Yahooligans: A Comprehensive Guide

Yahoo Ligans is a social media app that helps you find and meet new people. Yahoo Ligans was originally released in 2014, but it closed on September 5th, 2017. This article will cover what yahooligans is, the features of the app, if the app is still available to download right now, and some frequently asked questions about using this software.

Yahooligans, also called yahoo kids, is a social media app that allows you to find and meet new people. You can share what you are thinking with your friends, send them photos and videos. It is primarily used by teens in middle school or high school to make new friends.

Let’s learn about Yahoo Ligans in detail in this article below.

What Is Yahooligans?

Yahooligans is a junior version of the popular social media platform, Yahoo. The app is for kids aged 13 years or younger and was released in 2014 as a way to let the young crowd connect with one another using a similar layout of the original site which they might already be familiar with.

Yahoo can be hectic for kids, so this app was created to be more age-appropriate. It allows you to post videos and photos, share what’s on your mind with status updates, doodle, or play games against friends in real-time.

You can also make friends, send them messages, and check out their profiles to find new people. Yahoo logins are not required to sign up for this app and it’s super easy.

Features of Yahooligans

Yahooligans offers several features that help make it a unique social media experience for kids under 13 years old. People can use this app to meet new friends, play games with their contacts, and more.

You can type text messages that are limited in length for a faster way of communicating or send pictures from your phone’s camera roll instead of using the drawing feature on Yahoo Ligans. You can also post status updates about what you’re thinking right now so people know what you’re up to.

Using Emojis is a big part of the social media experience on this app, so you can spice up your messages with different faces or symbols to express how you’re feeling at that moment. You can also play games against other people in real-time using Yahoo Ligans and chat live if they are available for video calls.

Let’s have a look at some of the features of Yahooligans in more detail.

  • Chat live with your contacts
  • Doodle on photos or videos you’ve sent to friends
  • Play games against your buddies in real-time
  • Post status updates about what’s going on around you right now.
  • Send messages that are limited in length for a faster way of communicating, instead of typing out long text posts and sending pictures from the camera roll on your phone.
  • ShoutOut!: Send your friends a message by posting it on their profile for everyone to see.
  • Find New Friends: People can use yahooligans as a way to meet new people and expand their social circle, much like they would if they were using other popular social media websites such as Facebook or Instagram.
  • News- Feed: People can stay up to date on the latest news and events with a feed that is curated by Yahoo Ligans itself.
  • Profile Page & Notifications: When you send messages, photos or doodles using this social media app, your contacts will be notified of what you’ve been doing so they know exactly when something new has arrived.

A search engine is also included in this app to help people find the contacts they want faster. You can search for anything and get help with your homework, music, movies, and more.

Is Yahooligans And Yahoo Kids The Same?

Yes, but No!

Yahoo Ligans is a social media app that was created for teenagers between 13-18 years of age to encourage them to connect with others in an environment where bullying or other harmful behaviors cannot occur due to strict rules. It is a junior version of the popular social media site for adults, Yahoo.

Yahoo Kids on the other hand is specifically designed as a safe place for kids to explore and learn online without being exposed to any potentially harmful or explicit content that might be available from third-party users on similar websites such as Facebook or Instagram. People who are interested in joining Yahoo Ligans or using it to communicate with others are not required to have a membership on the app, unlike other social media sites.

But, here is the twist. Yahoo Ligans and Yahoo Kids slightly vary when it comes to their features. However, the same app was renamed and some features were modified to be used for two different age groups. Yahoo Ligans was first available in 1996, as an online platform for kids to use as a safe social media experience. The app was renamed in 2006 as Yahoo Kids, and now uses the same features that Yahoo Ligans does, but with some additional features.

Is Yahoo Kids Still Available?

Unfortunately, Yahoo Kids is no longer available. Yahoo shut off the website permanently in 2013. No pre-notice or goodbyes were said by the company. Parents and children were just left alone to mourn over their loss of an amazing website that helped them with homework, where they could chat and play games online.

Yahoo is still around today though!

Yahoo Ligans is an integral part of so many people’s childhoods. After all, it was the first website that many people went to in order to chat and play games with friends when they were younger!

The technology has changed so much since Yahoo Ligans but there is no doubt that its legacy will live on forever for those who grew up using it.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

I know you have some more questions in mind. So, let’s try to answer some of them here.

Was Yahoo Called Yahooligans?

No, Yahoo was not called Yahooligans. Yahoo Ligans was a website by Yahoo.

Is Yahooligans Available Now?

No, the site is not accessible anymore and has been shut down since 2013.

What Happened To All Those Links That We Used To Follow On Yahooligans?

The majority of these links are no longer working as they were linked to pages which either do not exist anymore or have been moved to a different location.

What Are The Other Services By Yahoo?

Here are some of the popular services that Yahoo offers:

  • Yahoo Weather
  • Yahoo Search
  • Yahoo News Portal
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Yahoobuzz

As you can see, Yahoo offers a lot of services. You can visit All about Yahoo Services to learn more about them.

Final Lines

I think that’s all the information you need to know about Yahoo Ligans. If you have any more questions, please let me know in the comment section below and I will answer them as soon as possible. Thank You!