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Yahoo! Shutting down Yahoo! Groups

Yahoo! Groups, a platform created by Yahoo 18 years ago from today, is going to be shut down by Yahoo! on January 31st of 2020. Yahoo! group will officially shut down right after the holiday seasons exactly 18 years after the date it was officially launched worldwide on the internet. Not only that, Yahoo is shutting down Yahoo Groups, delete all the contents that were previously saved and updated by the users in their yahoo group for the last 18 years. Yahoo! had officially announced this news in the first week of this October. And from October 21st, users were not able to add anything to their Yahoo! Group too. 

Yahoo! Groups was launched by Yahoo back on January 30th, 2001. Its motive was to provide users of yahoo with a platform where they can create personal/private groups or join any public groups that they are interested in. People can share their share knowledge as well as gain information from the Yahoo! Group. The users were allowed to share images, videos, files, links, etc. to their group of choice.

Why is Yahoo! Shutting Down Yahoo Groups?

Yahoo! is trying to bring a revolution by shutting down Yahoo Groups and making a new one. The new group is said to be more secure and at the same time, harder to join. Yahoo stated that they would delete every available content in the Yahoo Groups, materials being added up for 18 years, will be gone by 31st Jan 2020. All the public groups present will be either restricted or will be private. Your chances of finding these public groups are pretty thin, and however, if you’re able to find it, you won’t be able to join in on your own unless you get an invitation. You still can interact with your group, but you’ll have to get registered by the group administrator. The public groups which are said to be made private have added benefits of security and prevent a further security breach. However, the users can still use their contents and exchange the contents through email.

Alternatives to Yahoo Groups

However, the shutting down Yahoo Groups is not the end of the world, many other service providers provide you with similar services and even better when it comes to some services. Such services are:

Google Groups

Google group is a forum and like any other forums. You can create your group and then add people or invite users to your group. Users can set up Polls, calendar dates, events, discussion threads, etc. it is as good as the Yahoo! Group if not better. And Goggle groups can also be easily linked with Google.io in case you’d like to switch platforms.


Discord is chiefly used as a communication media by gamers from all over the world and built to focus more on gamers. You will be able to customize any type of private chat server, and you are also able to choose between voice and text for the basis of communications. The best part about discord is, it supports all the popular operating systems (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, mac and also in the internet web.)  


Slack allows its users to create private chat rooms and groups, but unlike others, slack provides you with high customization and management tools, like adding up admins and moderators in your group. And is mostly used by business professionals for their works and to collaborate with other users.


Facebook is one of the best social networking media with the highest number of users. This social media platform allows its users to create different types of groups, be it a private group or public group having similar features as that of Yahoo! Group and maybe better up to some extent. You can also update and share files.

These services had been around for a long time, providing excellent services, if not better, and without any registration or any subscription.

How to Retrieve all your Data from Yahoo Group?

Yahoo stated that they would get rid of each and every Conversation, Database, Emails, History, Calendar tools, and every feature that is related to Yahoo! Groups by 31st Jan 2020.

Since Yahoo! is shutting down Yahoo Groups, users will be able to download and save all the contents from their group before Yahoo deletes all the contents from the Yahoo! group. Yahoo states you will be allowed to download any and every content from the group you’re related to just by signing in to your Yahoo account. This is the only way you will be able to save all of your content from the groups you were associated with before yahoo shuts it down.

Here’s how you can download and save all your data’s from your Yahoo! Groups:

Download Files and Images from Selected Groups

If you want to retrieve the files and photos that you have uploaded previously to your Yahoo Groups, then follow these instructions mentioned below:

Steps to Download Photos From the Group

  1. Open your browser and Load up Yahoo Groups!
  2. Enter your username and password to log in to your Yahoo Groups.
  3. After you log in to your account, click on the “search groups.” from the toolbar.
  4. Search the group that you want to save the photos of.
  5. For photos, click on “Photos” on the top menu, and click in the box labeled “Show results only from my photos.”
  6. Cursor over the photo you want to download and click on the download icon in the lower right corner

Steps to Download Files From the Group

  1. Open your browser and log in to Yahoo Groups! with your Yahoo credentials.
  2. After you log in to your account, click on the “search groups.” from the toolbar.
  3. Search the group that you want to save the files of.
  4. Then you get into the group, on the top of the menu bar, click on the “files” option.
  5. List of files that you have will appear.
  6. Click on the file that you’d like to save.
  7. You will be able to download the files.

Download Files, Photos, messages and all other data from Group in Bulk

Yahoo Dashboard

  1. Sign in to Yahoo with your credentials.
  2. Now go to your Privacy Dashboard. Yahoo. Yahoo can ask for your credentials again, log in again with your yahoo credentials.
  3. Under “Your Products,” listing cards, click on “Groups” card. This will list all your groups.
  4. From the top right, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select “Groups Download Manager.”shutting down Yahoo! Groups | Download Manager
  5. You get redirected to the Download Manager page, where you fill in the email address you want to be notified at when the file is ready to download. (your current Yahoo email will be pre-filled, but you can fill in an email address which is convenient to you). Yahoo will notify you when your download is ready.
  6. After you submit the email address, you will get “an acknowledgment of your request” email. You will have to wait for some days.
  7. From the feedback of the user, we found that this process will take about 3-7 days. So if you are planning to download all your data, then you request it right now. The deadline is December 14th.
  8. The downloaded file is a zip file. Unzip the file, and It contains a separate folder for each one of the groups; each folder held a single “messages.zip” file that, in turn, contained many .mbox files.

Note: Mbox is a standard format for exporting emails. These files are compatible with most of the email clients like Thunderbird, Mac Mail, etc. Not for Gmail, there are several third-party and open-source apps out there that purport to allow you to import .mbox files into Gmail.

The messages are only text; attachments will not be there. You have to download files and images separately.


Shutting down Yahoo Groups might not be the smartest thing done by Yahoo, it is rather a good step as these types of forums are getting more saturated the risk that comes along is also increasing by the day. The flies can be downloaded and saved in the user’s computer that he/she can use at any time in the future without having to risk to lose your files.