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Flickr no longer ties to yahoo

Flickr no longer tied to Yahoo

What is Flickr?

Flickr is an image and video hosting service with advanced and powerful features created by Ludicorp in 2004. It is a powerful, emerging platform where people share and explore each other’s photos. Like any other application found in the modern tech-world, it allows users to share and host hundreds and thousands of their own pictures. Its low cost ($2 a month) also makes it the cheapest hosting site and provides unlimited storage. Such services make Flickr a global sensation, hosting 6 billion images by 2011. Its services include tagging and organizing, advanced tagging tidbit, geotagging, sets, and collections. It is all about sharing photos. Shared photos are clean, but the fun of these photo-hosting services is seeing what other people are taking pictures of and interacting with them.

Flickr no longer ties to yahoo

Flickr no longer ties to yahoo


Yahoo Acquired Flickr

Yahoo notably acquired Flickr in 2005 for something in the region of $25 million. During that week, all contents were migrated from servers in Canada to servers in the USA, as Ludicorp was a Canada based corporation, resulting in Flickr to become United States federal law. Verizon Communications acquired Yahoo, including Flickr, in 2017, and SmugMug acquired Flickr from Verizon in early 2018.

Flickr users were required to sign in via a yahoo username and password after Yahoo acquired Flickr in 2007. Google and Facebook sign-in got removed when this feature arrived. Flickr somehow may not have the same influence as Instagram nowadays. But it had been a significant photo-sharing platform over the decade. Yahoo login was too monotonous for Flickr users. Users didn’t use yahoo mail or its other features and significantly forgetting the password. Too many data breaches of yahoo accounts made Flickr users even more insecure. 

Flickr no longer Tied to Yahoo

Thankfully Flickr’s login is no longer tied to Yahoo since January 2019. It announced the new system where users are no longer acquired to sign in using a yahoo id. When that happens, the users will be allowed to pick a new login email address and a new password. That address will be the only one used by their Flickr account for both authentication and emails from the company itself. Flickr partnered with a team of experts at AWS to create the new, more straightforward login solution. By leveraging AWS’s Machine-Learning based account protection, it will aid in keeping all Flickr accounts safe, adding an extra layer of security. The ability to add a phone number, enable token-based and multifactor authentication has been a critical feature in the login system. The massive amount of account holders in Flickr opts for its users to provide the necessary login system as required. After Flicker no longer tied to yahoo, it removed the compulsion of yahoo email address needed on Flicker due to the 3 million data breach of the designated yahoo id. Since January of 2019, Flickr users are no longer need yahoo login system to access their account.

New Flickr Login

Flickr community were grateful to the new login system, but the user should follow the following procedures while logging in:

  • At first, users log in to their respective Flickr accounts with the Yahoo authorization as always until the update reaches to every member.
  • Once the update is available, a blue banner at the top of the screen will appear. It will display a message for users to update their accounts.
  • Clicking the blue banner will lead the users through a simple process that will allow users to select the new login email address and a new password.

Following steps are to be followed while logging in to your new account besides of yahoo login (in detail):

  • While logging in, the login page looks different. It’s due to the migrating accounts of yahoo login. When the user login into their account with the login email, they will see a prompt message which says, “updating your account.”
  •  A temporary password is sent to the respective accounts after the account update completes. After signing in to Flickr using this temporary password, users set a new password. Once the user sets the new password, he/she can access to their respective Flickr accounts using the changed password.
  • If the account is not updated automatically, the following prompt is issued, saying, “We were unable to update your account. Please contact support for assistance”. The user needs to contact the support team to manually update their account.
  • Then the users are needed to set a new password. The new password is needed to be strong and unique to keep the account secure.
  • Two-factor authentication is updated. Now users are opted to follow this procedure to maintain a high level of security of their accounts.

 Following these steps will allow the previous users to log in successfully without yahoo authorization process. This allows Flickr users to have a much more secure account than it was before. The yahoo accounts breach became a well-known problem around the Flickr community as tons of Flickr accounts were hacked. This theft of data from billions of accounts led to a serious breakout in the world as the user’s name, address, telephone, email, and passwords, etc. were in the wrong hands. So, the new login system helped people extra security of their privacy, and the users can enjoy Flickr without the data breach.

If you want to register for Flickr you can sign up form HERE.