahoo mail. Note: If you do not want to forward your outlook messages then, clear the Enable forwarding in the checkbox. 
  8. Now, enter your yahoo account email address in the text field.
  9. In case you want to keep a copy of your outlook messages in your outlook account then, select the “Keep a copy of forwarded messages” in the checkbox.
    Note: If you do not mark the keep a copy of forwarded messages in the checkbox then, you cannot find any forwarded mail in your outlook account, neither in your deleted folder. It’s because Outlook will forward all your original incoming messages to your yahoo mail directly.
  10. Finally, click on the “Save” button that will save your managed settings.

Now, this way, you can forward messages from the Outlook to your yahoo mail with these simple steps.

And, if you want to forward your specific email or messages to your yahoo mail or to someone else, then you can also do that in simple steps. The steps will be slightly different than the above one because we are going to use the Rule method to forward the emails from Outlook.

How to forward Specific Emails from Outlook (Rule method)

First of all, you need to set up a rule in Outlook to handle the incoming email message, which is based on multiple criteria. So let’s get started without any further delay.

    1. Open your Outlook mail on any browser.
    2. Sign in with your Microsoft email ID and password to open your outlook mail.
    3. Now, select the “Settings” gear icon from the top upper right corner of the outlook mail page. This will opens the drop-down menu with shows lots of customization options for the page.
    4. Select the “View all Outlook settings” option from the drop-down menu to open the setting page of the outlook mail.
    5. Once you select that option, it opens the settings dialog box. Now, click on the “Email” option from the upper left side of the dialog box.
    6. Now, select the “Rule” option to create a new rule for the message forwarding process.
    7. Now, click on the “Add new rule” option, and it opens the form where you can perform the rule method to forward messages.

    8. Give a name for the new rule and choose a suitable name that is easy to remember.
    9. Now, select the “Add a condition,” which shows the list of options in a drop-down arrow. You can choose the following option if you want to forward:
      All emails with attachment then select the “Has attachment” option.
      All emails from a specific sender then choose the “From” option.
      Only your emails, which is marked as important, then select the “Importance” option.
    10. Now, select the “Add an action” and then choose the format from the drop-down arrow if you want to forward:
      Your messages as an email then choose the “Forward to” option.
      Your complete original email with any modified attachment then choose the “
      Forward as attachment” option.
    11. Next, enter the destination email address in the text field after you choose one of these options, which I have mentioned in step 10.
      Note: You can add multiple email addresses to receive specific emails from the Outlook.
    12. Finally, click on the “Save” button to forward a specific email.

If you follow all the steps which I have explained above, then you can easily forward the specific messages or email to your yahoo or any other webmail accounts for your outlook mail.


Your email account is essential in your daily life for your day to day work. So if you have two webmail accounts and want to receive all your messages to only one account, in other words, if you only want to use yahoo account for your work, then you can forward your outlook messages to your yahoo mail. So you will not miss any incoming messages in Outlook.

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