Yahoo Email Address Extractor: Features, System Requirements And More

Yahoo Email Address Extractor is a powerful and fast email address extractor. It extracts emails from websites, documents, files, or any other sources that you provide it with. You can use Yahoo Email Address Extractor to build your mailing list, send bulk mailings, or just for personal use. It is a great tool for any email marketer.

Features Of Yahoo Email Address Extractor are:

  • it works with any type of website or file
  • supports extracting emails from multiple websites at once
  • quick and easy to use GUI interface
  • extracts emails with accuracy
  • fetches email addresses easily
  • easy to use
  • restricts duplicacy of email addresses
  • can be used with any web browser

To learn more about Yahoo Email Address Extractor, keep reading this article.

What Is Yahoo Email Address Extractor?

Yahoo Email Address Extractor is a software application that helps to extract email addresses from the web. It works with any type of file or website and can be used on multiple websites at once for faster results. Using Yahoo Email Address Extractor will save a lot of time and effort as it is very quick and easy to use and extracts emails with accuracy.

Yahoo Email Address Extractor can extract emails from a wide range of sources, such as web pages, documents, and files. It performs the extraction through multiple threads, ensuring that you get accurate results without affecting your computer’s performance or slowing down your PC. The program is very easy to use, but it also offers advanced features for more experienced users.

yahoo email address extractor

Features Of Yahoo Email Address Extractor

Yahoo Email Address Extractor is an amazing tool that can extract emails from multiple sources at once. It is an excellent email extractor for anyone looking to gather emails quickly and easily, especially if you need an accurate result without having too much time on your hands.

Here is a list of some of the features offered by Yahoo Email Address Extractor:

  • Works with any type of website or file: It doesn’t matter what type of website or file you are using, Yahoo Email Address Extractor will extract the email addresses without any problems.
  • Supports extracting emails from multiple websites simultaneously: This is a great feature if you need to gather email addresses quickly as it allows you to extract them from multiple sources at once.
  • Quick and easy to use GUI interface: It is very easy to use, even for people with no technical experience.
  • Extracts email addresses accurately: Yahoo Email Address Extractor has a high chance of accuracy in the emails it extracts so you don’t have to worry about false or duplicate results. The program can also be set up by following simple instructions and anyone will be able to use it without any problems.
  • Fetches email addresses quickly: The program will extract the emails in a matter of minutes, depending on how many web pages you are extracting from and your Internet connection speed. You don’t have to wait for hours just for one result.
  • Easy to use with advanced options when necessary: Even if you are new to the computer world, you will find Yahoo Email Address Extractor very easy to use. However, if you prefer advanced options, they are available as well.
  • Restricts duplicacy of email addresses: Sometimes when extracting emails from multiple sources at once some email address appear more than once in your list. That’s not a problem with Yahoo Email Address Extractor as it will remove any duplicates for you.
  • Restores user interface in case it gets hidden by other application

System Requirements

To use Yahoo Email Address Extractor, your computer must meet the following system requirements:

  • Windows XP/ Vista/ Windows 2003 Server/Windows 2008 Server/Windows 2012 Server
  • Net framework 2.0

That’s all that is required to use Yahoo Email Address Extractor.

How Does Yahoo Email Address Extractor Work?

When you launch the program, you will see its easy-to-use graphical interface. You simply need to provide the program with the website address or file that contains the email addresses you want to extract. The program then goes through the website or file and extracts all email addresses that it can find. You will then be able to select the emails you want to extract from a list of found results, after which they are saved in a file for future reference or use.

Let’s learn what a yahoo email address extractor can do:

  • It can extract the required email ids from the junk folders too.
  • It can also extract email ids from hidden folders in Gmail account.
  • It can extract the required email ids very fast and accurately.
  • The extracted list of emails is saved in .CSV or .TXT file format which you can open in excel, word etc.
  • You can fetch the email ids from more than one website or file at once.
  • Moreover, the email addresses can be extracted from different fields like CC, BCC, TO, FROM etc. The list of email ids so generated can be saved in .CSV or .TXT file format as per your convenience. So overall Yahoo email extractor is a comprehensive tool that does the job with precision.

Advantages Of Using Yahoo Email Address Extractor

Let’s see some of the benefits of using Yahoo Email Address Extractor.

  • It offers free trial version to try it before buying.
  • Yahoo Email Extractor is affordable comparing other email extractors in market .
  • Customers can get full refund within 60 days if they are not satisfied with its performance.
  • -It extracts the email ids from a website.
  • -You can also extract emails from various other sources like documents, files etc.
  • -The extracted list of emails consists of accurate results without duplicacy or inaccuracy.
  • -There is no loss in time and efforts as it gets the work done in minutes.
  • -The software is available for free trial and can be downloaded from the internet.
  • -It supports all versions of Yahoo mail ids.
  • -The user interface is quite simple and easy to understand.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Q: How will I get the extracted email ids?

A: The results can be exported to CSV or Excel file format. You can also save it in text, HTML, or XML format.

Q: Is there any cost involved after buying this software?

A: There is no cost involved after buying this software. You can use it forever without any extra payment required for its usage.

Q: Can I use this software for extracting emails from my own website?

A: Yes, you can definitely use it for extracting emails from your own website. It is a very powerful tool that extracts email ids accurately.

Q: What if the results are not accurate?

A: If you find any inaccuracy in the extracted email ids, you can contact their customer support for help. They will guide you with the right solution and make sure that the results are accurate.


Thus, we can say that Yahoo Email Address Extractor is a powerful tool that offers significant benefits to users. It is affordable, easy to use, and provides accurate results. So, if you are looking for a tool to extract email ids from a website, then Yahoo Email Address Extractor is the best option for you. You can try its free trial version and see how it works for you.